Scrapbook Set Light

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  • Contents: Quick Photo Book Spiral Binding A4 Landscape + Scrapbooking Deco Box
  • Available in three great designs: Baby, Travel and Trend
  • Up to 355 decorative elements: more info here
  • Photobook with 24-100 individually-customisable pages
  • Cover with a black Passepartout

Scrapbook Set Light

The Scrapbook Set Light unites the ease of a digitally-designed photo book and the charm of a self-crafted photo album. First, you will create your Spiral Binding A4 Landscape Photo Book with your favourite pictures. Then, while ordering, you can choose one of the three great scrapbooking decoration boxes with the themes Baby, Travel or Trend. It will then be sent to your home, together with your photo book. At home, you can decorate your photo book with stickers, cards, garlands and Washi Tapes.

And the best thing: The spiral binding allows you to stick little memory trinkets like flight stubs, concert tickets or your newborn's name band from the hospital in your photo book, so making it even more personal.

All the details for your Scrapbook Set Light:

Photo Book Spiral Binding Quick A4 Landscape:
  • Number of pages: 24 to 100 pages, freely customisable
  • Format: A4 landscape (circa 29.7 x 21 cm)
  • Cover and inner pages: features black passepartout card, matt inner pages
  • Binding: high-quality spiral binding
  • Production: premium digital print process
  • Resolution: 3030 x 2160 pixels (maximum), 859 x 613 pixels (minimum)
  • Print surface: 30.3 x 21.6 cm
  • Ordering: quick and easy design with the online designer or the free photo book software
Scrapbooking Deco Box:
  • Format: 31 x 25 x 2.5 cm
  • Material: 157g/m² art paper + 1500 g/m² Greyboard card
  • Contents: 20 cards 10x10cm, 20 cards 5x5cm, 6 garlands, 3 rolls Washi Tape and many different sticker varieties
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Scrapbooking: Memories you can touch

Scrapbooking is where crafting and memories meet: Little mementos like travel tickets, flyers, stickers and other deco materials are stuck into a book — the scrapbook album — and accompanied with quotes or illustrations. And then you’ve created memories you can touch, similar to a photo book. And exactly here is where we come in with our scrapbook set light. Instead of a classic scrapbook cover with photos to stick in, here you have a printed photo album and decorations. The scrapbook set light consists of a photo book which you, like normal, can design online, as well as a deco box with various scrapbook stickers, pennant chains and scrapbooking cards to beautify the photo book.

Scrapbook Set Light in only a few steps

Scrapbook Set Light in only a few steps

Scrapbook: What do I need?

Scrapbooking sets for beginners

The scrapbook set light is suitable for fresh scrapbooking fans, or for anyone who likes making photo books and would would like to try out something new. Here you’re not doing quite so much handcrafting and gluing as with a classic scrapbook. The photo book is first designed with our online designer or with our free software, printed out, and then sent to you at home, together with the scrapbooking deco box. With this scrapbook kit, along with everything that can be found in the accompanying deco box, your photo book is guaranteed to be beautifully decorated. A diverse selection of scrapbook stickers, Washi Tapes (colourful paper tapes), pennant chains and deco cards ensure that you can let loose creatively and decide how to make a scrapbook in your own way.

Scrapbook Set Light: What is included?

Scrapbook Photo Book

Photo Book Spiral Binding Quick A4 landscape

The scrapbook set light comes with a photo book featuring a high-quality spiral binding in the din A4 landscape format. It has a cover window into which you can insert your favourite picture, thus creating the title image of your new scrapbook album. Furthermore, the black cover is well-suited to being decorated with stickers or metallic-coloured pens. The rounded corners on the cover and in the inside pages ensures an especially playful appearance.
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Scrapbooking Deco Box

Scrapbooking Deco Box

The scrapbook set light also contains a deco box to help you decorate your photo book. This scrapbox is filled with purely enchanting scrapbooking accessories: three various Washi Tapes, 20 small deco cards, 20 large scrapbooking cards, six colourful paper pennant chains and more than 150 stickers in a diverse range of styles. The scrapbook stickers come in the styles glossy, matt and metallic, in addition to puffy stickers and chipboard stickers. The box comes in three different designs, which we’ll talk about shortly.
From £10.99 incl. VAT, plus shipping

Scrapbook templates: Various themes and designs with myphotobook

Naturally, every scrapbook should be different. For this reason, we offer various scrapbook templates for baby albums, a travel diary or a completely classical scrapbook of memories. Our deco boxes are thus also available in three various styles.

Scrapbook Set Baby

Scrapbook Deco Box Baby

The scrapbook deco box for the theme baby includes 273 single elements — all in pastel green, peach, yellow and turquoise tones. The set is thus gender neutral and well-suited for all baby albums. Including six sweet pennant chains with silver foil, three Washi taps with polka dots and hearts, as well as more than 170 different stickers with playful designs like dummies, little stars, balloons, baby ducks, butterflies, baby feet and hearts, you will find it simple to craft a photo scrapbook that is baby pure. Aside from this, the scrapbook baby set includes 20 large scrapbooking cards with quotes like, “My only sunshine”, as well as 20 small cards, among which 12 are cards for every wonderful month with the little one.
Scrapbook Set Trend

Scrapbook Deco Box Trend

You can use our deco box trend for any scrapbook theme. It comes with a full count of 350 pieces — your creativity will know no boundaries! You’ll receive six paper pennant chains with gold foil, 20 large and 20 small deco cards with various quotes, patterns and designs, three rolls of Washi Tape (including gold versions), as well as 301 various stickers — puffy, chipboard, transparent, matt or glossy. Here you’ll also find quotes like, “Make a wish”, or, “Today is the perfect day to be happy”. The designs include, amongst other things, feathers, music notes, ice creams, arrows, unicorns, cactuses, pineapples, cameras, hearts, rainbows, and speech bubbles.
Scrapbook Set Travel

Scrapbook Deco Box Travel

The deco box travel is perfectly suited to a travel diary or a scrapbook documenting your last holiday. It contains 355 parts: among them, six pennant chains in vibrant and more neutral colours with silver foil, a set of 20 large deco cards with silver foil, a set of 20 small cards with, for example, speech bubbles you can write on, three rolls of silver Washi Tape and more than 300 various stickers. From puffy stickers to chipboard stickers, here you’ll find a huge variety of different adhesives. Stickers featuring zigzag patterns, small aeroplanes, stripes, little ships, anchors, suns, palm, trees, arrows and texts like, “I promise to stay wild”, and, “It’s time to travel” ensure for wanderlust.

Scrapbook sets and accessories: What else do you need?

With our scrapbook set light you can immediately get going and create your first scrapbook with no troubles. As true scrapbook lovers, we at myphotobook definitely have plenty to offer! Next to the scrapbook set light there’s also the classic scrapbook set, which allows you to craft even more and make everything by hand. This indeed includes a deco box, but instead of coming with an online-designed photo book, it instead includes a blank scrapbook album, including pattern paper and retro pictures which you can stick in yourself. Aside from this, all of the scrapbooking accessories can be ordered individually — including the album, scrapbook paper, retro pictures and additional photo prints, as well as the scrapbook deco boxes.

Scrapbook Set

Scrapbook Set: The Classic

The classic scrapbook set consists of a scrapbooking album, scrapbooking paper, and 22 retro pictures, as well as a deco box with many various stickers, sweet pennant chains, beautiful deco cards and colourful Washi Tapes. The pictures are then stuck onto the scrapbook paper, which is itself inserted into the ring book album. This scrapbook set version is perfect for all of those who love something hand-made!
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Scrapbooking Paper

Scrapbooking Paper

Scrapbook paper is what you use as the inside pages of a handmade scrapbook. These sheets are pre-punched so that they can be easily inserted into the scrapbooking album. Our scrapbook paper comes in three various designs: Baby, Travel and Trend. One pack contains 10 pages. Because they’re printed on both sides with various patterns, you can stick photos to both sides of the pages.
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Scrapbooking Album

Scrapbooking Album

Our scrapbook albums are the perfect books for creating a self-crafted photo scrapbook. It can be ordered in three varieties: Baby, Travel and Trend. It is fairly similar to a classic photo album as we know it from the olden days. You can even add a square photo to the front of the cover — choose your personal favourite! This way the scrapbook album is ensured to be completely individual.
From £9.99 incl. VAT, plus shipping

Retro Prints

Retro Prints

All those extra memories that don’t make it into your top 22 picture selection in the scrapbook set can additionally be ordered and printed as retro pictures. They are available in sets of 11, 22 or 33 pictures, at a size of 8.8 x 10.4cm. Their glossy front surface and matt backings mean they are well suited for being stuck into your scrapbook, where they’ll ensure a handsome vintage charm.
From £2.99 incl. VAT, plus shipping
Photo Prints

Photo Prints

For those who find that 22 retro pictures in the scrapbook sets is too few — and who’d like to mix the vintage look with the modern classic photo print style — can order additional photo prints. They are available in various formats, in your choice of matt or glossy.
From £0.13 incl. VAT, plus shipping

Scrapbook ideas for the new DIY hobby

Scrapbooks are completely individually and personally designed. In principle, you can stick in anything that comes to mind and looks good. We love scrapbooking and we share many creative scrapbooking ideas with you on our website, as well as explaining the history behind scrapbooking!

Scrapbooking: What is it and how does it work?

How do I create a scrapbook?