Tankard with photo

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  • Dishwasher-suitable, but for extended image retention we recommend hand washing
  • Material: ceramic
  • Maximum capacity: 0.5 L
  • Specifications: tin lid available at an additional charge

Tankard with photo

The proper thirst quencher! Whether with friends from the sports club, at the local bar, or at home with your Sunday roast – beer tastes particularly good out of a tankard with your own photos. That sounds refreshing! If you want to do it the right way, the tankard comes with an optional tin cover. By the way, by selecting the panorama function in the design editor, you can create an image with a width of 17.5 cm on the tankard, featuring your photos, texts, and for example, a mountain-themed background. We say: Bottoms up! And cheers!

Main features of our tankards with photo:

  • Maximum capacity: 500 ml
  • Glass size: 17 x 13 cm (6.7 x 5.1")
  • Material: high-quality, white ceramic
  • Production technique: transfer printing
  • Specifications: dishwasher-suitable

Printing data for your beer tankard with photo:

    Vertical picture:

  • Printed area: 5.4 x 7.0 cm (2.1 x 2.7")
  • Resolution: 638 x 827 pixels (preferred), 213 x 276 pixels (minimum)

    Photo in landscape format:

  • Printed area: 9.1 x 7.0 cm (3.5 x 2.7")
  • Resolution: 1075 x 827 pixels (preferred), 358 x 276 pixels (minimum)

    "Photo in panoramic format:"

  • Printed area: Printed area: 7.0 x 17.0 cm ( 2.7 x 6.7")
  • Resolution: 827 x 2008 pixels (preferred), 276 x 669 pixels (minimum)
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Tankard with photo
Tankard with photo panorama
Tankard with photo with tin cap
Tankard with photo panorama with tin cap
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A personalised tankard is the gift for beer lovers

This personalised tankard is a large drinking mug in the shape of a typical German stein mug. Filled to the top and with some frothy foam on the outside, a personalised tankard lets you enjoy the genuine taste of beer. It is therefore a popular gift idea for beer lovers, homebrewers and friends preparing for the next Oktoberfest, Sheffield's Half Pint Marathon or a chunder mile.

The magic of a beer tankard comes from its origin in the Middle Age, when it was a cult object surrounded by myths and legends. During the Black Plague (1346–1353) tankards were covered up with a lid to prevent diseases from affecting the beer. In the same way, myphotobook's personalised tankard can be ordered with an additional lid, to obtain a truly epic look.

Enjoy your beer in a personalised tankard

In a personalised beer tankard, there is space at the front for printing personal images and cheeky phrases.  With photo transfer technique, the pictures will be reproduced on the ceramic body with vivid colours. Depending on the angle from which the picture was taken, you can choose to print it on the tankard with a vertical or horizontal layout. To preserve the photo transfer, it is strictly recommended to wash this personalised tankard by hand.

Beer stein mugs & tankards are the real thing

The beer stein mug is the traditional vessel for drinking beer in Bavaria (southern Germany) and Austria. Compared to the classical pint glass which we know in the United Kingdom, a beer stein consists of a solid XXL mug or tankard made of ceramic or metal. The word "stein" actually means "stone" in German. After someone gives a toast - as a part of the drinking ritual -  you are supposed to say "Prost" - which means "Cheers" while you chink tankards. If you will be visiting some beer festival with your beer stein mug, remember to get your outfit ready: it's the dirndl dress for the ladies and leather pants for the men.

Design your own beer stein tankard

If you like partying and have found an entertaining group of friends, it's time to design your own beer stein tankard. With a nice selfie from last weekend's party and some of your favourite sayings, you will be able to produce a funny gift. In your next visit to an Irish pub or brewery, your personalised tankards will be the real highlight of the evening.

With myphotobook's editor, it only takes a few minutes to design your beer tankard. Open the design tool on your computer, smartphone or tablet and upload your best pictures. A huge gallery of cliparts, backgrounds, graphic filters, fonts and frames help you perfection the design. Finally, check the result in preview mode. If you're happy with it, add it to the shopping bag.

Make a gift of a personalised tankard

Because of their solid and impressive look, personalised tankards are great for dedicating to some of your dearest friends and relatives. As a personalised gift for birthdays, weddings, christeningsFather's Day or Christmas, they create a nice nostalgic look. Furthermore, in many sport clubs, associations and families, creating a personalised tankard with their own crest has become a long lasting tradition.

Create a beer gift set

With a funky beer stein mug and some other personalised gifts from myphotobook's online shop, you can create a genuine beer gift set. Complete your beer gift set with:

  • personalised wheat beer glasses
  • personalised pint glass
  • personalised whiskey glass

However, if you prefer sparkling wine you can decide to make classy personalised champagne flutes, enjoy a cup of coffee in original photo mugs or drink plain water in our personalised glasses.