Scrapbooking Album

Our scrapbooking album forms the perfect basis for your self-created scrapbook pages and offers space for all of your favourite pictures. Here you can choose from one of the three themes: Baby, Travel or Trend. Thanks to the ring binding system of your book, it's no problem to expand it by adding in many other fantastic memories. This way, your scrapbooking album grows with you and your greatest adventures, step by step.

You can personalise the cover of the scrapbooking album with your favourite photo. A loop, with which you can close your scrapbook, ensures for that certain extra something. This way, it's guaranteed that no memories go missing!

Hint: You can buy the scrapbooking album either as a one-off or as a terrific scrapbook set.

All the details for the Scrapbooking Album:
  • Exterior dimensions of the album: 30 x 30 cm
  • Dimensions of the front viewing panel: 7 x 7 cm
  • Material: 150 g/m² art paper + 1500 g/m² corrugated Greyboard card
  • Extras: includes three ring binding inserts, a metal insert on the back of the folder for writing on and a loop for closing the album
  • Hint: The size of our retro pictures means that they are ideally suited to be used as a title picture for your photo album.
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Scrapbooking Album Baby
Scrapbooking Album Trend
Scrapbooking Album Travel
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Scrapbooking: Your new craft hobby

Scrapbooking has nowadays become a trendy craft hobby. DIY fans love to craft together their own creative, cheap scrapbooks full of snippets, in doing so creating a handmade scrapbook. Here you decorate special scrapbooking paper by pasting in photos, stickers and washi tape, and inserting these into a scrapbooking album. The resulting craft album can be kept as a memory for yourself or gift for a loved one. In order to get started with scrapping, one needs a scrapbook album, photos, scrapbooking paper and scrapbook deco material. With us you can buy everything to do with scrapbooks.

Scrapbooking accessories: The scrapbooking album from myphotobook

On our website we’ve turned an entire category into a scrapbooking shop and here we offer you all the scrapbooking accessories you need to get started immediately. We offer scrapbooking sets, which contain everything in a kit, as well as everything as individual items, so that you can always keep on expanding your scrapbook. The same goes for our scrapbook album, which has a large, practical ring binding.

Buying scrapbook albums: Individually or in a set

The scrapbook album can be ordered individually or in a set. In the scrapbooking set it’s delivered together with scrapbooking paper, retro pictures, and a deco box. With these sets you can immediately get crafting — the only thing you need is glue. Single orders are fantastically suited for when you still have stickers and paper left over from your scrapbook set, so that you can use these to decorate a second, individually-ordered scrapbook album. All of our scrapbook supplies are available in three different variants: Baby, Travel, and Trend.

Scrapbook Set

Scrapbooking Album + Retro Pictures + Scrapbooking Paper + Deco Box
From £26.99 incl. VAT, plus shipping
Scrapbook Set

The perfect scrapbooking book

The scrapbooking book features a fully personalised photo cover — it gives a first glimpse of your theme and your crafted memories. Our scrapbooking album provides the ideal canvas for your self-made scrapbook. This scrapbook ring book offers the optimal protection for your scrapped pages and can, thanks to the ring binding, always be expanded with individual scrapbook paper pages and filled with your fondest memories. Our photo scrapbook is 30 x 30 cm and the cover comes with a picture window into which you can insert your personal favourite photo. You can therefore personalise it just how you like it. The sweet loop for closing the scrapbooking book lends it a certain charm.
Scrapbooking Album

Scrapbooking: Which book is best suited to my idea?

The scrapbook album should suit your scrapbook idea and your theme. For this reason, we offer all of our scrapbook products in three various themes: baby scrapbook, travel scrapbook and scrapbook trend (designed in a neutral style). If you’re asking yourself which scrapbooking album is best suited for you, here we present the differences:

Scrapbooking Album

Scrapbooking Album Baby

The sweet photo album scrapbook for the theme ‘Baby’ can be used wonderfully as a baby album. It’s coloured in pastel tones like bright turquoise and peach, so that it can be used for a boy as well as for a girl. The cover is matt laminated and its closure loop is white.
Scrapbooking Album

Scrapbooking Album Travel

We recommend the scrapbooking book travel as the ideal accessory for creating a travel diary. With a kraft paper cover and red material attached to the pages, it has a very trendy DIY style. The featured wind-compass-rose on this album will suit your holiday or travel theme perfectly.
Scrapbooking Album

Scrapbooking Album Trend

The scrapbook book trend is our all rounder and so neutral that it suits to any theme. The pastel-green, matt-laminated cover is additionally refined with gold foil. The small triangles are fully in line with the trend of geometric designs found throughout.

Scrapbook photo album: How do I get started?

Our scrapbook materials are very well suited to scrapbook beginners. So if you have no idea where you should start, no worries: It’s very simple! We’ll explain exactly how you can create a terrific scrapbook with our scrapbooking album here:

  • First, consider which theme you would like to scrap with. Should it be a memory book from the adventures of your life, a travel diary from the last vacation or a baby album for your niece? When you’ve decided you can select a suitable design for your scrapbook set.
  • Choose the photos which you’d like to include in your scrapbook album and have them printed out. Our retro pictures are perfectly suited to this because of their cool Polaroid design. You can, naturally, also opt to use normal photo prints.
  • Then you need a scrapbooking album. Individualise the scrapbook cover with your favourite photo or a photo which best represents the content of your scrapbook — simply slide it in the opening in the middle.
  • Create your scrapbook pages! For this you first need the scrapbook paper, onto which you’ll stick the selected photos. You’re completely free to paste these in however you like: in chronological order, according to colour, or perhaps by the season — create your scrapbook pages however you like.
  • Decorate the pages with stickers, pennant chains, Washi Tapes and deco cards. All of this can be found in our scrapbooking deco boxes.

Tip: In order to skip or shorten steps 2 - 4, you can also take an online-designed, pre-printed photo book and embellish it with stickers and other decorations. For this we offer our scrapbook set light.

Scrapbook needs: What else can I buy with myphotobook?

As you’ve already read, a scrapbook doesn’t just consist of a photo album. In order to create a scrapbook yourself, you still need a few other things from the scrapbook world. With us you’ll find two different scrapbook kits, with which you can immediately get started. Our scrapbook set consists of a scrapbooking album, scrapbooking paper, retro pictures and a scrapbooking deco box. The scrapbook set light, on the other hand, consists of a pre-printed photo book and a deco box, so that you no longer need a scrapbook album.

Scrapbook Set

Scrapbook Set

From £26.99 incl. VAT, plus shipping
Order Scrapbook Set Light

Scrapbook Set Light

From £21.99 incl. VAT, plus shipping

Next to the scrapbook albums, we also offer individually orderable accessories like our scrapbooking deco boxes, scrapbooking paper and photos. The deco box consists of up to 350 pieces — among this a huge array of various stickers, self-adhesive pennant chains made of paper, large and small deco cards and three colourful Washi Tapes. If you order the scrapbooking paper, you’ll receive 10 strong patterned paper pages which are super for sticking in and writing on. You can order photos with us as normal photo prints, or as the so-called retro prints — photos in a terrific, trendy Polaroid design.

Retro Prints

Retro Prints

  • in Polaroid design
  • available in 3 large sets (11, 22, 33 pictures)
From £2.99 incl. VAT, plus shipping
Scrapbooking Deco Box

Scrapbooking Deco Box

  • available in three different designs
  • contains up to 355 pieces
From £10.99 incl. VAT, plus shipping
Scrapbooking Paper

Scrapbooking Paper

  • available in 3 designs
  • 10 pages
From £3.49 incl. VAT, plus shipping

Scrapbooking: What is it and how does it work?

How do I create a scrapbook?