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Personalised wall art ideas

Personalised wall art prints

Personalised wall art is a combination of art production techniques allowing hobby and professional artists create wall prints with their own pictures and visual sources. Digital technology and printing providers have made it possible for art lovers to create high-quality pieces of wall art without having a specific professional art training. Thanks to personalised wall art platforms, many of the materials and resources used in museums and galleries are made accessible to all kinds of customers. By uploading a simple smartphone capture to a design software, the user can select a the most suitable surface for printing the pictures in a self-made and unique work of art. Depending on the selected materials, personalised wall art prints can be suitable for indoors (kitchens, bedrooms, living-rooms) or outdoors.

Apart from choosing the materials and selecting a size of the wall art prints, personalised wall art tools allow the user to edit the source and continue to personalise the design online like a real artist. For example, a group of photos can be displayed over the space building a specific shape and be subsequently printed onto the same pannel in a well-known artistic technique called "photo collage".

The main materials offered for making art prints online are canvas, acrylic glass, aluminium, PVC foam (forex) and paper sheets (posters). In the following section, we describe the advantages and most relevant features of each form of personalised wall art:

Canvas wall art & personalised canvas prints

Canvas wall art provides the most classical and rustic look of all digitally produced wall prints. Printing the pictures onto sturdy canvas fabric creates the impression of a real painting. Furthermore, the canvas sheet is wrapped around the edges of a wooden frame, which makes the canvas print even more realistic.
This mixed impression of canvas painting and photography makes personalised canvas prints ideal for someone who would love to be able to paint. Despite its sturdiness, the use of canvas wall prints is limited to indoor spaces and dry rooms. Personalised canvas wall art is available in a variety of sizes that range from 7.8 x 7.8" to 47.2 x 47.2 ", with a landscape, portrait or square layout. To protect the edges of the canvas prints and make them last, it is possible to order them with an additional frame, which includes a system to hang them up on the wall.

Wall posters & photo posters

Wall posters are an affordable way to print large sized images for displaying them on the walls of a bedroom, waiting room or office. Posters of all sizes are often used by companies for advertising purposes. However, this cheaper form of personalised wall art is the favourite choice for children. Most childrens bedrooms have some kind of wall poster with cartoons, comic characters, animals, pop idols or a favourite sport team. Personalised posters can be printed digitally or exposed as big photographic prints, also known as "photo posters".

Forex prints

Forex prints are made of PVC foam and are therefore water-resistant. This makes forex one of the best wall art materials for bathrooms and kitchens. PVC is indeed a light yet resistant compound often used for insulating buildings. It is a short to medium-term solution for printing personalised wall art at a low price. Forex prints are also considered to be "mounted posters".

Acrylic prints

The most impressive material for displaying wall art prints is acrylic glass. Acrylic prints deliver dazzling colours, an increased level of vibrancy and outstanding depth. Although the surface of acrylic wall prints is transparent, it protects the images from UV-radiation, stopping them from fading and providing great durability. The only downside of acrylic prints is their heavy weight.

Aluminium prints

Metal wal art and aluminium prints offer a darker tone for producing wall prints. The images are printed directly onto an aluminium composite panel
with a polyethylene sheet in the middle, called aluminium Dibond. As a result, alumimium wall prints are lightweight and resistant to corrosion. It is a piece of personalised wall art that shows best when exposed to natural daylight and provides a modern look. When hung up on the wall, aluminium prints should not be leaned against the wall and need to be kept indoors.

Aluminium mounted prints

Aluminium mounted prints are a hybrid type of wall print that combines features from acrylic and aluminium personalised wall art. The picture is first sealed with a silicon layer, then covered up with an acrylic panel and completed with an aluminium DiBond backing. Aluminimum mounted prints stop the UV-radiation like an acrylic print, but weigh less. This wall art technique is also known as face mounting.

Wall art ideas & personalised wall art

Your brightest wall art ideas are only a few clicks away of becoming a true. Combining all these specialised printing techniques of wall art, your own picture will become the central theme of a real masterpiece. The greatest artists in history like MichelangeloTurner or Van Gogh didn't have half as many design resources as you can have with myphotobook's design tools. Find a suitable printing format for your photos and hang them up in the kitchen, living-room, bathroom or bedroom. Decorate the walls of your house with impressive pictures of all family members or reprint old pictures in a bigger size. Stunning natural landscapes taken during an enjoyable holiday trip, funny portraits with meaningful details or your wedding's greatest pics will take over the central spots of your walls. The endless possibilities of creating your own personalised wall art on your computer allows you to make unusual gifts for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and birthdays.