Scrapbooking: What is that?

A scrapbook (also known as a smashbook) is nothing more and nothing less than a crafted album full of treasured memories. For example, in childhood we’ve probably all created handmade diaries or friendship books by pasting photos and stickers into notepads, and gaily decorating these with coloured pencils and short messages. Creating scrapbooks works on the same principle. Here we’ll explain what scrapbooking is and what you’ll need to get started. A scrapbook is essentially a creative, self-made and personally-decorated photo album. The scrapbooking hobby (called scrapping or smashbooking by some) comes from the USA where it has now become a massive DIY trend. You can choose to make a photo scrapbook for yourself or as a present. It’s ideally suited as a birthday present for a beloved girlfriend — here you can wonderfully craft a record of your loveliest shared adventures — and equally well-suited as a baby album to document the birth of your little darling. As well as photos and little embellishments, the special memories contained in ultrasound images, tickets, city maps or travel brochures can also easily be stuck into a scrap book. With myphotobook, you can buy scrapbook accessories and scrapbook kits. Apart from this, here you’ll also find background information about scrapbooking, as well as creative scrapbook ideas.

Scrapbook Sets

Scrapbook Sets

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Scrapbook accessories: What do I need?

We’ll start with the basic essential equipment every scrapbooking fan needs: It consists of glue, a scrapbook album, photos, and decorative materials, with which your self-made book of memories can be creatively decorated. For all of those who would like to immediately get started with scrapbooking, we offer fully-equipped scrapbook kits. They contain everything you could need to begin straight away, and, furthermore, are often cheaper than buying everything as single components.

Scrapbook Set and Scrapbook Set Light

All proper scrapbook sets contain a scrapbook album and decorative materials. Scrapbooking deco accessories largely consist of items such as colourful Washi Tapes (paper masking tapes), decorative cards and lots of scrapbook stickers. The latter come in many varieties: puffy, glitter, foil or even metallic stickers. You can also decorate using small pendant chains and decorative cards.

The binding (your scrapbook album) can come in the classic form of a photo album and insert pages — also known as scrapbook paper. Or perhaps in a modern, light version, it could be a pre-printed photo book which you’ve created online. In our shop, we offer both varieties as creative sets brimming with imagination.

Scrapbook Set

Scrapbook Set

Our scrapbook kits consist of a scrapbook album, scrapbook paper to be inserted into the album, 22 retro pictures to stick in, and a creative deco box featuring a huge array of various stickers, sweet pennant chains, gorgeous little deco cards and colourful Washi Tapes. This completely-equipped scrap box is perfect for those who like handmade craftworks!
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Scrapbook Set Light

Scrapbook Set Light

he scrapbook set light comes complete with a photo book with spiral binding in format A4 landscape, which you can embellish with the accompanying stickers, pennant chains, cards and Washi Tapes. The photo book is created online in advance and printed along with your photos. If you’ve previously created photo books, this can be a wonderful way to mix things up!
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Scrapbook templates: Three various designs with

Myphotobook offers scrapbook sets, as well as scrapbook accessories in three different styles. Depending on the certain occasion you’d like to buy your photo scrapbook for — or simply based on your mood — you can choose from three variants: Baby, Trend and Travel.

Scrapbook Set Baby

Scrapbook Baby

The baby scrapbook template is, naturally, well-suited to the birth of your baby or as a present for the new parents. The set features pastel, gender-neutral colours. These delicate peach and mint tones, combined with silver foil and glitter lamination means that it can become a baby album for anyone. Dummies, stars, balloons, cards for each month of your child’s first year, duckies, hearts — the designs are pure baby!
Scrapbook Set Trend

Scrapbook Trend

The design named ‘Trend’ suits any scrapbook theme! The bright-green album and blue-white pastel scrapbook paper are kept deliberately simple and can be individually personalised any way you like. The items inside the deco box, such as garland chains, stickers, little cards, and Washi Tapes are sometimes illuminated with gold foil. The designs include, among others, small feathers, ice creams, arrows, unicorns, cactuses, hearts and speech bubbles.
Scrapbook Travelbook

Scrapbook Travel

The travel scrapbook can be used wonderfully as a travel diary. Its natural-looking cardboard cover can be decorated with your favourite travel photo. The scrapbook pattern paper it comes with features chequered and striped pages, as well as pages with clouds and world map decorations. Small aeroplanes, anchors, palm trees, balloons, and quotes like, “Let the adventure begin” ensure for instant wanderlust and crafting fervour.

P.S. You can select the theme template in our shop after you have decided on a scrapbook set.

Infinitely expandable: Separate scrapbook accessories available.

So that your creativity will know no boundaries, we offer all of our scrapbooking accessories as individually orderable items. This way, you have the possibility to expand your scrapbook with additional scrapbook paper, more retro pictures or normal photo prints. Even our deco boxes are available as single items.

Scrapbooking Paper

Scrapbooking Paper

Our scrapbook paper makes up the inside pages of your scrapbook. It comes with pre-punched holes so they can be easily inserted into your album. These insert pages come in three different designs: Baby, Travel and Trend. Each pack contains 10 pages. They’re printed on both sides with various patterns so that you can stick decorations on either side.
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Scrapbooking Deco Box

Scrapbooking Deco Box

The deco box, which is available in three different varieties, contains up to 355 pieces (depending on the theme). This includes six various pennant chains, three Washi Tapes, 20 small cards and 20 large cards, as well as 150+ scrapbook stickers of all possible varieties: glossy, matt, metallic, puffy and chipboard stickers.
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Scrapbooking Album

Scrapbooking Album

Scrapbook albums are the perfect home for your scrapbook ideas. It’s available in three variants: baby scrapbook, travel scrapbook and trend scrapbook. It has a sturdy cover and is similar to a classic photo album. On the front of each cover, you can attach a small, square picture of your choosing, to ensure your scrapbook album is completely personalised.
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Retro Prints

Retro Prints

Your fondest memories can be preserved in the trendiest of styles with our retro pictures. They are available in sets of 11, 22 or 33. The 8.8 x 10.4cm picture prints are glossy on the front and matt on the back — meaning they’re perfectly suited for sticking into your photo book or adding a vintage charm to your photo album scrapbook.
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Photo Prints online

Photo Prints

With our exposed photo prints you can wonderfully expand your scrapbook with extra photos. They can be ordered in various formats, and in your choice of glossy or matt. Formats from 9 x 13 cm to 50 x 75 cm are available. Particularly cool: We guarantee 70-year light fastness.
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Buy cheap scrapbooks — nothing could be easier!

Those who become interested in crafting a photo scrapbook full of memories ask themselves, “Where can I buy scrapbooks?”. These days, the scrapbook hobby is so widely spread — even in the United Kingdom — that a wide array of scrapbook shops and scrapbook online shops exist. And you can quite easily become overwhelmed by what’s on offer! The scrapbook products at myphotobook are, on the other hand, as simple as could be and completely straightforward. Here you can buy complete scrapbook kits or order single scrapbook accessories and scrapbook templates. As passionate scrapbook fans we not only deliver you enchanting scrapbook ideas on our website, but gladly explain the history behind scrapbooking!

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