Travel Mug

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  • Size: maximum capacity 350 ml
  • Specifications: handwash recommended
  • Colour: inside and lid black, outter surface transparent

Travel Mug

Coffee to go! Those who are always on the go don't have to miss out on their favourite tea or coffee. With the self-designed travel mug, your hot drink is not only particularly tasty, but you also have your favourite photo with you wherever you go. That and your own choice of photos and backgrounds encircling the entire mug. An all-round good show!

Tip: In this case your photos won't be directly printed on the travel mug, but on a separate layer which is inserted. In this way, you'll be able to change the picture and add your new favourite ones.

Main features of our travel mug:

  • Size: Maximum capacity of 350 ml
  • Material: synthetic compound
  • Printed area: 10.5 x 7.0 cm (4.1 x 2.7")
  • Resolution requirements: 2067 x 1378 pixels (preferred) 1240 x 827 pixels (minimum)


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Travel Mug
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Your personalised travel mug for coffee or tea

A personalised travel mug keeps hot and cold liquids at an ideal temperature in a practical size travel mug, which you can bring with you on a trip, on your way to work or on excursions. Thanks to the thermal insulation properties of a travel cupdrinks can be kept hot for approximately 2 to 3 hours. The opening at the top of the travel mug prevents the contents from spilling or leaking and makes it possible to consume them during transportation.

Most importantly, a personalised travel mug offers the possibility to add pictures, custom shapes and inspirational phrases. Indeed, we all have at least one favourite photo, which we feel identified with or that brings back nice memories. Therefore, on a long car journey or a on short break from work, you will be able to enjoy your favourite hot drink (coffee, tea, hot chocolate) and feel connected with pleasant images and feelings of happiness. Instead of ordering some coffee to go in a random single-use paper coffee cup (which you never know what can taste like), a personalised coffee mug can be carried in your bag, allowing you to drink the contents slowly and relax.

During the summer season, once the weather has got hotter, personalised travel mugs are a practical way to keep drinks cold, including juices, iced tea, shakes, smoothies and homemade detox drinks. Thus, personalised travel mugs are a suitable gift idea for pure workaholics, travel lovers, busy parents, fitness freaks, digital nomads, modern pilgrims, commuters, couchsurfers, early birds, hard working teachers, students and business people.

Tea & coffee personalized travel mugs with photos

In this travel mug, your photos will be printed onto a separate sheet, which is then slipped into the outside of the mug. As the surface is transparent, the picture - which covers up the actual cup horizontally - remains visible from the outside.

Regarding the photos you use to design a travel mug, it is recommendable  to do insert only one, although many like to add a group of images in the form of a funky photo collage. Using pictures that carry a special meaning will make you enjoy a steamy hot drink in the morning with an inspiring or revitalising image. Portraits of your baby & children, natural landscapes or an Instagram caption of your holiday on the French Riviera make it easier to survive a stressful traffic jam.

Design your photo travel mug

The main elements that can be used to design your own mug are photos, texts and cliparts. These can be further completed and decorated with a contrasting background and frames. Inside myphotobook's photo mug maker, you can edit the picture once more, so as to adjust the contrast & brightness or apply a graphic filter. Appart from photo travel mugs, on myphotobook's online shop you will be able to design:

  • photo mugs (standard model),
  • panorama photo mugs,
  • magic heat changing mugs,
  • personalised coloured photo mugs (with two different colours),
  • metal coated photo mugs.

A personalised travel mug makes your trip more enjoyable

Another interesting option to design a travel mug with your own personal style is add inginspirational or funny quotes. As you can see, these work particularly well in the morning. Here are some examples:

  • "I woke up like this."
  • “I'd rather take coffee than compliments just now.”
  • "There's a chance this is wine."
  • "Life is good."
  • "Queen of everything."
  • "Do what you love."
  • “Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.”

Some other epic phrases that belong to the DIY mug repertory are the classical "Keep calm and..." or the unicorn travel mug.

Photo gifts & personalised travel gifts

Whether at work or in social meetings, these personalised photo mugs build a part of your personal image: photo gifts help you define your own style and show a part of your world vision. Personalised travel gifts are smart, portable and suitable for a variety of different occasions. Bring your travel mug with you on the train, on your bike or to a picknick!