Forex print - Mounted prints and posters directly printed on Forex® with myphotobook

Forex prints

Children love animals! And we love Forex! So why not order that sweet snapshot of your youngest daughter with the next-door neighbour's cuddly cat on our Forex plates? Gorgeous! Your favourite picture will be directly printed on a light but nevertheless stable hard-foam plate and will always ensure that atmosphere of warm fuzzies in your home.

Main features of our forex mounted prints:

  • Size: from 20x20 cm (7.8 x 7.8"), up to 120x120 cm (47.2 x 47.2") or 90x120 cm (35.4 x 47.2") with a portrait, landscape or square layout (in 10 cm - 3.9" intervals)
  • Production technique: direct printing
  • Material: light hard-foam panel
  • Depth: 3 mm
  • Hanging system: includes high-quality hanging system made of aluminium, worth £ 9.99
  • Appearance: fine, glossy surface with top image definition

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Mounted prints, photos and posters on Forex® foam boards

Mounting your photo prints and posters is a key to protecting them against weather changes and common usage, as well as making them last for a longer time. Indeed, printing your own poster or photograph on high-quality paper isn't enough if what you want is to look after them properly. Among the different printing materials offered for mounted prints, Forex® PVC foam has shown to be highly practical and definitely the most economical one.  Foam core mounted posters and pictures are therefore ideal for short and medium term usage. Since Forex PVC foam is fire and water-resistant, it has been widely used as an insulation material to build houses, put up walls or make public street signs. Besides, forex is a lightweight material with a white and smooth surface enabling an easy printing process for your mounted posters. PVC foam has thus become popular not only to manufacture mounted photos for professional art exhibitions, but also for personalised wall art in private homes.

Forex print and foam core mounted posters

To produce these  foam core mounted posters we print directly on the forex board, using UV printing. Direct print on forex provides a high level of saturation, which makes it easier to depict a higher level of details with a matte finish. As for UV printing, it uses ultra-violet lights to dry the inks and distribute them over the PVC surface.

Buy cheap wall art prints and mounted posters

Compared to other types of personalised wall art prints, PVC is the cheapest of all. Despite their inexpensive price, forex mounted wall art prints and boards provide great shape stability and sharpness. Please note that all our forex boards include a free hanging system, which makes the overall product even more affordable. With myphotobook UK you can get your photographs and posters mounted in a wide range of sizes within a 10cm-interval, from the smallest (20x20 cm) to the biggest (120x120 cm). This cheap version of wall art prints helps you save some pounds on your next photographic project. For more ambitious projects, we suggest checking out our canvas photo prints, acrylic prints, aluminium prints and acrylic mounted prints with an aluminium Dibond backing.

Putting up your PVC foam boards is really easy

The advantage of buying a light PVC foam board for your mounted prints is that it is so fast to put up! Since it weighs so little, a couple of screws will be enough to fit it into any wall space in your house. As forex PVC boards are water-proof, they make ideal kitchen wall prints that can be easily cleaned with a slightly damp cloth - if not rubbed to hard. In this way, your mounted posters will easily find a place in your living-room, bathroom or bedroom. Especially for babies and children's rooms, forex printing is a practical solution to design cheap wall art prints. Use them as personalised photo gifts for birthdays, back-to-school gifts, first communions, or as original Christmas gift ideas. Forex PVC boards can also help you to reduce the resonance in the room, as they also absorbs part of the noises around them.

Practical kitchen wall prints

If you usually spend many hours in your kitchen or simply like cooking, you may like to display a few nice pictures to cheer you up in your daily routine. However, finding the right printing material isn't always an easy task, as the grease and steam could affect the printed surface. With a forex mounted print you won't have to worry about this, as long as it is placed in a safe place . In this sense, foam core mounted posters make practical kitchen wall prints. If you would like to obtain a higher quality and make sure that they last for longer, have a look at our acrylic photo blocks! Design beautiful photo gift ideas for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, weddings, Easter, anniversaries and all kinds of special occasions.

Design your own personalised wall art online

All you need to create cheap wall art prints and personalised wall art is a nice picture with sufficient image resolution, a computer and a few minutes of your time to complete the order.  myphotobook UK offers the possibility to design them online or with a free-download software version. To design your own poster mounted on foam board online:
  1. Press the button "create now",
  2. Select the most suitable size and format for your forex print project;
  3. Then click on "continue", to open the online design tool;
  4. Browse your computer and find the image source, so that it can be uploaded;
  5. If you think it needs some decoration, insert cliparts and visual effects;
  6. Add your final artwork to the shopping basket and proceed to do the payment;
  7. Fill in the requested details (address, name, surname, payment method);
  8. Only a few days later a special and personalised piece of the finest wall art will be delivered at your address! Please check the delivery times right under the article name on our website!
Due to the image sharpness provided by forex printing techniques, inspiring themes such as natural landscapes, artistic buildings, and snapshots of big sport events turn out outstandingly well. Find pictures of unforgettable moments and keep them with you for the rest of your life. Mounted prints work just as well for panoramic pictures as for portraits. Get them printed in photographic series, as a collage or in any other format that fits the room.

myphotobook UK supports your creative ideas

Enjoy while making your wall art ideas come true with myphotobook UK. Our online design tool is made for people of all levels, even if it is the first time, you will find it very easy to use.  For questions concerning our selection of printing materials, our customer service is happy to help. We can check the images for you, tell you if the resolution is good enough for the size you have in mind and offer you some advice about what looks best. Our specialised team has gathered many years of experience that you can benefit from by simply calling us sending an e-mail. Set your imagination free with myphotobook UK!