Two-colour Mug

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  • Dishwasher suitable
  • Maximum capacity: 300 ml
  • 5 year cup guarantee
  • Assortment: Left/ right handed
  • Available in many different colours

Two-colour Mug

The morning makes the day! The two-colour mug brings a good mood and wonderful moments to every grey and dreary morning. This way, even morning grouches start the day with optimism! Designed with your most beautiful photos and terrific backgrounds on the outside, and one of six cheerfully-colourful colours inside and on the handle. Simply upload photos, create it online with the simple design tool and quickly order - and so, your colourful mug is directly on its way to your kitchen cupboard!

Main features of our two-colour photo mugs:

  • Size: Maximum capacity: 300 ml
  • Colour: Yellow, Bright Green, Bright Blue, Antique Pink, Red, Black, Dark Green, Bordeaux, Dark Blue, Lavender and Orange
  • Material: high-quality ceramic (outside white, inside coloured), Orca coating providing a pure white and highest colour brilliance
  • Panorama option: your photo displayed (almost) around the entire photo mug (available at an additional price)
  • Production technique: sublimation printing
  • Hint: 5 year guarantee
  • Specifications: dishwasher-suitable, handwash recommended for longer picture durabilitye

Printing data for your photo mug:

Photo Mug portrait format:

  • Printed area: 7,5 x 5,8 cm
  • Resolution: 886 x 685 pixels(preferred), 295 x 228 pixels(minimum)

Photo Mug landscape format:

  • Printed area: 9,8 x 7,5 cm
  • Resolution: 1157 x 886 pixels(preferred), 386 x 295 pixels(minimum)>

Photo Mug panorama format:

  • Printed area: 19,0 x 9,5 cm
  • Resolution: 2244 x 1122 pixels(preferred), 748 x 374 pixels(minimum)
Two-colour MugPrices
Photo Mug black
Photo Mug orange
Photo Mug dark green
Photo Mug yellow
Photo Mug bordeaux
Photo Mug lavender
Photo Mug green
Photo Mug light blue
Photo Mug red
Photo Mug antique pink - Sold out
Photo Mug dark blue
Photo Mug red panorama
Photo Mug lavender panorama
Photo Mug yellow panorama
Photo Mug black panorama
Photo Mug antique pink panorama - Sold out
Photo Mug dark green panorama
Photo Mug bordeaux panorama
Photo Mug orange panorama
Photo Mug light blue panorama
Photo Mug dark blue panorama
Photo Mug green panorama
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Personalised coloured mugs: the two-colour mug

As opposed to the classical photo mug, personalised coloured mugs allow you to print an additional colour on the mug handle and the inside. Therefore, this colourful mug has three different spaces that can be personalised and matched: the front picture, the handle and the inside. From the brightest hues to the milder tones, personalised coloured mugs cheer up your kitchen and connect you with positive thoughts. Since colours affect our mood, the way they are combined will create a different atmosphere. In the following section, we explain how to match colours in a personalised coloured mug.

Multicolour & colourful mugs

In the traditional chromatic wheelhues are classified as complementary and analogous. Complementary pairs (blue & yellow, red & cyan and green & magenta) tend to clash, whereas analogous ones - which are nearer each other in the wheel - create harmony and a serene impression. For this reason, when selecting a picture for your personalised colour mugs, it is better to look for analogous colour schemes. This will make your colourful photo mug more pleasing to the eye. Besides this phenomenon becomes more obvious if you are adding text to the mug.

Customisable features in personalised coloured mugs

Appart from selecting the colour combination for the photo mug, further features are offered to complete a bespoke article. For example, the handle can be ordered for a right or left handed person. Regarding the pictures, they can be printed as portrait or landscape oriented images. Furthermore, the landscape version can be upgraded to a panoramic photo mug, in which the photo is extended so that it covers up the complete mug surface. Most importantly, the entire design of these coloured mugs can be personalised with phrases and personal images.

Colour your own mug online

Digital mug design is really easy and actually more successful than colouring a mug with paint or markers. An intuitive online mug maker creates a virtual image of the mug and displays all changes immediately. So for example, you can change the colour in the inside and see if it goes well with the image at the front. Virtual simulation is a powerful tool to project new ideas, try them out, undo changes and perform any necessary adjustments and view them in real time. Thus, you can colour your own mug online and draw a shape with a clipart, insert frames, switch to different background colour or add text with attractive fonts. The colour palette to design your own mug includes the following tones:

  • green
  • blue
  • yellow
  • black
  • orange
  • bordeaux
  • dark blue
  • dark green
  • red
  • lavender
  • antique pink

Photo mug printing

In personalised coloured mugs and all other photo mugs, the images are transferred onto the ceramic surface using dye-sublimation and food-safe inks. Sublimation printing is known for producing vivid natural colours and durable images. To make these images last, it is generally recommended to wash your coloured photo mugs by hand. In the the dish-washer, they can be washed for maximum 2000 times.

Multicolour mugs are printed with a high-white Orca coating. Once the images are printed on the mug, the coating creates a greater background contrast and it increases the colour depth. In this way, the pictures will be displayed with rich and vibrant colours. Finally, one of the basic requirements for printing a successful photo mug is providing sufficient image resolution. Any printed pictures should be at least 295 x 228 pixels for mugs with a portrait layout, 386 x 295 pixels for landscape-oriented photos and 748 x 374 pixels for a big panoramic photo mug.

Sublimation printed mugs are used to make a wide range of personalised drinkware articles. Using myphotobook's online mug maker you can print:

  • metallic sublimation mugs
  • photo mugs (standard)
  • panoramic photo mugs
  • heat changing magic mugs (with a thermochromic effect)
  • personalised travel mug

Remember that all photo mug printing articles have a 5-year guarantee.

Design your own mug

Designing your own mug and transferring personal images onto personalised photo gifts is now easier than ever. Smartphones, iPhones and tablets with integrated cameras have made it possible to take a picture at any location, upload it using an Internet connection or save it locally. Designing is just a further step that can be easily performed on any of these electronic devices.

To design your own mug with a few clicks, you can upload a whole set of pictures, try out different ones and finally pick the ones that look best. In most cases, one picture and a simple phrase , like the classical "Mr. & Mrs." will be enough to make a colourful mug. With bigger formats - such as the XXL panoramic mug, it is possible to insert a group of images and organise them in an original photo collage.

Photo gifts for a colourful life

When a mug or any other customisable item is printed with a real and personal picture, it becomes automatically recognisable. Genuine images have a special and refreshing energy that can be used for artistic purposes. When it comes to preparing a gift, you can use the power of your fondest memories and best pictures to create beautiful photo gifts. Besides, you can also add personalised texts to suit the occassion or include an inspirational phrase.

Personalised photo mugs are the ideal present for a best friend or work colleague. Every time you share the latest news with a cup of coffee, you will be drinking out of a unique personal item. Likewise, you can design a personalised coloured mug as a nice photo gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend,  your parents, grandparents, children, relatives and friends. With just one nice image, you will be able to make presents for Christmas, Valentine's Day, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, hen parties or Secret Santa. If one of these important celebrations are coming up, make some more copies of your photo gift and you will have something to offer to everyone. This will also help you save money, since with bulk orders the delivery fee is only charged for one article.