Framed canvas prints with your own photos - Design stunning pieces of framed wall art online

Photo canvas framed

You're looking for the perfect frame for your most precious memories? The most perfect day in your life, the last city trip with best friends or the family vacation in the mountains when you were still a child? Then we have just the right thing for you: the photo canvas framed, our classic in the category of wall decorations, with a premium, genuine wooden shadow gap frame. With this, your give your most precious moments in life the rightful attention they deserve! And so that you can bring the colours perfectly to life, you have the choice between a white or black frame.

Main features of our framed canvas prints with photo:

  • Size: from 20x30 cm (7.8 x 11.8") to 60x80 cm (23.6 x 31.4") with a portrait, landscape or square layout
  • Material: fine art canvas prints, canvas fabric hand-stretched over a wooden frame, natural surface texture, maximum lightfastness, UV-resistant
  • Frame: Shadow gap frames, made from plane-tree wood - distinguish themselves through their delicate graining and low weight
  • Depth: 3.3 cm (1.3")
  • Hanging system: can be suspended directly on the frame
  • Appearance: photo-realistic, high image definition
  • Tip: approx. 2.5 cm (1") on the picture edge will be wrapped around the frame and won't be visible from the front. An exact canvas wrapping can't be guaranteed. Lines in pictures can't be guaranteed to fall exactly parallel to the edges of the canvas prints.

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Framed canvas prints with photos as personalised wall art

Framed canvas prints really do make difference if what you want is to put up your wall pictures in a safe and classy way. After going to the trouble of making personalised canvas prints, you surely want to finish them off nicely. Indeed, framed pictures can give your living-room or bedroom a more noble and rustic touch. As the sign of an art object, a wooden frame can transform a bare wall into a sacred space for depicting beautiful scenes. It goes without saying that framed canvas prints have a closer appearance to that of a real painted canvas. In this case, the actual photograph will be instead printed on to the canvas sheet, but this doesn't mean it can't look as neat as an artwork. All the framed wall art that can be designed on myphotobook UK includes a so-called "floating frame" or shadow-gap frame. This original type of frame creates a visual impression of a floating picture. Please note that this is only an effect created with a silicone membrane: your framed canvas prints will be therefore nice and safely assembled. Finally, a mount is added at the back, so that it  hangs nicely on your walls. Hang it up over the sofa, beside the television or in the corridor and enjoy your favourite pictures every day of the year.

Frame your prints and make the best our of you photos

Just picture the frame on your wall and start to imagine: what theme would you choose to print on a personalised canvas? It could be:

  • panoramic landscape captions,
  • pictures of children and babies,
  • artistic buildings and monuments,
  • captures from flowes and animals,
  • or a romantic sunset on the Caribbean.

Framed prints make ideal housewarming gifts, wedding presents, Christmas tokens for your grandfather, a Valentine's Day gift for your soulmate or a thoughtful present for Mother's Day.

Find the right frame for your canvas prints

Before you start designing your personalised canvas prints, we recommend you to measure the available space on your wall so as to establish the dimensions and considering if it should have a landscape or portrait orientation. You can make canvas prints in a variety of sizes from 20x30 cm (7.87 x 11.81") to the largest 60x80 cm (23.62 x 31.5") canvas panels. If at this stage, you realise that a different material other than canvas could provide a better result, check our framed acrylic photo blocks or aluminium prints, foam core mounted prints, posters and photo posters on Fuji photographic paper.

Be as creative as you like!

With a combination of several framed panels you can create exciting wall combinations to impress everyone. For example, by displaying three different canvas panels beside each other, a highly artistic polyptych will be formed. However, if you prefer to print a group of pictures on one canvas sheet, try designing a modern photo collage!

Order your framed canvas prints and personalised wall art

Normally, if you wanted to make framed canvas prints by yourself, you would first need to print the photo on canvas and then find a frame that would suit the style and fit the size of the picture. By ordering your framed wall art with myphotobook, you receive a complete article, where all the design elements fit together. Our online shop offers you a choice of a white or a black frame. If you hang up the framed canvas print on a white wall, it is better to choose a black mounting. In contrast, a white one stands out on a dark or coloured background.

How to order your framed wall art with myphotobook

To order your framed canvas art online, you will only need to:

  • first, check the final result of the canvas print in preview mode,
  • then add your framed canvas to the shopping basket,
  • fill in your billing details, address, telephone number and delivery address,
  • finally, select a payment method (credit card, money transfer or PayPal),
  • a confirmation message will be sent to your e-mail address.

In a few days, a personalised and highly artistic framed canvas print will be delivered to you at home!