Aluminium prints

You love photography and like to surround yourself with your favourite images in your home? Then why not beautify your house with our fine and individually customisable Alu Dibond wall prints and bring your most extraordinary photo snapshots to life on your walls. Choose between two production methods to achieve the best result for you. The direct print: With this technique, your photo is directly printed onto an aluminium plate, ensuring an unbelievable colour brilliance. In addition, you can hang your wall print in moist environments like the kitchen and bathroom without any worries. The lamination print: With this technique, your photo will be exposed on high-gloss, premium photo paper and then adhered to a high-quality, sturdy aluminium plate, distinguishing itself through its unique depth of focus. This way you'll well and truly let your photos shine and keep them safe forever.

Main features of our aluminium prints:

  • Size: from 20x20 cm (7.8 x 7.8"), up to 120x120 cm (47.2 x 47.2") or 90x120 cm with a portrait, landscape or square layout (in 10 cm - 3.9" intervals)
  • Production technique: choice of direct printing or lamination
  • Material: aluminium composite panel with maximum strength
  • Depth: 4 mm
  • Mounting: Includes a high-quality aluminium wall mounting worth £ 9.99
  • Appearance: fine, glossy surface with top image definition
  • Here you will find the DPI resolution.

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Aluminium prints and metal wall art

Metal wall art and aluminium prints are a handy and elegant solution to decorate dark corners or rooms with a natural, ambient light. Perhaps you had been thinking about displaying your wall pictures in a more polished way, but weren't sure about the material and surface to choose for them. Say you would like them to be lighter than an acrylic panel and a more modern than traditional canvas prints - then "aluminium" is your answer. Metal and aluminium prints are lightweight and at the same time robust; they have a soft silvery appearance and offer great durability. Since aluminium is weatherproof and resists corrosion, it is a popular material for outdoor wall art prints. Among the great variety of aluminium composite materials, myphotobook UK has chosen aluminium Dibond for producing its metal prints, since it is sturdy and durable. Aluminium Dibond prints consist of three layers:  2 aluminium layers on the surface and 1 polythylene sheet in the middle, building a high-end compound material. The selected image will be then printed onto the front face of the pannel, as opposed to acrylic prints (in which it is performed at the back). Although each material used to create personalised wall art serves a different purpose, metal wall art and aluminium Dibond prints stand at a higher quality level than other compounds, such as forex. Hence, they are very suitable for putting up in the living-room.

Where to put up to aluminium prints

The ideal way to display aluminium photo prints is to hang them up at an eye-level. Leaning them against the wall isn't recommendable, as the aluminium edges could get damaged. As a result, putting up metal wall art ends up being very simple, since all aluminium Dibond prints from myphotobook are provided with a hanging kit. Aluminium Dibond prints tend to create the impression of a higher space and will therefore show nicely  if, for instance, a row of pictures is placed one beside the other one - like a series of your most stunning landscape captions. Moreover, it is recommendable to have a previous idea of how the picture would look once it is printed on aluminium. If the picture has a special colour brilliance, it will probably look best on an aluminium mounted print.

Dibond mounting vs direct printing in metal wall art

Find the best choice for your aluminium Dibond photo blocks

With a photo printed on an aluminium Dibond block we reach the highest quality in personalised wall art products. Concerning the technique, you have a choice of either direct printing or face mounting. Dibond mounting is slightly more costly than direct print. However, the choice of either a composite panel or direct print will depend on the type finish you want - matt or glossy  - and where it will be hung up - either in a dry or damp room.  Also in bigger sizes, for instance  120x70cm, aluminium Dibond remains stable and does not loose its original shape.

Aluminium Dibond mounted prints

Aluminium prints that are mounted form a composite panel, where the picture is first printed on Kodak high-gloss photographic paper (named KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA PREMIER) and then sandwiched with the metal panel with a specialised machine for lamination. Composite aluminium prints are therefore glossy. They should be normally kept indoors and in a dry room, so as to avoid the photographic sheet getting damaged. Composite aluminium prints are also called "aluminium laminated prints".

Dibond direct print

Dibond directing printing is essentialy used for outdoor wall art and provides a matt look. If you want to make your own artwork last, we warmly recommend to keep it in a safe area and away from weather exposure. With direct printing, the colour will be directly transferred to the aluminium Dibond panel and the ink then dried with UV light. In this version, no additional paper sheet is used. If you choose direct printing, a sophisticated art print with no reflections but luminous white and grey tones will be produced.

Dibond printing and its many advantages

Although aluminium Dibond is used nowadays in many different industries, it also has become very popular as a material for making personalised wall art in private houses. Aluminium Dibond panels are produced with two 0,3mm-thick aluminium layers and a black polyethylene sheet. Finally, a white protective film is applied on both surfaces and eventually stove enamelled. Thanks to this manufacturing process, the provided result is neat and bend-proof. Hint: bare aluminium Dibond has a whitish and shiny look. White areas will therefore not be printed or only very slightly.

Order your aluminium prints with myphotobook UK

The selected photo for your aluminium prints doesn't always need to be a classical photo. . Choose aluminium Dibond printing if the overall impression is important. For this reason, aluminium photo prints are frequently used at a professional level, as in art exhibitions and public events and presentations. If you fancy a more classical style for your home wall decor, we recommend you to order canvas photo prints.

Aluminium Dibond printing with myphotobook UK

Getting your image printed on aluminium Dibond is now easier than ever - thanks to myphotobook. The entire designing process is performed online and take charge of  the printing. You can order your own aluminium photo prints by following these simple steps:
  • choose the size of your aluminium print
  • press "Create now", to open our online design tool,
  • select the source of the picture,
  • upload the picture by double-clicking on the right,
  • re-size or place the picture according to your needs,
  • add the completed article to the shopping basket,
  • gon through our checklist to make sure you haven't forgotten anything;
  • check the details in the basket,
  • complete the payment,
  • insert your address and billing details,
  • finally, send in your order!
myphotobook UK will then print your professional metal prints and deliver them at your doorstep. Ordering your metal prints couldn't be any easier! Hint: Our shop sometimes offers some promotional voucher  - who knows? Maybe there could be one for designing aluminium prints!

Resolution requirements for Dibond printing

With aluminium Dibond printing, a minimum resolution of 150 dpi - ideally 300 dpi  is required. If you consider the length of the picture, the number of pixels should be as of 3500 for 60 cm (23.62"), 4700 pixels for 80 cm (31.5"), 5900 pixels for 100 cm (40") and 7100 pixels 120 cm (47.2"). Please note that aluminium printing makes the image look darker. You can make it look brighter by increasing the light in the original picture

Facts about our Dibond aluminium prints:

  • Best for: big-sized pictures with high colour brilliance.
  • Sizes: 121 different sizes, maximum size 120x120 cm
  • Use: Composite pannel for indoor, direct printing for outdoors.
  • Properties: available for composite or direct print, includes hanging system, stable. Aluminium Dibond prints are printed by myphotobook UK in six different colours. All of them odourless and solvent-free and free from any animal extracts.

Handling aluminium prints & metal wall art

Once your aluminium photo prints have arrived, it is time to start looking after them properly. For instance, big wall pictures have a certain tendency to get curved or slightly bent, mainly because of dampness or heat exposure. In this sense, the shape stability of a wall picture will be strongly influenced by the size and surface of the panel.  myphotobook UK stops your aluminium photo prints from getting curved by adding a metal bar at the back that encompasses the entire block and works as a hanging system. To obtain even greater shape stability, we suggest ordering our mounted aluminium prints under acrylic - which also include a back aluminium bar. Thanks to this aluminium support, you will be able to order your metal wall art prints as big as you like.

How to clean aluminium prints

Aluminium prints should be gently cleaned with a dry cloth. No chemical products should be used, since they could damage the picture. To avoid them from getting scratched, do never leave the printed face down on a hard surface.

Metal wall art & personalised photo gifts

Metal wall art prints make great personalised photo gifts for your dearest ones. This high-end compound material provides a much classier appearance than a photo poster , a poster on photographic paper or classical canvas prints. It will make them happy and can be suitable for all kinds of occasions, such as birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or as a Christmas gift for your grandparents.  Hence, if you want to transform your pictures into impressive wall art prints, aluminium Dibond is a really great choice. Present your own pictures with the highest quality!

Personalised wall art to decorate your house

Dibond aluminium prints make not only a great personalised photo gift, but can be ordered for your personal wall art at home. Any grandfather or grandmother will be happy to have a picture of their granchildren to put up on the wall.  In other words - metal wall art and aluminium prints work just as well for modern setup as for a traditional one.  Small or big wall pictures or photo collages will decorate your house entrance or corridor. You can also take a photograph of your children's nicest drawings and immortalise them to make them feel proud of themselves. Should there be a lot of light coming in, we recommend aluminium direct printing: in all other cases, Dibond aluminium mounts are the distinguished version. Your picture printed on aluminium Dibond will provide a sensational atmosphere!