Wall Calendar 47x47

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  • 12 pages (one for each month) and one cover page
  • Start month: January
  • Use a template or make a calendar from scratch
  • Splash-proof if ordered with an extra glossy finish

Wall Calendar 47x47

Little stars growing big! Make your children's pictures look really big in this huge and square wall calendar. Whether they are playing football, enjoying their summer holidays, celebrating their birthdays with friends or sitting beside the Christmas tree, you can use these images and many more to find a suitable picture for each month. Combining templates and backgrounds you will be able to make a classy souvenir that you can admire during the whole year!

Open the free design tool and get additional glossy coating for only £4.

Main features of our personalised calendars:

  • Calendar pages: 12 month pages and a front page, fully customisable
  • Format: square (47 x 47 cm, 18.5 x 18.5" approx.)
  • Resolution requirements: 4700 x 4700 pixels (preferred), 1388 x 1388 pixels (minimum)
  • Print area: 47.0 x 47.0 cm (18.5 x 18.5")
  • Material: inkjet printing paper sheets bound with a wire spiral, incl. aluminium hanger
  • Production technique: premium digital print technology
  • Hint: obtain a classy look ordering an additional high-gloss finish for a small extra fee. Open the online calendar maker, click on "My Project" and "Options" and select "glossy paper"
Wall Calendar 47x47Prices
Wall Calendar 47x47
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Wall Calendar 47x47 high-gloss finishingPrices
Wall Calendar 47x47
All prices incl.VAT plus shipping costs
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47x47 cm square wall calendar for 2020

Big as a poster and square as a dice: can you guess what is? A 47x47 wall calender, indeed! It's one of the trendiest calendar formats that has come into fashion in the last few years. Because of the large printing surface, this wall calendar needs really high-resolution images, so as to avoid pixelated or blurry photos. When hung up on a wall, it creates a powerful yet balanced impression, as all the sides are equally long. In other calendar formats, the area of the picture would be either wider (landscape) or longer (portrait), but in a square photo calendar, this opposition disappears. In fact, the square shape forces you to pick a certain section or detail within the image, focus on it and enlarge it to fit the square.

Down at the bottom of the calendar, the days of each month are displayed in a monthly block. As you can see on the pictures of our website, 47x47 cm wall calendars for 2020 aren't exactly suitable for leaving notes, since they dedicate most of the space to the photos. In case you need a wall calendar that includes space for comments and notes, we suggest checking out the A2 and A3 year planners or the large kitchen photo calendar.

With square wall calendars, you have a broader selection of articles including:

  • 40x40 wall calendars,
  • 30x30 wall calendars,
  • 20x20 wall calendars.

Rock this year with a personalised wall calendar 2020

Right after Christmas, time flies and before you actually stop to think, important events and deadlines are just around the corner. Plan your schedule in 2020 by creating an overview of the most important dates in a personalised wall calendar. Make use of the many resources and creative possibilities we offer to create a custom calendar with pictures: inserting texts, applying a calendar template, editing the images, changing the background and adding original graphic shapes are just a few examples.

In this way, a DIY calendar becomes a unique piece of art that connects the present with memories from the past. You can adapt the calendar to your needs and match it with the colours in the room where you want it to be. Indeed, no factory in the world will know better than you what you would like to have in your calendar.

Design your own square calendar

Have you finally decided to design your own calendar and think that 47x47 cm could be the right size? Thanks to the online calendar maker, it takes very little time and no effort. Give yourself a break from work and everyday duties, sit down and enjoy the experience of creating your own calendar. It will be like a trip back in time, through pleasant memories mixed with nostalgia and sometimes laughter.

The easiest way is to design it is to find a picture for each month, in all only twelve. Here is a short description of how to design your calendar in some simple steps:

  • Have a look at the wall where you want to hang up the calendar. Measure the available space and then decide on the format.
  • Organise the photos in a folder and upload them to myphotobook. Once they have been imported, you can sort them out by name, date or set your own order.
  • Choose a template that fits the central topic of the calendar project and customise it by adding graphic shapes or changing the background.
  • Write in some explanatory lines or funny remarks using the text function. This will make the wall calendar a lot more appealing for the person who sees it.

When you are finished designing, it is important to check the real appearance in preview mode. Go through the edges, verify that you have enough resolution and make sure to add a last image for the front cover page.

myphotobook supports you at all points of the design process, so that you can simply rely on your artistic flair. If you need help or would simply like to be assessed about the best calendar format for your pictures, please contact our customer service by e-mail, over the phone or on the instant chat. Finally, send in the order and get your wall calendar within the next working days. In case you decide to order more copies of the wall calendar, the delivery fee will be charged just once. This allows you to save money and use the same design to make a calendar that can be offered as a gift.

Photo calendar ideas for a square 47x47 wall calendar 2020

If you pick a central topic or element which is repeated throughout the personalised photo calendar, it will be easier to create rythm and keep a consistent structure. Certain elements work like symbols that carry a special meaning - for example, the moon is usually used as a symbol of romantic love. Symbols bring genuine emotions to our minds and are strongly related to our memories. Use them to find new photo calendar ideas.

Weather changes are also a popular theme in a personalised wall calendar. Imagine a different and unique atmosphere for each month: autumn is usually represented with cold yet luminous tones; in contrast, spring is remembered for the bright and colourful days in May. As you will be seeing these images every day, they need to be so attractive that you can hardly get tired of looking at them. This is pretty easy if the images have some special meaning for you.

Finally, when you decide to create a photo calendar for a friend or some relative in your family, think of that person's preferences, hobbies and important life events during the last months. If the person receiving the present has just got married, moved to a different city or has accomplished an important project, you can take it into account while selecting the photos and setting the layout. Also for celebrations like Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthdays, weddings or graduations it is easier to build a collection of photos that send a special message and keep a certain structure.