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In your younger days as a kid, did you enjoy creating memory books, diaries, poetry collections or collections of experiences shared with friends? Now, these crafted albums are experiencing a comeback as scrapbook and by now have become a real trend among the craft hobbies — scrapbooking (also known as scrapping). Scrapbooking comes from the USA and is a huge trend there. There are already millions of handicraft enthusiasts scrapping in the States. “Dreams and memories you can touch” is the motto here. Today these crafted albums are known as scrapbooks or smash books and are being created by more and more DIY-lovers, in their own personal style, designed entirely by themselves. 

Scrapbook Sets & Accessories

Scrapbook Sets & Accessories

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Would you like to try something creative? In this article, you’ll find out everything about our new products — the boundlessly expandable scrapbook sets, which allow you to get started scrapbooking immediately. What is more, you’ll find out what a scrapbook is, how scrapbooking works, what craft materials you need and how you can best get started. Click through the most important topics to do with scrapbooking:

Scrapbooks / scrapbooking - what are they and what can I do with them?

But what is scrapbooking? Now, with scrapbooking your favourite memories in the form of photos are brought together, jazzed up and kept safe for the ages, together with craft supplies and decorations in a handicraft book (scrapbook), or, with myphotobook, in a photo book or a photo album. This way you can really experience pictures! It inspires new ideas and reminds you of things that would fit nicely inside: tickets, postcards, snapshots - it’s up to you. With your own little treasures, every scrapbook becomes a real one-of-a-kind. The perfect DIY-hobby for fans of creative design! We love it and myphotobook offers you scrapbooking starter sets, with which you can make your own scrapbooks quickly and easily. Further information about scrapping can be found on our site for scrapbooking ideas, which includes scrapbooking tips and scrapbooking examples.
Scrapbooking already began in the Mormon culture in the 1990’s. Originating in the USA, this religion attaches great importance to the appreciation of one’s family. The Mormon women gladly craft memory books with photos, texts and decorations.

Scrapbooking accessories - what do you need for making your first scrapbook?

Scrapbooking deco box

Certain scrapping materials can be found in the basic equipment of every scrapbooking-fan. First, you need a handicraft book, a photo album or a pre-printed photo book, like those offered by myphotobook. A ring binder suits fantastically because you can easily turn the pages and effectively stick things in. Further accessories include colourful scrapbooking paper, as well as insert pages. These can have various designs and patterns. Photos, other craft material and decorations for adorning, embellishing and personalising your own smash book are glued to the paper. We’ve summarised these scrapbooking decorations for you in a little list:
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Decorative materials for your scrapbook:
  • Colourful adhesive tape: Washi Tape, paper tape, masking tape
  • Pennant chains and charms
  • Stickers: E.g. Puffy stickers, 3D-stickers
  • Gold foil, silver foil
Many decorative materials for scrapping have their own name, and most of these come from America. In our scrapbooking mini glossary, you will find the most important terms made easy to understand.
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Scrapbook Set & Scrapbook Set Light

If you’ve only just discovered scrapbooking, then assorted craft sets — e.g. scrapbooking sets like those from myphotobook — are particularly interesting and often cheaper than buying all the accessories as individual elements. The creative scrapbook set and scrapbook light set work wonderfully as starter sets because they contain everything you need to be able to get started immediately. Diverse scrapbooking templates and decoration sets simplify the work for you. Here you can choose between our classic scrapbook set, including a scrapbooking album, scrapbooking paper, retro pictures and a decoration box, as well as the scrapbook light set, which contains a printed photo book with spiral binding, as well as a deco box.

Scrapbook Set

Scrapbook Set

Using the scrapbook set, everything is handmade. You receive a photo album in which you can insert scrapbooking paper. For the decoration of the pages, you’ll receive retro pictures, as well as a decoration box.
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Scrapbook Set Light

Scrapbook Set Light

If you already know of photo books and would like to try out something new, then the scrapbook light set is perfect for you! Here you create your photo book like always and receive stickers decorations.
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Scrapbooking Video

Start getting excited about what awaits you in our scrapbooking starter sets and check out the scrapping video, in which we show you all of the contents of our sets!

Scrapbooking deco box

The deco box, which comes in three different versions — each with a different theme for your scrapbook — contains more than just different kinds of stickers: Among other things, they contain craft card with sweet designs and sayings, or punched-out paper shapes. The entire kit contains a total of 350 single pieces. The decorations are very versatile and you receive everything all at once.

Scrapbooking Stickers

12 magical sticker sheets: from thick chipboard stickers, which are similar to die cut shapes, to stickers with transparent backgrounds and glitter, and small 3D puffy stickers; it’s all there. Designs like pacifiers, clouds, hearts, stars, animals.

Pennant chains

The 6 small pennant chains with triangular and pentagonal pieces can be easily stuck in, thanks to the included adhesive strips. Linked with a sweet cord, they are perfect for decorating the edges of your scrapbook.

Washi Tape

This paper masking tape for decorating your pages and sticking in your photos comes in three different variants: printed with colourful hearts or green dots, and as a transparent heart tape.

Large deco cards

These 20 larger paper cards (10 x 10 cm) with animal and cloud designs, short sayings, and various playful patterns (or placeholders for baby’s first words) are super for annotating pages and sticking things in.

Small deco cards

12 of the 20 small decoration cards (5 x 5 cm) have numbers counting the first months of your baby’s life, great for documenting their first year in a very special way. The other cards are patterned with clouds, baby feet and star shapes.

Scrapbooking Stickers

12 playful sticker sheets: From thick chipboard stickers, similar to die cut shapes, to stickers with transparent backgrounds and gold foil, and also small 3D puffy stickers; it’s all there. Designs like arrows, ice cream, funny sayings.

Pennant Chains

The 6 small pennant chains in black, green, blue and pink can be easily stuck in, thanks to the included adhesive strips. Linked with a sweet cord, these have triangular and pentagonal pieces and are perfectly suited to the edges of your scrapbook.

Washi Tape

The paper masking tape for decorating your scrapbook pages and sticking in your photos comes in three different styles: tapes printed with colourful or golden dots, and also as a transparent heart tape.

Large Deco Cards

These 20 larger paper cards (10 x 10 cm) with short sayings and various playful patterns like stripes, dots, zigzags, or hearts with golden foil are super for annotating your pages and sticking everything in.

Small Deco Cards

You can write on and paste in these 20 small decoration cards (5 x 5 cm), with shapes like rainbows, clouds, cameras, ice cream, stripes, triangles and dotted or geometric patterns with golden foil helping you create terrific scrapbooks.

Scrapbooking Stickers

12 playful sticker sheets: From thick chipboard stickers, which are similar to die cut shapes, to stickers with transparent backgrounds, that, for example, look like postage stamps or footprints, to small 3D puffy stickers; it’s all there.

Pennant Chains

The 6 small pennant chains with triangular and pentagonal pieces (decorated with stripes or anchors) can be easily stuck in, thanks to the included adhesive strips. Connected with a cord, they are well-suited to lining your scrapbook edges.

Washi Tape

This paper masking tape for decorating your pages and sticking in your photos comes in three different varieties: yellow printed with silver dots, with stripes or as a transparent heart tape.

Large Deco Cards

20 larger paper cards (10 x 10 cm) with short sayings and various playful shapes like aeroplanes, zigzags or stripes with golden foil are fantastic for annotating the pages and sticking everything in.

Small Deco Cards

These 20 small decoration cards (5 x 5 cm) for writing on and pasting in have shapes like anchors, ships, cameras, droplets, stripes and silver foil, as well as space for short notes, letting anyone create a travel diary.

  • Baby
  • Trend
  • Travel

You will find everything for a perfectly decorated baby scrapbook in our ‘Baby’ scrapbooking deco box. The 273 scrapbooking elements inside allow for wonderful decoration of your baby album. The pastel tone is neutral enough that you can personally design your scrapbook no matter whether it’s for a boy or a girl. The sweet designs like butterflies and stars, the ornaments with silver foil and glitter, and also the baby sayings make the baby scrapbook set particularly charming.

The trend scrapbooking deco box holds a total of 350 pieces and is universally designed to suit any scrapbook. With a wide range of various pennant chains, stickers, deco cards and Washi Tapes (some of which are decorated with gold foil), there will be no limits to your creativity. Popular patterns such as triangles, zigzags, diamonds and stripes, as well as unicorns, cactuses, pineapples, feathers and ice cream are fantastic for jazzing up the look of any scrapbook.

Wanderlust guaranteed! Create your own scrapbook with the best holiday memories. With the 355 pieces of the travel scrapbooking deco box, you can create a terrifically creative travel journal. Deco cards, Washi Tapes, pennant chains and more than 300 varied stickers let that lovely summer feeling come back in an instant. The stickers come in red, green and blue, as well as some decorated with silver foil and great patterns like the sun, world maps, fish, suitcases and ships.

Scrapbooking guide: How do I start?

A scrapbook comes to life when it looks imperfect and self-made. They’re made with love and creativity — not with strict instructions. So have no fear and trust yourself to get started straight away! If you’re still asking yourself the question, “How does scrapbooking work?”, then we’ve pulled together the most important steps for you. You don’t have to learn scrapping first — simply get going!
P.S. You can also scrap together a birthday card or a calendar.

1. Choose a scrapbook set and theme

When you order a set with myphotobook, first simply decide on what variety you’d like: a classic scrapbook set or a scrapbook light set. Then choose a certain theme for your scrapbook, so that the design, patterns and the colours match. You can vary the theme of the scrapbook to any occasion, for example; baby scrapbook, a scrapbook as a present or travel scrapbooks.

2. Scrapbook theme templates: Baby, Travel, Trend

After you’ve decided on a certain theme, you can choose and order the scrapbook template that is best suited to your scrapbook idea. Our myphotobook scrapbooking sets are available in three theme variants: Baby, Travel and Trend. This way you can directly buy all of the scrapbooking accessories you need at once. Once you’ve decided on a set — the classic scrapbook set or the scrapbook light set — you can select your favourite theme and design.

Scrapbook Set Baby

Scrapbook Set Baby

Scrapbook Set trend

Scrapbook Set Trend

Scrapbook Set Travel

Scrapbook Set Travel

3. Collect scrapbooking accessories and materials

When you’ve determined the theme of your scrapbook you can start to collect material/gather up the bits and pieces suitable for completing your scrapbook. For example, flight tickets are terrific for sticking into your travel scrapbook.
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4. Select and print scrapbook photos

So that your book of memories is attractive and coherent, the photos which want to place inside should be well sorted. There are different ways of creating your scrapbook: You can already have the photos printed in a photo book or printed as retro prints.
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5. Create scrapbook: Stick in decorations

You can stick your most beautiful photos in the book with colourful Washi Tape and embellish every page with stickers, stamped-out paper shapes or glitter foil. 
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6. Design your scrapbook cover

At the end you can place a title like “Sounds of the sea 2016 - our days at Brighton” on the cover of your scrapbook and, for example, decorate it with flat mussel shells.
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Scrapbooking - Terms to do with the scrapbook hobby explained simply

Scrapbooking has nowadays become its own industry. Especially in America, the scrapbook shops are booming, with new scrapbooking trends and scrapbooking blogs popping up all the time. There is even a special terminology used among scrapbookers. With this mini-glossary, we’ll explain a few important terms.

Scrapbooking - Terms

Scrapbooking - for what occasion and for whom?

A scrapbook photo album can also be crafted for various occasions. Some might like to simply keep their loveliest memories safe forever, perhaps in a travel diary. Others create them for the birth of their child. Anyone on the search for handmade present ideas will love to give these because they are ideal for personalising as unique presents! The best girlfriend will surely appreciate such a lovingly decorated, individually-crafted photo book. The funniest moments of your friendship gathered together will make for a hilarious photo gift. Scrapbooks are also perfectly suited as quirky experience gifts — you can craft up a storm with a friend and the result will reflect your shared experiences. Scrapbooks are also terrific, personalised presents for your parents or children— surprise them!

Fotogeschenk-Idee: Scrapbook

Scrapbooking - Where can you buy scrapbooks?

These days scrapbooking is so well-established that even in the United Kingdom there is a huge range of scrapbooking shops and scrapbook online stores. This way you can get some wonderful scrapbook ideas from one and go to the other to pick up your scrapbook. You can also buy your scrapbook album with myphotobook (including scrapbooking templates and accessories like scrapbooking paper).