Scrapbooking Paper

The scrapbooking paper is available in 10 sets, respectively with five different patterns in three theme directions: Baby, Trend and Travel. Stars, chequered, or dot patterns display your favourite pictures in their best light. The front and back sides have the same pattern. The pre-punched pages, which also come adhered with hole supports, form the perfect bases for your scrapbook.

All the details for the Scrapbooking Paper:

- Format: 25,2 x 28 cm
- Page volume: Set contains 10 sheets
- Material: 300 g/m² paper, printed on both sides (design on the front, identical on the other side of the insert page)
- Hint: Insert pages pre-punched and tear-proofed thanks to adhesive hole supports.
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What is a scrapbook?

When filled with scrapbooking paper and decorative materials, a scrapbooking album becomes a real scrapbook. But what is a scrapbook and where do I learn how to make a scrapbook? Essentially, a scrapbook is a book of memories or a crafted album with photos, stickers and other deco materials stuck in. So with scrapbooking, you’re crafting memories. This relatively new DIY hobby comes from the USA and is now super popular over there. In America, there is a huge range of scrapbooking shops and blogs where you can buy fantastic scrapbook accessories. The trend is also becoming more and more popular in the United Kingdom. Since our motto is “Experience Pictures”, we love scrapbooking and offer everything to do with scrapbooking in our online shop. With our fully-equipped scrapbooking sets for beginners or the individually orderable accessories, truly anyone can learn to scrap!

Scrapbook Accessories: Scrapbook Paper & More.

Those who would like to create a scrapbook first need scrapbooking material. Very important among this is the scrapbooking pattern paper — your memories will be attached to this. These memories chiefly include photos, but other mementos like travel tickets and city maps can also be pasted in. In terms of photos, photo prints or our retro prints with a charming Polaroid look are well suited. Once they feature your photos, the scrapbook pages can be further decorated and embellished with short texts, stickers, Washi Tapes, deco cards and pennant chains made of paper. You’ll find all of the materials needed for scrapbook crafting in our scrapbooking deco box. The fully-crafted pages are then finally inserted into a photo album scrapbook. A scrapbooking book with a ring binding, like those from myphotobook, can always be expanded with extra scrapbooking paper. Our scrapbooking accessories have three design options to choose from: Baby, Travel and Trend.

Scrapbook set: Everything in one packet

At myphotobook, we offer the perfect scrapbook set for beginners. In our scrapbooking set you will find everything you need to be able to get going — and all of this at a fantastic price! It contains 10 pages of scrapbooking paper, a scrapbooking album, 22 retro pictures and a scrapbooking deco box with up to 355 pieces.
From £26.99 incl. VAT, plus shipping
Scrapbooking Set

Scrapbook paper: What is scrapbooking Paper?

Scrapbooking Paper
Scrapbooking paper is the basis of a scrapbook. It’s also often called scrapping paper. The simple name hides a range of strong, colourful, patterned paper onto which personal mementos are pasted, before being laid into a scrapbooking album. It is often available as a scrapbooking paper block or as single scrapbooking pages. Our scrapbooking paper sets consist of 10 scrapbooking cards, which are printed on both sides so that you can have double the joy with every page. The design is the same on both sides of each pattern paper page. The single scrapbooking pages are 25.2x 28cm large and are made of a strong paper, which is wonderfully suited to pasting things on to. Particularly handy is the fact that they’re pre-punched with holes and have hole supports pasted on. This way it’s not easy for the pages to be simply ripped out. Five different designs are found in each set. We find that it’s the ideal paper for scrapping!
From £3.49 incl. VAT, plus shipping

Buy scrapbooking paper with myphotobook

If you ask the question, “Where do I get my Scrapbooking Paper?”, our answer is: “With myphotobook!” With us, you get scrapbooking paper cheaply and in the best quality. Aside from this, here you have the possibility to order all of the scrapbook accessories at once in a set, so that you can get started with crafting immediately. If you would like to expand your already-finished scrapbook, you can order scrapbook paper individually. It’s infinitely expandable!

Scrapbooking paper: Design variants with myphotobook

Scrapbooking Paper Baby

Scrapbooking Paper Baby

Our baby design is perfectly suited to being used as a baby scrapbook album. Colours like bright green, white, turquoise, peach and beige, as well as polka dots, clouds, hearts, zigzags and star patterns ensure that your scrapbook comes out particularly sweet and can be designed to suit boys or girls.
Scrapbooking Paper Travel

Scrapbooking Paper Travel

If you want to hold your holidays memories tight in a scrapbook, the travel design is the best paper for you. The beautiful sky and world map designs make the pages into something truly dreamy. The zigzag and chequered patterns, as well as pages made from kraft paper are wonderful for pasting in your travel memories.
Scrapbooking Paper Trend

Scrapbooking Paper Trend

The trendy design of the scrapbook paper trend can be used for any theme at all. It’s designed to look very neutral and is so universally applicable for any scrapbook need. Polka dots and stripes prevail as the main patterns here. Pastel colours like bright-blue, bright-green and bright-red bring ensure it’s as trendy as can be.

Buy scrapbook accessories: Our offer

A huge range of various scrapbooking materials are available with our scrapbook offerings. First and foremost, we would like to introduce our complete scrapbooking sets, with which truly anyone can get started with scrapping. For this reason, our creative sets contain all of the accessories — you’ll find everything you need to get started crafting, and that with three various design themes.

Scrapbook Set

Scrapbook Set

Our comprehensive scrapbooking crafting set contains everything that you need to craft together your scrapbook yourself: a scrapbook album, 22 retro pictures featuring your photos, 10 pages of scrapbook paper and a deco box. First, you upload the photos online. The printed photos and deco are then pasted onto the scrapbook pages and inserted into the album.
From £26.99 incl. VAT, plus shipping
Scrapbook Set Light

Scrapbook Set Light

Our Light Version contains a pre-printed photo book and a deco box full of scrapbook stickers, Washi Tapes and further deco materials. The photo book is created with your own photos online and then these are pasted into your scrapbook at home, along with the deco. It’s perfect for anyone who might like to create their photo book, but want to try something different in doing so!
From £21.99 incl. VAT, plus shipping

Retro Prints

Retro Prints

  • in Polaroid design
  • available in 3 sets (11, 22, 33 pictures)
From £2.99 incl. VAT, plus shipping
Scrapbooking Deco Box

Scrapbooking Deco Box

  • available in 3 designs
  • contains up to 355 pieces
From £10.99 incl. VAT, plus shipping
Scrapbooking Album

Scrapbooking Album

  • available in 3 designs
  • perfect for storing scrapbook paper
From £9.99 incl. VAT, plus shipping

Scrapbook ideas: What can you use for scrapping?

In theory, you can scrap using anything which is possible to stick into a scrapbook. As soon as you have a theme idea for your photo scrapbook, anything is possible. Retro-chic, Christmas mood and great love — so much can be crafted into a scrapbook. Scrapbooking paper plays an important role here. No matter whether it’s scrapbooking paper in a vintage style or scrapbooking paper for Christmas — it lends your craft album a special look.

Scrapbooking: What is it and how does it work?

How do I make a scrapbook?