Postcard calendar

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  • 12 pages (one for each month) and one cover page
  • Start month: January
  • Use a template or make a calendar from scratch

Postcard calendar

Personal greetings, handwritten and from the heart, and on the other side a photo of the grandchildren... In this age where we (almost) only communicate over smartphone, emails or Facebook, letters and postcards are again finding meaning. And not only for grandma and grandpa! With the postcard calendar on display on the work desk or in the shelf, you kill two birds with one stone: every month's page is created with one of your loveliest photos and brings joy for an entire month. When the month is over, simply tear off the perforated calendar and send the calendar page as a postcard to your far-away loved ones. Double the joy!

Main features of our personalised calendars::

  • Calendar pages: 12 month pages plus one front page, fully customisable
  • Format: landscape (18.0 x 10.5 cm, 7 x 4.1" approx.)
  • Resolution requirements: 1417 x 827 pixels (preferred), 709 x 413 pixels (minimum)
  • Print area: 18.0 x 10.5 cm (7 x 4.1")
  • Material: high-quality inkjet printing paper
  • Production technique: premium digital print technology
  • Hint: obtain a classy look ordering an additional high-gloss finish for a small extra fee. Open the online calendar maker, click on "My Project" and "Options" and select "glossy paper"
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Postcard calendar
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the anticipation

"Aloha!" says the fancy postcard calendar

A postcard calendar is a desktop calendar in which each page can be ripped off to be used as a normal postcard. Each time a month is over, the calendar page can be sent by post as a souvenir for some special person. Since there is a page for each month of the year, you end up having a set of 12 postcards, which can be personalised with your own stunning photos. All the pages are supported by a triangular cardboard piece and have a glossy finish that protects the surface. At the back of the postcard, there is space for writing a nice personal message and sticking on a stamp. If you are planning to spend a year abroad or do a sabbatical on a paradisiacal island (for example, Hawai), a postcard calendar is the best way to keep in touch with your friends, family or partner. And as you keep this personalised postcard calendar on your desk, you can think of them and remember how much they mean to you. After all, there is still something romantic about sending a postcard, as your parents or grandparents probably used to do when they met.

The postcard calendar is one of the most original calendar formats

A postcard calendar makes a truly beautiful and original gift idea. Once you get to open the tool to design it, you will see the all the different pages for each month. On the right, there is a section reserved to the monthly block with the dates. There are many different types of pictures that turn out well in this calendar format: for example, photos from your summer holidays, the best impressions of a wedding celebration, the cutest snaps of a newborn baby and many more. If received unexpectedly, a personalised postcard can really move a person to tears (in a positive way). Of course, sending an e-mail or a text message with a mobile phone is much faster, but a lot of the magic and the nostalgic feeling of communicating with someone who is far away gets lost. Last but not least, a postcard is always handwritten and therefore more personal. Some people like to play this game: one sends a postcard each month and asks for the other person to reply with another postcard. The game continues every month, so that both end up with 12 beautiful images. It's a way of exchanging pictures or showing the most iconic places of different cities and countries.

At myphotobook UK, we are always searching for inspiring ideas to help you make unique and unusual gifts for your dearest ones. For more original calendars, we suggest a quick look at the CD calendar or triangle calendar.

Create a personalised desk calendar

Inspiration is much appreciated in a work desktop. You probably have enough paperwork, books, pens and further office supplies reminding you all the work that needs to be completed. A desk photo calendar brings images full of life and colour into a dull office desk, while reminding you of the important dates and upcoming events. If you create a desk photo calendar with postcards, you will also be able to share your favourite images and memories with someone else.

3 reasons to make a personalised desk calendar with postcards

If you are still looking for excuses to make a postcard calendar, how about these ones?:

  • a personalised postcard is unique and shows that you have been thinking about that person. You connect the idea of your person with a pleasant memory and a powerful picture.
  • before it lands in the letterbox, a postcard will have travelled around and seen the world. In a way, it's as if you had done the trip by yourself.
  • postcards have a very manageable size, they can be put up on the fridge in the kitchen, used as a bookmark, or placed on a shelf over the TV. The pictures you include will be an inspiration for the other person and a way of staying present.

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