Acrylic prints for maximum brilliance - Get your pictures printed on acrylic photo blocks

Acrylic glass

Wow, what a fascinating depth effect! As a photo behind acrylic glass, your favourite picture's colours are rendered particularly brilliant and fine, achieving an exceptional look through a frameless finish. Capture forever the greatest adventure of your African travels, for example, and bring the safari Big Five directly into your living room! Small tip: Above all, the photo behind acrylic glass works best in bringing breath-taking landscape pictures fully to life. This way, you definitely won't go forgetting these memories!

Main features of our photo acrylic prints:

  • Size: from 20x20 cm (7.8 x 7.8"), up to 120x120 cm (47.2 x 47.2") or 90x120 cm (35.4 x 47.2") with a portrait, landscape or square layout (in 10 cm - 3.9" intervals)
  • Production technique: choice of direct printing or lamination
  • Material: premium acrylic glass plate with a high breaking resistance
  • Depth: 3mm
  • Hanging system: includes high-quality hanging system made of aluminium, worth £ 9.99
  • Appearance: intense colour vibrancy and a high-resolution picture reproduction
  • Here you will find the DPI resolution.

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Acrylic prints & photo blocks for maximum vibrancy

As acrylic prints dashed into the art market, a real wall-art revolution started to take place: as opposed to glass, acrylic wasn't only shatter-resistant and lighter, but also cheaper to produce. Nowadays, acrylic photo blocks are a popular because of their increased level of contrast and image depth, which leads to a three-dimensional effect. However, what really distinguishes acrylic prints is a higher level of vibrancy, making the colours stand out with dazzling reflections. If that wasn't enough, acrylic wall art is protected against UV rays and moisture, which stops the pictures from getting faded. Therefore, acrylic prints remain the best option for putting up pictures in a kitchen, a bathroom or in outdoor spaces without fearing they could get damaged. All these advantages have made acrylic glass - also called transparent thermoplastic,  methyl methacrylate or PMMA -  one of the most popular choice for professional photographers, visual artists and personalised wall art fans. Acrylic wall prints are often refered to as Plexiglass ®  or Perspex ®, which are simply different acrylic glass manufacturers.

What's the difference between aluminium and acrylic prints?

On one hand, the use of acrylic glass produces luminous and high-gloss prints, whilst metal and aluminium prints tend to be somewhat darker (especially in the grey and brown colour tones, aluminium pulls towards black), but actually display a greater level of details. On the other hand, acrylic blocks are heavier than aluminium. With both of these printing materials - aluminium and acrylic photo prints - the possibility of direct printing and mounting (laminate sheets) is offered by myphotobook UK. Also when compared to canvas, acrylic prints provide greater vibrancy, since the light doesn't get through them. With canvas, more colour needs to be added, which means less details will be displayed.

Are acrylic prints waterproof?

Since acrylic prints are splash-proof, they are easy to clean and dust with a damp cloth. This also makes them ideal to keep outdoor.

How do you hang acrylic prints?

In myphotobook's acrylic prints, a free hanging kit - which would normally cost £7.99 - is already built into the acrylic block. A surrounding aluminium film preserves the form and stability, as well as making it easier to hang up on the wall. As acrylic panel prints are heavier than canvas, a solid hanging system is a key to ensuring its stability and keeping it in the best conditions.

Acrylic wall art:  two different renditions

Have you decided on a picture for your personalised wall art at home ? There are only a few more steps to go before you have complete and order your personal acrylic wall art. You will now need to choose between two production techniques:

Direct printing

With direct printing technique your photo will be copied and printed at the back of the acrylic panel. This option is in fact cheaper than the face-mounted version. A popular combination for these acrylic art prints is to place a light at the back of the panel, so as to create a classy luminous decoration. You will need to buy an additional bulb and adhesive tape to do this by yourself. Since acrylic prints produced with direct printing technique are translucid, the light will only go through diffusely. Full colours will be used to produce a highly detailed reproduction of the original photo.

Acrylic face mounting

In the composite version of acrylic prints - also called "fine art" or "face mounting", the manufacturing process is slightly more complex. In this case, the picture will be developed as a real photograph and then mounted under a 3mm acrylic panel. The combination of high-quality photographic paper and lamination has been proven to increase the durability of the picture, especially if permanently exposed to sunlight. Furthermore, using developed photos increases the quality, vibrancy and the amount of details on the picture. For this reason, acrylic face mounting is a popular technique among professional photographers and art galleries in the United Kingdom. If you would like to know more about this technique, visit our section for aluminium prints under acrylic glass.

Acrylic picture frames

To complete your project, you can add classy acrylic picture frames. A wooden frame can help you obtain a nice home flair. Indeed, finding a frame that perfectly fits your acrylic picture can be a tricky one, unless you know the exact area that will be covered up by the frame. By using myphotobook's software, you make sure that everything fits perfectly and order everything at once. Should you have further questions about framing your acrylic photo prints, don't hesitate to contact our customer service. Our framed prints are available both for acrylic and canvas wall art.

Design your own personalised wall art online

Photo resolution should be also taken into account when designing your personalised wall art. It will basically depend on the final size you select for the picture. Generally speaking, a 12-inch length will need a resolution of 1056 pixels, whereas a 30" x 20" size should preferably have a 2067 x 1372 pixel resolution. Nevertheless, our acrylic wall art designer will warn you as soon as s picture doesn't fulfill the resolution requirements. A small exclamation mark will be displayed over the picture. Should this happen, you will have to choose a smaller format or select a different picture with a higher resolution. Find the ideal format for your project: myphotobook UK offers a variety of sizes in 10-cm intervals. Some of the most popular sizes for acrylic wall art are 8"x12" (20x30cm, the shortest), 40"x40"  (100x100cm medium size) or 35"x 7"  (90x120cm, the longest). Prices vary followingly from £16.99 to £299.99. Give wings to your imagination and search your computer folders and e-mails to find the most beautiful family and wedding pictures, abstract forms, architecture or plants. Once the size, orientation and printing technique have been set, it is time to upload your picture to myphotobook's online platform - if you prefer you can choose the free-download version. Play around with cliparts, backgrounds, text and a variety of design elements and effects. Last, complete your personal details and specify the address where your acrylic prints need to be delivered. A few days later, you will receive a high-quality and personalised acrylic photo block with a hanging kit. Check out the expected delivery date right under the article name on our website! In the meantime, you can start looking for the drill, some nails and a hammer!

Professional quality acrylic photo printing

Compared to posters and canvas prints, you will be surprised to see the vibrancy and luminous intensity of a self-designed and highly professional quality acrylic print. As contrast and colour depth are intensified, landscape images will look especially good when mounted under acrylic glass. Also night captions or pictures under the water are rich in reflections that are perfectly suited to design acrylic photo blocks. Use them to decorate your walls at home, for your work office or to create original and personalised photo gifts. With personalised acrylic prints, each room of your house will develop a different atmosphere. A photo from the last summer holidays, the day of your wedding or a picture of your newborn baby are great ideas for your home wall art or as a present for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, birthdays or as original Christmas gift ideas.

Personalised wall art: an overview of different priting materials

Depending on the wall space and theme you choose for your personalised wall art, you can choose the most suitable one out of the following materials:
  • acrylic prints: high-gloss and vibrant thermoplastic;
  • photo posters: in standard printing sheets or high-quality printing paper;
  • canvas: the classical and highly artistic version on a wooden structure;
  • forex® prints: light-weight plastic combined with a foam panel;
  • aluminium prints: light and sophisticated;
  • acrylic glass backed with aluminium: the finest solution for ambitious projects.
Aluminium prints, canvas prints, photo posters, posters printed on photographic paper, aluminium prints under acrylic and forex prints offer a wide range of creative possibilities to design stunning pieces of personalised wall art. Discover myphotobook's world of custom printed articles and personalised photo gifts.