Wall Calendar A2 portrait

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  • 12 pages (one for each month) and one cover page
  • Start month: January
  • Use a template or make a calendar from scratch

Wall Calendar A2 portrait

Exceptional moments deserve a really exceptional size. Have you captured exactly 12 of these moments with your camera? If yes, include these beautiful memories in a huge A2 calendar to prepare for next year! Whether you use photos of abstract architecture or family pictures in the form a photo collage, in this size every picture becomes powerful and luminous. Thanks to the use of the latest digital print technology, you will exhibit your favourite pics with maximum quality.

Main features of our personalised calendars:

  • Calendar pages: 12 month pages and a front page, fully customisable
  • Format: A2 portrait
  • Resolution requirements: 4200 x 5940 pixels (preferred), 1240 x 1754 pixels (minimum)
  • Print area: 42.0 x 59.40 cm (16.5 x 23.4")
  • Material: inkjet printing paper sheets bound with a wire spiral, incl. aluminium hanger
  • Production technique: premium digital print technology
  • Hint: obtain a classy look ordering an additional high-gloss finish for a small extra fee. Open the online calendar maker, click on "My Project" and "Options" and select "glossy paper"
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Wall Calendar A2 portrait
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Germany £9.99 2 Days
Ireland £9.99 3 Days
Italy £9.99 3 Days
Luxembourg £9.99 2 Days
Netherlands £9.99 2 Days
Spain £9.99 3 Days
Sweden £9.99 2 Days
Switzerland £29.99 2 Days
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Large wall calendar 2021 in A2 portrait size

A large A2 wall calendar 2021 has the power of transforming an empty and dull room into a space for recalling good times and keeping an overwiew of the most important dates and events of the year. Big A2 calendar sheets filled with pleasing images put a note of colour and dynamism in a bare living-room wall. With a2 wall calendars there is one single aspect which needs to be strictly considered: that is image resolution.

A wall calendar with A2 size and portrait oriented sheets should preferably be filled with vertical images. The reason for this is that cropping and resizing isn't a good idea in this format, as it could distort the images. Putting it simple: with A2 wall calendars one needs as much picture quality as possible.

A2 portrait (16.53 x 23.39") is a naturally suited layout for depicting people's faces, close scenes and high buildings. It can also be used for selfies if these have been taken with a high-quality camera, as long as the file has been saved in a high-resolution format, like png.

The ultimate personalised wall calendar 2021

Personalised calendars have indeed become a part of our daily lives, as much as the weather forecast or washing our teeth. Although in the digital era, many have switched to using calendars on computers, mobile phones and electronic devicesbespoke wall calendars remain a popular choice for decorating a house. In a DIY wall calendar 2021, it is possible to configure the monthly block to highlight certain dates and leave personal comments. Bank holidays, birthdays and feast days can be practically inserted beside a small explanatory text. As the year reaches its end, around the Christmas season, printed wall calendars become once more a highly appreciated gift idea. Personalised gifts are truly original and let you insert a personal message, as well as adapting the format to people's needs and preferences. For this reason, the available calendar formats on myphotobook UK's shop cover a wide range of purposes. We offer yearly planners, desktop calendars, real photo calendars with high-quality photographic sheets, but also unusual calendars, such as the CD calendar and postcard calendar.  In all these calendar models, you are offered the possibility to order a high-gloss coating. This makes the pages water-repellent, it increases their brilliance and creates a uniform surface that hides the grid caused by digital inkjet printing. Remember that this glossy finish is available for a small extra fee, which can be added once you have finished designing the calendar.

Create an A2 calendar online

As long as the resolution levels are kept high, it is really easy to create an A2 calendar online. Besides, in an A2 calendar there is so much printing space that it is actually possible to add two pictures on each calendar spread. The fastest way to design a calendar is to apply one of the topic-related templates provided in myphotobook's calendar maker. If instead of using the online platform, you download the software to your computer, you will access a greater variety of templates. Further design possibilities include editing the picture (to adjust the contrast, brightness and saturation), changing the background and pasting graphic elements. That being said, it is true that an A2 calendar will generally turn out nicer if you make the least changes possible.

Not only will you be able to create a calendar online with a computer, but also on a smartphone or a tablet. Obviously, it will be necessary to have a stable Internet connection and ideally a wide screen which allows you to see what the calendar will look like after being printed.

Appart from A2 portrait calendar size, you can select one of the following wall calendar 2021 formats:

  • A2 landscape wall calendar,
  • A3 portrait wall calendar,
  • A3 landscape wall calendar,
  • A4 portrait wall calendar,
  • A4 landscape wall calendar.

Before starting to make a calendar and uploading the pictures, it is a good idea to measure the available space on the wall and then decide on a suitable calendar size. In case you have a set of photographs and would like some help to find a suitable format, please call myphotobook's customer hotline or send a message by e-mail or through the instant chat. Complete the order details online and we will deliver the A2 wall calendar at any address within the UK!

Make a family size calendar

A2 size offers an ideal printing surface to display pictures of happy moments with your family. Make sure you don't leave anyone out from your family calendar: from the grandparents, to your sons & daughters, cousins, aunts, uncles and dearest family pet. Family celebrations, the christening of a newborn baby, a graduation from University with honours degree or a long expected wedding are special occasions that produce powerful scenes. If the family members usually gather up in some house, for example at the grandparent's house, you will have found a perfect place to put up this personalised A2 wall calendar.

It also interesting to show how the family has changed and grown over time. If you still have old pictures from your ancestors, you can create a historical calendar to represent the change in customs or the way people used to dress. As for the older images, they will need to be scanned in order to upload them to the calendar maker. Once you hang it up on the wall, you will be proud enough to show it to everyone.

And what about your photos from the summer holidays? They are probably the most colourful ones you will get in the whole year. After all, summer is when we get most light and spend time outside. Capture an impressive cliff on the seaside, a beatiful sunset over a mountain or the funniest stages of your trip to make a calendar for next year. These images will bring you positive feelings for the rest of year. While you admire them at home, you can start planning the next holidays. Just make sure to mark them on your new A2 wall calendar as you edit it with myphotobook's design tool.