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Photo canvas framed

You're looking for the perfect frame for your most precious memories? The most perfect day in your life, the last city trip with best friends or the family vacation in the mountains when you were still a child? Then we have just the right thing for you: the photo canvas framed, our classic in the category of wall decorations, with a premium, genuine wooden shadow gap frame. With this, your give your most precious moments in life the rightful attention they deserve! And so that you can bring the colours perfectly to life, you have the choice between a white or black frame.

All the details for your photo canvas framed:

  • Format: from 20x30 cm up to 60x80 cm, there is a variety of portrait, landscape and square formats available
  • Material: printed fine art canvas material stretched over a real wooden frame, extremely lightfast, UV-resistant
  • Frame: shadow gap frame from fine, African real wood.
  • Depth: 3.5 cm
  • Mounting: includes wall mounting
  • Appearance: photo-realistic, high definition reproduction
  • Tip: At least 2.5 cm of the picture edge will be wrapped around the frame on each side and won't be visible from the front! A completely precise frame wrapping can't be guaranteed, which is also why horizontal or vertical lines in images can't be guaranteed to fall exactly parallel to the edges.

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