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The printed photo poster is a contemporary and stylish option for your personal wall decoration. A photo poster of the furry family members in your child's room, photos from last year's carnival on the study door, or the skyline snapshot of New York which you took yourself, finely framed and hanging over the couch - there are countless opportunities to bring your photo poster to life, just the way you like it. Why not have a look on your hard drive, where there are bound to be many photos which are worth printing as a poster.

Main features of our wall photo posters:

  • Paper: Paper: premium photographic paper for posters"PosterSatin 250"
  • Size: from 20 cm (7.8") to 3 meters (118.1")
  • Data delivery format: jpg
  • Colour spectrum: s-RGB
  • Here you will find the DPI resolution.

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Poster printing is highly affordable personalised wall art

Poster printing is a comfortable way to get your favourite pictures in an economical format which you can then hang up on your wall in just a few seconds. As children and teenagers, we used to enjoy hanging up posters of our favourite stars, cartoon heroes, singers and movie characters. Instead of printing them out, we would run off to the kiosk to buy the last magazine, tear out the poster sheets and hang them up on our bedroom wall. By printing a poster online, greater freedom to design every single feature is offered: the picture theme, print size, the actual text & fonts and further photography effects can be selected and personalised. In addition, custom posters cover a wide range of themes and occasions, including:
  • wedding pics,
  • newborn babies,
  • holiday and sightseeing pictures (e.g. landscapes, buildings, monuments),
  • family reunions,
  • special events and meetings with friends,
  • your favourite animal or pet.

Funny themes for online poster printing

As printing a poster online is so easy, posters are often designed as fast personalised photo gifts for friends and relatives. Offer them to your children, to your boyfriend or girlfriend or to your work colleagues. In the United Kingdom, some funny phrases and memes have become widespread standards to make a poster.  A few examples of these funny poster phrases are:
  • "Keep Calm And ..."
  • "I Must Be A Mermaid",
  • "It Could Happen To You" ,
  • "I Must Be A Mushroom ".
With personalised poster printing, only you set the rules. Make a poster for your children's birthdays, for Valentine's Day, as a Christmas gift, for a graduation, anniversaries or simply as a thank you gift.

Make your own poster: design tips for poster printing

Making your own poster is nowadays easier than ever. With just one good picture, a nice message and your personal computer, you will be well prepared to make a poster online. If the picture is powerful, you won't really need to add much to it to make it look good. Nonetheless, there are a few aspects you should consider before starting to use myphotobook's online poster maker software. Picture quality, size and the hanging system are some the topics that we discuss in the following section:

What's the best resolution for poster printing?

The bigger the poster you want to print is, the more important it becomes to use an image with sufficient image resolution. The output resolution provided by your photographic camera or smartphone will vary from one model to the other.  However, to find out the maximum allowed size for your picture, divide the picture length and heigth expressed in pixels by 25. As a result, a  3568 x 2368 pixel image can be printed in a maximum 142 x 94 cm size.  For optimal resolution, divide the number of pixels by 60, if a part of the picture has been extended to make it look bigger, the resolution needed could be higher. By providing the right resolution, you can avoid having to send back the poster if it doesn't turn out as you expected (for instance, if the pictures look blurry). In any event, remember that myphotobook UK offers satisfaction guarantee. Please note that any images you upload to our online poster maker should follow the sRGB colour pattern. Although for poster printing it is generally recommended to use a CMYK colour modell, our software will automatically transform them into CMYK.

What's the best way to hang a poster?

Thumb tacks and pins aren't really the safest methods to up posters, especially if your poster keeps falling off the wall. Besides, both the poster and wall could get damaged. Although adhesive strips usually work better, after some time they will also start to turn yellowish. The best way to hang a poster is to frame it. For this, we suggest having a look at myphotobook's framed prints (in acrylic or aluminium) and foam core mounted prints (Forex®). Forex mounted posters are indeed an easy and economical solution to hang up your pictures on a weatherproof PVC board.

What sizes are available for poster printing?

myphotobook offers you a huge variety of poster sizes for printing purposes: 20x20 cm (7.8 x 7.8") is the smallest and 300x 100 cm (118.1 x 39.3") the biggest. Some other popular sizes for poster printing are:
  • A1 poster printing (59.4 x 84.1) 23.3x33.1"
  • A2 poster printing (42 x 59.4) 16.5x23.3"
  • A3 poster printing (29.7 x 42) 11.69x16.5"
Also the price of printing a personalised poster varies depending on the size. Cheap posters in a 20x20 cm size can be ordered from £4.49, whereas an extra-large poster (300x 100 cm) can cost £110.99. As in other types of personalised wall art, a choice of landscape or portrait orientation, as well as square formats are in included in our online shop selection. Hint: especially with square sizes, a photo collage (designed with a combination of different pictures) is a good choice. As for pictures and portraits of people, switching to black & white provides a simple and elegant look full of emotions. In addition, face features will be better profiled.

How it works

Is it the first time your order a poster online? If yes, we recommend you to go through the following steps to guarantee a successful order:
  1. measure the wall area where you would like to hang the poster;
  2. consider if it should be a square, portrait or landscape poster - this is heavily dependant on the original picture;
  3. check the image resolution and observe if the picture is good enough to be printed in the desired size;
  4. save different versions of the picture on your computer desktop (with different levels of contrast, brightness or with filters);
  5. go to our website and open up the online designer (or download the software on your computer);
  6. upload the picture,
  7. try out different backgrounds, cliparts, frames and visual effects;
  8. if you are satisfied with the final result, double-check it in preview modus.
Once the designing phase is completed, you can add the billing details, check the expected delivery date, and select how you would like to pay.  Last but not least, your order will confirmed per e-mail. Your personalised poster will be swiftly delivered at any address within Great Britain!

Poster wall art ideas and high-quality posters

The big advantage of making your own posters and personalised wall art online is that you can save the project and continue at some other point or ask for someone else's opinion. To save your personalised poster project, make sure to create a personal session in our website. Find poster ideas for your bedroom, kitchen and living-room and give your walls that personal touch. Give each room in your house a different and original note of colour. Indeed, there are some standard posters (like the one showing construction workers having their mail at the top of a skyscraper) that can be found in most houses. Wouldn't you like your house wall art to be a bit different to the rest? Your baby's smile, a visit to the zoo or a simple beach holiday make good themes when looking for impressive wall art ideas.

Personalised posters printed on photographic sheets

A high-quality version of personalised posters is the so-called "photo poster". As photo posters are printed on Fujifilm Supreme photographic sheets, the colour brilliance and depth are greater than in a standard wall art print. Moreover, the use classical developing technique for photographs gives a special nostalgic flair, as well as a glossy appearance. Because artists and photographers cherish this photographic quality, photo posters are a popular choice in art galleries and exhibitions. Obtain impressive wall placards and signs with myphotobook UK! If instead of a poster, you would like to print your image in a higher-quality material or have the picture laminated, visit also our canvas prints, acrylic photo prints, aluminium prints and acrylic mounted prints with an aluminium Dibond backing. myphotobook helps you preserve your life's special moments and keep them at home thanks to its high-quality personalised wall art.