Admire your photos as aluminium prints under acrylic glass - Beautiful personalised wall art

Acrylic photo prints on alu

For all of those who love something special: our acrylic glass on Alu Dibond! There are the moments in life, that you just don't want to go without any more. It doesn't matter if it's your wedding dance, which moved you to tears, the 100th birthday of your favourite grandma or the secondary school graduation of your son; with your most precious snapshots and our acrylic glass on Alu dibond, you can preserve these happy events for forevermore, in breathtaking colour. Are you only having trouble deciding which photo it should be? Our tip: Create a cool picture collage out of a range of photos and conjure up your own personal photo artwork - with extra radiant colours and an exceptional depth effect!

Main features of our aluminium mounted prints:

  • Size: from 20x30 cm (7.8 x 11.8") up to 100x100 cm (39.3 x 39.3"), or 90x120 cm (35.4 x 47.2") with a portrait, landscape or square layout (in 10 cm - 3.9" intervals)
  • Material: a composite panel made of high-quality aluminium mounted under acrylic glass provides maximum colour brilliance and sturdiness
  • Depth: 6 mm
  • Hanging system: includes high-quality hanging system made of aluminium, worth £ 9.99
  • Appearance: intense colour brilliance with top image definition
  • Tip:the acrylic panel protects the images from scratches and external damage, long-lasting colours thanks to UV radiation protection.
  • Here you will find the DPI resolution.

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Acrylic prints with an aluminium Dibond backing

Acrylic prints with an aluminium backing are the safest way to hang up a picture in a personalised wall art format which is at the same time light, solid and shatter-resistant. On one hand, the acrylic photo block enhances the image and increases its brilliance. On the other, a high-quality backing in aluminium Dibond protects the photo and makes the whole wall art block more firm. In all acrylic prints with an aluminium backing, the picture is processed as a laminate sheet, providing a second protection against UV-rays. The combination of all these features turns acrylic mounted prints into the superstar among our personalised wall art articles.

Acrylic mounted prints and face mounting

To produce these acrylic mounted prints, a special manufacturing and assembling technique called "face mounting ®" is used. It works like this: first of all, a silic0n layer is applied on the picture to laminate it. We seal the image and make sure that no air has remained inside. Next, the laminated sheet is carefully adhered at the back of the acrylic block. Last, a sturdy aluminium Dibond backing is added. If acrylic glass already filtered UV- radiation, face mounting includes a second filter that keeps the light out of the picture and therefore prevents it from fading. This five-star article combines all the advantages of our different personalised wall art products. Acrylic prints with an aluminium backing offer:

  • the vibrancy of an acrylic mounted print,
  • the protection provided by acrylic prints against dust, dampness and scratches,
  • the sturdiness of an aluminium backing,
  •  the durability of a laminated picture.

Aluminium prints under acrylic glass will make a real tribute to your fondest memories and important life experiences. It offer the highest quality materials and the latest techniques that are used nowadays in art galleries. If in contrast, you would like to spend less on making your acrylic wall art, try other cheaper versions, such as acrylic prints without an aluminium Dibond backing or the direct print version (without the composite sheet). From the cheapest to the highest-quality and professional level, myphotobook UK offers a solution for all types of budgets.

High-quality art & acrylic photo blocks with photographic sheets

To produce top-quality art prints, the pictures are developed and printed as real photographs. Indeed, the colour richness and fine details in a real photograph provide a natural and genuine look. Acrylic glass intensifies these colours and multiplies the picture vibrancy, it increases the depth and adds dazzling reflections. Use this all-in-one article to create high quality art prints for mpressive photos. Luminous images of water, a fountain, reflections on the sea, the glass window of a cathedral or a beautiful sunny day are themes that work especially well with acrylic mounted prints. In addition, one of the biggest advantages in acrylic photo blocks with an aluminium backing is that the picture can be displayed in an XXL format - for this reason it is also called "gallery print". Experienced photography artists gallerists and art lovers know that, as time goes by, extra-large wall prints tend to get slightly curved. By getting your photographs printed and mounted under acrylic glass plus an aluminium Dibond backing you will make the very best out of them. Create your own artwork in just a few clicks!

A variety of sizes and formats for your acrylic mounted prints

Acrylic prints with an aluminium backing are available in a great variety of sizes, the smallest one of which holds a 20x20 cm size (8x8"), whereas the largest one goes up to 120x120 cm (47x47"). myphotobook's acrylic mounted prints are available in 10cm-intervals with the following formats:

  • square mounted prints,
  • vertical mounted prints and
  • horizontal mounted prints.

Hint: Choose the shape and orientation of your acrylic photo blocks based on the picture theme and check the result on our online design tool. For instance, a portrait caption will look best if displayed vertically. In contrast, a nice panoramic caption requires horizontal-landscape orientation. And how about displaying an original and artistic photo collage in a modern square format?  If it is meant to be big and impressive, make it an acrylic print with an aluminium Dibond backing! Not only is it more resistant than a standard piece of personalised wall art art, but also lighter than glass and aluminium (remember that aluminium Dibond is a composite material and is thus lighter than standard aluminium). Try out our high-quality art prints, personalise them with your pictures and see them age with you gracefully!

Buy original art: your own personalised wall art

Original art isn't something you can buy everywhere. It needs to move you in some special way or carry a personal meaning for you to want to purchase it.  But, what piece of art could be more valuable than your own memories? Not only will it offer a nice view at home, but everyone who visits your house will be marvelled at its vibrancy and luminosity. Personalised wall art lives from powerful memories and significant life events. Give it a try - do it by yourself and find a space for your own creative ideas. Remember that myphotobook UK offers satisfaction guarantee. Even as personalised photo gifts, acrylic photo blocks with an aluminium backing can be the perfect surprise for your dearest ones. Offer it as a birthday present, a personalised wedding gift, for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or as an unusual Christmas gift idea. As a thank you gift - after many years living with the same person- or to cheer up your grandfather or grandmothe, acrylic wall prints with your own photos make original gift ideas for all kinds of people and occasions. Whenever the other person admires your gift, your special message and greatest moments shared will be brought back to life.

Wall pictures for your living-room

Acrylic art prints and photo wall pictures cheer up your living room with refreshing memories. Right above your sofa or thebedside table, they will display your favourite picture under acrylic glass with an aluminium Dibond backing. Put up a few nice pictures and turn your living-room into a beautiful gallery at home. myphotobook UK offers a huge range of formats and materials to suit your photographic projects. Whether canvas prints, photo posters, posters on photographic paper, forex prints, aluminium prints or acrylic photo blocks, a world of creative possibilities is open to you. Find that special picture, upload it to our online platform and experiment with different sizes, formats and visual effects. As for framed wall prints, we offer acrylic framed and aluminium framed panels. Before sending in your order, we recommend checking all the details once more and have a look at your artwork in preview mode. To complete the order online, you can pay by credit card, money transfer or PayPal. We deliver to all parts of the United Kingdom. In case you need assistance or further advice about the format, sizes and most suitable personalised wall art formats for your living-room or any other parts of the house, please contact our customer service. We are happy to help you to find the best solution.