Scrapbook Set

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  • Contents: Scrapbooking Album + Scrapbooking Paper + Scrapbooking Deco Box + 22 Retro Pictures
  • Available in three great designs: Baby, Travel and Trend
  • Up to 355 decorative elements: more info here
  • Exterior dimensions of the Scrapbooking album: 30 x 30 cm

Scrapbook Set

You're creative and really like to craft? The Scrapbook Set allows you to design your individual photo album with pictures and decoration (such as stickers) all by yourself. First, you simply choose one of the three theme designs - Baby, Travel or Trend. Then you only need to create your favourite photos in the format of Retro Pictures. To suit your chosen design, you will receive a complete scrapbooking set, which consists of a scrapbooking album, your 22 Retro Picture prints, ten sheets of scrapbooking paper and a scrapbooking decoration box. You can then take your time to stick in your photos and individualize everything with many stickers, Washi Tape and cards.

Small tip: Thanks to the spiral binding, you can not only extend the scrapbooking album with additional scrapbooking paper but also easily stick in tickets, flight stubs or the first lock of your child's hair.

All the details for your Scrapbook Set:

Scrapbooking Album:
  • Exterior dimensions of the album: 30 x 30 cm
  • Dimensions of the front viewing panel: 7 x 7 cm (perfectly suited for your Retro Picture prints)
  • Material: 150 g/m² art paper + 1500 g/m² corrugated Greyboard card
  • Extras: includes three ring binding inserts, a metal insert on the back of the folder for writing on and a loop for closing the album
Scrapbooking Paper:
  • Format: 25.2 x 28cm
  • Page volume: Contains 10 scrapbook sheets in a set; in case you need further inner pages you can find these here.
  • Material: 300 g/m² paper, printed on both sides (design on the front, identical on the other side of the insert page)
  • Hint: Insert pages pre-punched and tear-proofed thanks to adhesive hole supports.
Scrapbooking Deco Box:
  • Format: 31 x 25 x 2.5 cm
  • Material: 157g/m² art paper + 1500 g/m² Greyboard card
  • Content: 20 cards 10 x 10 cm, 20 cards 5 x 5 cm, 6 garlands, 3 rolls Washi Tape and many different stickers
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Scrapbook - your personal book of memories

How does scrapbooking work?

Scrapbooks are the new DIY memory books. They come from the USA and are becoming more and more popular in the United Kingdom. But how does scrapbooking work? Well, with scrapbooking, ‘scrapping’ or ‘smashbooking, photos and other small snippets of memories are stuck into a scrapbook album, along with a diverse mix of stickers and embellishments. So arises a completely individual scrapbook full of your precious memories. This creative, crafty album can be gifted to anyone with whom you share memories, or also created for yourself. Thanks to the the various scrapbooking templates, virtually all of your scrapbook ideas can be introduced.

Scrapbook set - get crafting quickly and easily!

For all of those who would simply like to get started immediately and not have to hunt down all the necessary decorative materials, there is the myphotobook all-in-one scrapbook set. This includes everything you need to craft your own, completely-personalised scrapbooking book: a scrapbook album, scrapbook paper, retro pictures that you have printed with your own photos, and a deco box full of wonderfully pretty stickers, Washi Tapes, pennant chains and scrapbooking cards. You receive all of this in one package and can start with the scrapbook crafting immediately at home. Our scrapbook set is available in three different designs with which you can implement various scrapbook ideas and themes: baby, travel, and trend. But we’ll come to that later.

To your own scrapbook in just a few steps

Order Scrapbook set

Buying a scrapbook: What do I get in my myphotobook scrapbook set?

In the scrapbook set from myphotobook you receive all the scrapbook accessories you need for a fantastic price — and all in one packet.

Scrapbook Set
From £17.99 From £26.99 incl. VAT, plus shipping

Everything that is available in the scrapbook set can also be ordered as single elements. That means that you can always expand your scrapbook whenever you want.

Scrapbooking Album

Scrapbooking Album

The simple scrapbook forms the basis of your scrapbook album. It has a sturdy cover and on the front of this you can insert a square, personal picture. At first sight it looks similar to a photo album, but it instead has a ring binding into which your scrapbook insert pages are inserted. With this scrapbook binding your memories are given the best possible protection. Every scrapbook set comes with an album but you can also order this separately as an individual accessory and craft even more.
From £9.99 incl. VAT, plus shipping
Scrapbooking Deco Box

Scrapbooking Deco Box

The most creative, gorgeous element out of our entire offering is our deco box. Depending on the design, it contains up to 355 single parts, with which your can individually embellish the pages of your scrapbook. These include six different pennant chains, three colourful Washi Tapes (paper masking tapes), 20 small cards (5x5cm) and more than 150 scrapbook stickers in a cornucopia of different styles. Even these boxes can be bought separately.
From £10.99 incl. VAT, plus shipping

Retro Prints

Retro Prints

In addition, our scrapbook sets include 22 retro pictures which are created and ordered online with your personal photos. In the trendy retro look, these lend your scrapbook album a beautiful vintage charm. They are sized 8.8 x 10.4 cm, glossy on the front and matt on the back, meaning they can be easily stuck in. For further memories, you can also order these insets of 11, 22 or 33.
From £2.99 incl. VAT, plus shipping
Scrapbooking Papier

Scrapbooking Paper

The inside pages of your scrapbook are nothing less than special scrapbook pattern paper. They are pre-punched, colourful pages that you can decorate with photos and little embellishments, before adding them into your album. The holes are strengthened so that the single pages don’t get ripped out, even as the photo album scrapbook gets older. Depending on the particular design, they are available in various patterns and colours. In each set, you receive 10 pages which are printed on both sides. These ten packs can also be ordered as single elements, making it easier to craft cheap scrapbooks.
From £3.49 incl. VAT, plus shipping

Photo Prints

Those who would like to stick more pictures in their scrapbook can also mix up their retro pictures with standard photo prints. They are available in various formats and also in your choice of matt or glossy finish. You can choose from formats ranging from 9 x 13 cm, all the way up to 50 x 75 cm. Even better: We guarantee that these will stay lightfast for 70 years.

Further scrapbook sets: The Light Version

Next to our classic DIY scrapbook set, we at myphotobook also offer the scrapbook set light. It consists of a pre-printed photo book, as well as a deco box. The photo book is created by you, either online or with the myphotobook software, using your own photos (which are printed by myphotobook and sent to you at home). Then you use the deco box to decorate it with various Washi Tapes, stickers, garlands and cards. It’s perfect for those who have no desire to create an entire scrapbook themselves or if you would like to try out something new with photo books.

Scrapbook accessories: Our design templates

Scrapbook Baby

Scrapbook Baby

With our first design theme you can design a beloved baby scrapbook album — no matter whether it’s for the birth of your own little darling, or as a present for the proud, new mother. The scrapbook set baby comes in sweet, pastel tones. Bright green and peach colours ensure that the album comes out with a gender-neutral finish and only takes on a little-boy or little-girl style with your individual decoration. With sweet calendar month cards to stick in, as well as stickers, pennant chains and Washi Tape, you can wonderfully document the first months of baby’s life. Paper, cards and sticker designs such as dummies, hearts, stars and baby animals complete the theme.
Scrapbook Template Trend

Scrapbook Trend

The design theme trend is our all-rounder: With this you can implement virtually any scrapbook idea imaginable. The mint-green album and the deliberately-simple scrapbook paper can be personally jazzed up just as you like it. Diverse embellishments like Washi Tapes with gold foil, colourful stickers, paper pennant chains and funny deco cards ensure that your creativity will know no boundaries. Here you’ll find trendy designs such as ice cream cones, feathers, arrows, unicorns, music notes, cactuses, pineapples, hearts, rainbows or small speech bubbles to write on. In addition to this, you’ll also find little quotes on individual stickers and cards, along the lines of “Good times”, “Memories”, and “Life is sweet”.
Scrapbook template Travel

Scrapbook Travel

For a completely personalised travel diary and the collection of your most wonderful holiday memories, we present you the travel scrapbook kit. With a card cover embellished with red details, the album appears very light and natural. The single elements like stickers and pennant chains are sometimes decorated with silver foil and ensure for a bit of sparkle. The scrapbook paper can be beautified with cool travel designs, including, among many others, palm trees, flip-flops, cocktails, clouds, aeroplanes, balloons or world maps. “Let’s see the world”, or, “Hello sun” — the little sayings on the various deco elements are perfectly suited to the travel theme.

Scrapbook: What is one and where do I find the best scrapbook ideas?

For those who’d like to know the whole back-story of scrapbooking, are perhaps on the hunt for guidelines, or simply don’t know where to start, we’ve collected together some information about scrapbooking — perfect for all scrapbooking beginners! Those who have already fallen in love with this new DIY hobby will, in addition, definitely enjoy our creative scrapbook ideas and tips.

Scrapbooking: What is it and how does it work?

How do I create a scrapbook?