Personalised canvas prints to decorate your living room - Make your own photo canvas & wall art ideas

Canvas prints

A classic. Unique impact. Wonderful decoration. What we're referring to is our canvas. Why are we so excited? Because it is so versatile and simultaneously impresses with its simplicity! No matter if it's a photo of the family, a group picture of the beloved grandchildren or the idyllic sunset from your last Italian holiday in Rome. Bring your most beautiful moments into your everyday life with a photo on canvas and enjoy the view, just like new, again and again. Even a photo collage featuring the small moments in life makes every living room wall an eye catcher!

Main features of our personalised canvas prints:

  • Size: from 20x20 cm (7.8 x 7.8") to 120x120 cm (47.2 x 47.2"), with a portrait, landscape or square layout (in 10 cm - 3.9" intervals)
  • Material: fine art canvas prints, canvas fabric hand-stretched over a wooden frame, natural surface texture, maximum lightfastness, UV-resistant
  • Depth: 2.0 cm (0.7")
  • Hanging system: can be suspended directly on the frame
  • Appearance: Photographic quality, high-resolution printing
  • Tip: approx. 2.5 cm (1") on the picture edge will be wrapped around the frame and won't be visible from the front. An exact canvas wrapping can't be guaranteed. Lines in pictures can't be guaranteed to fall exactly parallel to the edges of the canvas prints.
  • Here you will find the DPI resolution.

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Canvas prints give your photos a natural look

Using personalised canvas prints to decorate your walls at home offers many advantages which few printing fabrics and materials can beat. From the times of Renaissance painters until our days, canvas has survived for its great durability and sturdiness. Only such a highly resistant surface can support techniques such as oil painting and digital canvas prints. Besides, canvas art is arguably the best way to present your pictures with a classical and natural look. In myphotobook UK canvas prints, photos are first printed onto a high-quality canvas sheet. In the next phase, the photo canvas is manually stretched over a wooden frame, folded down over the sides, stapled on the edges. Thus, at least 2,5cm of the canvas won't be seen. A mounting and a hanging kit are then added at the back, making it fast and easier to put up on the wall. Finally, your artwork will be carefully packed so that you receive in the best conditions. Furthermore, canvas art prints are UV-resistant, preserving the brilliance of your best images. So what kind of product can you expect get once you order your personalised canvas prints with myphotobook UK? You will gain:

  • maximum resistance to light influence,
  • a high-quality and refined fabric,
  • a surface with a natural texture and solid structure,
  • a UV protected canvas print, thanks to the use of UV proof ink,
  • a 2 cm-thick canvas block,
  • a genuinely handmade product.

Where to put your canvas art: can you hang canvas prints in a bathroom?

Since humid places aren't exactly suitable for canvas art, bathroom, kitchens and outdoor spaces should be preferably avoided. A living-room or bedroom are clearly the best parts of the house to place your canvas prints and they will also get to to be seen more frequently. Your personalised canvas prints will attract the attention of anyone who enters your living-rooom. As a present for Mum, Dad or your grandparents in a compact size or with a portrait photo, canvas art can be highly versatile.

Should personalised canvas prints be cleaned?

Personalised canvas prints should be carefully dusted with a slightly damp cloth every now and then. It is not necessary to use any cleaning or chemical products - in fact they could damage it and should be avoided.

Make your own canvas print online

Wall pictures and personalised canvas prints make a big difference to a room. Make your own canvas print and turn a bare wall into your personal home gallery. Whether a big single portrait, impressive panoramic pictures or an original photo collage on canvas: personalised canvas art never dies out of fashion. Have you ever dreamed of having your own family picture printed on canvas? Thanks to myphotobook's canvas art maker, making your own canvas prints is a quick process, especially if you are planning to print one single picture. Once you have found the right photo and uploaded it to our site, you won't need any more than 5 to 10 minutes to complete your order online. A real arsenal of design ressources helps you personalise the picture to match your own taste: personalised backgrounds, cliparts, frames, pieces of text or special effects build a huge variety of possibilities. Can you remember that last holiday trip, an old class reunion or some of your biggest life achievements? There are moments in life that simply stay for ever in your mind. For this reason, they deserve a place in your house, where they can be always remembered. With their natural flair, canvas prints will bring back these greatest moments to life. Only you can decide which moments are the most important and should therefore appear in a bigger size. Our canvas art prints are available in 10cm siz intervals from 20 x 20 cm  (7.8 x 7.8 inches) to 120 x 120cm (47.2 x 47.2 inches). Landscape, portrait or square, from the smallest to the biggest XXL canvas prints, all possibilities are given to you. With no other type of wall art will you gain this sense of nature. If you are considering getting a group of canvas prints for your photos, finding a nice combination of different sizes can provide highly successful results.

What size works best for personalised canvas art?

Generally speaking, medium size pictures are the best to make your own canvas print. However, some personalised canvas prints need a bit of more space in order to gain presence. A photo collage looks especially good on a 60x40cm canvas print (23.6 x 15.7). Another original combination is to put up a group of canvas beside each other as one unit - in a so called "split canvas". Have thought about building a horizonal triptych with three different pictures?

What's the best resolution for canvas prints?

Square 40 x 40 cm and rectangular 40 x 30cm canvas prints will need a minimum resolution of 1250 pixels, whereas optimal resolution would be as of 2000 pixels. 60 to 100 cm long canvases should have at least a 1500 to 2500 pixel resolution, ideally 3000 pixels. Should the resolution not be high enough, consider resizing the picture, adding a second picture or making two different canvas prints. myphotobook offers support for all these cases with the friendliest customer service in town!

Should canvas art be framed?

Framed canvas prints are better protected than bare ones and therefore tend to keep better. Please note that when framing canvas art it is important to leave enough space around the picture (about 70 mm) so that a part of your picture doesn't get covered by the frame. To simplify this process, myphotobook offers an additional canvas framing service. For any questions about framed canvas prints, you can contact our customer service by phone, e-mail or on the online chat. If you think other formats could better fit your canvas art project, we suggest trying other formats on our online shop, as for example standard posters, personalised posters on photographic paperacrylic printsforex prints, aluminium prints under acrylic glass and other metal wall art sorts.

Personalised canvas prints & wall art ideas

Personalised canvas prints have the power of capturing a magic moment in time. myphotobook's wall art ideas are the solution for your wall décor and make a unique and personalised photo gift for your neighbours, grandparents or best friends. Let your own personal taste guide the design of your personal canvas prints. Is there a picture you would like to get printed in a big size for your bedroom? Some nice wall art ideas for you could be:

  • your prettiest wedding pictures in a big size.
  • a funny family picture or a portrait,
  • imaginative and artistic photo collage,
  • a luminous photo from last holidays,
  • with a big panoramic landscape.

Perhaps it is a glamorous canvas collage with a black & white look that you would prefer to have at home.  In all cases, it is the natural picture rendition what makes our "wall artists" so enthusiastic about personalised canvas prints. A rich and detailed reproduction of your photos guarantees maximum brilliance and contrast - especially if you pick a black & white optic. Classical and simple, but unique and artistic, canvas prints are a practical solution for that wall space that is still lacking a funky note. Would you like to give yourself a special present? Then take your time to decide on the picture and size to make your own canvas print.

Wall art ideas for any occasion

Since myphotobook UK allows you to send your wall art creations to any address withing the United Kingdom, you can create canvas prints and send them as Christmas gifts, birthday presents, housewarming gifts or for Valentine's Day. Honour your most important life experiences and dearest people with a personalised photo gifts that hold a special meaning. Make your own personalised wall art ideas come true!

Wall art looks just as good at home as in a gallery

Decades ago, having a personalised piece of wall art at home was reserved to a small group of people who could afford it. However, since the appearance of high-quality but cheap photo prints, personalised wall art has been accessible for all kinds of budgets. Our canvas and mounted prints are available from £25.99 and can be easily ordered online. You really don't need to be a professional photographer nor a famous painter to make your own canvas print anymore. If you are a "canvas art begginer", as long as the selected picture has sufficient image resolution, you can try the simplest version - that is adding no more design elements. You will be surprised to see what you can do by yourself. Discover your artistic side and enjoy trying out different combinations and matching colours with the rest of your home interior design. A house or an appartment are in a way sacred places, where each object carries a memory or some special meaning. Furthermore, your walls is something you get to see every day. So how about transforming them into a nice sight? On some computer folder or email address you are sure to have some stunning pictures that could look great on your wall: your newborn child, your greatest childhood snaps, a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world... Tell the story of your life in impressive pictures and feel proud of your self-designed masterpiece. One or several photos on canvas give your walls a classy and customised touch.  Depending on the available space, large or smaller canvas prints can be a better solution for your walls. myphotobook UK makes it possible to create personalised canvas prints in little time and with only a few clicks. If you like art, it is time to start developing your own creativity. Personalised wall art is made for people who know what they like. Hence, making our own canvas prints will always have a type of magic that a pre-manufactured canvas print or painting won't have. Maybe now you are lacking the pictures, but still would really like to start making one by yourself. You can then plan an excursion, organise a photo-shooting session or simply bring your camera with you on your next trip and look out for the best captions. As for pictures taken with a cell phone or smartphone, please keep in mind that image resolution can change dramatically when the photos get transfered. This also varies depending on the phone that sends it and the one receiving it. In any event, our canvas art maker will warn you if the provided resolution doesn't meet the requirements. In this way, you will be asked to perform the necessary changes a a professional level canvas print will be produced and delivered at your doorstep!