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Acrylic glass framed

The perfect frame is not just important for the baptism of your child, but also for the memories of this unforgettable day. With our photo behind acrylic glass - and its premium, real-wood frame - you masterfully bring this special moment to life and capture it forever. The acrylic glass ensures exceptional colour brilliance and this brings not just a smile to your face, but also makes your most precious photos shine.

Main features of our framed acrylic prints:

  • Size: from 20x30 cm (7.8 x 11.8") to 60x80 cm (23.6 x 31.4") with a portrait, landscape or square layout
  • Material: premium acrylic prints (backed with Forex for greater stability) with a fine, wooden frame wood in dark or light brown
  • Hanging system: hook and anchor included in the delivery
  • Appearance: intense colour brilliance and top image definition
  • Frame depth: 3.5 cm (1.3")
  • Tip: max. protection against external damage and UV radiation

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Framed acrylic photo blocks and prints

Although it is not easy to outshine the appealing look of an acrylic photo block, in terms of beauty there is still one higher level to be reached - that is the one of framed acrylic prints.  If an acrylic glass already provides one of the most impressive types of personalised wall art, with dazzling reflections, vibrant colours and increased depth, a wooden frame is all you needed to obtain a noble and distinguished touch. In this way, not only will the panel be better protected, but the photo will also show more elegantly on your walls. Framed acrylic prints offer indeed a charming solution for dull and bare rooms, especially if you use your own pictures to design them. Then, the power of your personal memories will shine through the acrylic glass.

Acrylic wall art perfectly protected

One of the most significant advantages of acrylic wall art - and probably the reason why it remains so popular - is that it keeps UV-rays out of the picture. When this is completed with an acrylic composite panel, the printed photograph gets a second protection, which ensures that the picture won't start to fade. But then again, who looks after the acrylic block? That's why it is recommendable to order a matching frame with it. Even if acrylic is shatter-resistant, getting a proper mounting is a key to making your masterpiece last. With myphotobook, you can get the two (the acrylic panel and frame) all at once for a reasonable price. The trendy "floating frames" that can be found on our online shop are available either in white or black. Moreover, in the UK framed acrylic art is often used as a personalised photo gift for relatives and friends: as a Valentine's Day gift, for Mother's Day, for Christmas, weddings or as an anniversary present

Frame your wall art with myphotobook

Besides, framing your wall art also draws attention to what's happening in the picture: the day of your wedding, your newborn baby's first snaps or a moving scene from your honeymoon. With luminous captures, such as a view of the bottom of the sea, a sky full of stars or a green spring landscape, framed acrylic blocks turn out astoundingly well. Nowadays, it is not necessary to be a professional photographer to make your own wall art ideas come true. However, it is also good to try out other printing materials. For this, do check also our framed canvas printspersonalised canvas prints,  aluminium prints, forex foam mounted prints, posters, acrylic prints with an aluminium backing and posters printed on photographic paper.

Acrylic photo blocks to be personalised by you

A living room or bedroom with bare walls can end up looking dull and lacking life. Instead of buying an expensive Picasso, how about printing out your favourite photos and mounting them under an acrylic photo block? It will certainly be more entertaining than a picturesque drawing or painting that was produced decades ago and by someone who you will never meet. Every day offers us many magic moments that deserve to be immortalised. Just look out for them! myphotobook helps you save them for posterity.

Order acrylic photo prints online

Make your life easier by ordering these framed acrylics blocks online. With your order, a set of screws and plugs will be included in the packet. Open our online editor, search your hard disk for your best pictures and upload them to our design platform.  A variety of visual filters, backgrounds and image adjustments support you in finding the right combination. Concerning the size, you have a big choice, from the smallest (20 x 30 cm) to the biggest (80 x 60 cm) combined with a landscape or portrait orientation. Remember that a part of your picture will be covered up by the frame, although this can be seen in our design tool. As for the price, it varies accordingly, from £46.99 to £140.99. Should you need any support in finding the right combination, please contact our technical hotline!