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Photo printing online & photo prints

Top quality photo printing online

Online photo printing is a practical and fast substitute for many other methods for producing photo prints. Photo printing involves a variety of reprographic techniques, from inkjet photo printing, to photographic prints, posters and photo books. Moreover, the advantage of printing photos with a personal computer, smartphone or tablet is the possibility to edit the picture, change its orientation, experiment with different photo printing sizes and have a preview of what the photograph will look like. Nowadays, most people have access to a digital camera for taking pictures and are familiar to uploading images to the Internet and social networks.

The cheap price of photo printing when done over an online platform is also a major advantage of this procedure, especially  if compared to the cost of the ink cartridges in home printers. Besides, online photo printing services offer home delivery, making the process of reproducing images easier and more comfortable for customers.

The fact that photographic printing has become more accessible to everyone has made all kinds of photo prints become a popular gift, regardless of the age group. From pinnboards in bedrooms to memorabilia boxes, fridge doors and office decorations, photo prints are now present in every context.

The importance of resolution in online photo printing

Unlike traditional photo booths, in photo printing online the pictures aren't delivered immediately. For this reason, it is important to have a clear idea of the final result. They key for this is making sure that the digital images have enough resolution for the desired format. Image resolution is usually expressed in pixels and it describes the amount of details that a digital image can hold. Photos printed with a low resolution tend turn out blurry or pixelated. As a result, many editing and printing software tools, like the one from myphotobook, offer a preview function.

Digital photo printing & photo developing

For reproducing images, there are two basic methods that result in different levels of printing quality: inkjet printing and photo processing. With inkjet photo printing, the pictures are copied onto standard paper sheets in the form hundreds of droplets of ink in different colours. With developed photographic prints, the images are transferred onto silver-halide photo paper by means of a chemical reaction. The image is recreated when the surface of the photographic paper sheets is exposed to light.

Photo developing has a positive effect on the image resolution. Moreover it provides richer colours, a greater level of depth and a more realistic look than digital photo printing. Furthermore, photographic prints have a nostalgic flair that makes them ideally suited to depict memories and emotional scenes.

Photo prints from myphotobook UK

For any picture, myphotobook UK offers the option of both digital photo printing and photo processing. Developed photo prints are produced with Fujifilm Supreme photo paper, offering a  70-year lightfastness guarantee. From square, to rectangular, a vast range of sizes is available for creating photo prints, including:

  • 3x3" photo prints
  • 4x4" photo prints
  • 5x5" photo prints
  • 6x6" photo prints
  • 4x6" photo prints
  • 5x7" photo prints
  • 5x12" photo prints
  • 6x12" photo prints

Photo printing formats & paper quality

A variety of combinations that are related to the size, photo printing technique and paper quality create a vast selection of photo printing products. In most cases, a choice of a high-gloss finish is available. A glossy coating is specially recommended inkjet printing, since it protects the paper, makes the surface more uniform and it hides the printing raster (meaning the ink dots). Each of the following formats is suitable for a different purpose:

Square photo prints: Instagram photo printing

Through the popularity of social networks like Instagram and Facebook, square photo prints have become one of the most successful photo printing formats. Square and small photo prints are easy to manage and can be carried in wallets and pockets.

Retro photo prints

Retro and vintage fashion has also hit the world of photo prints. Photographs with a Polaroid-like style are generally offered as birthday gifts and birthday presents. Many British companies have also started to exhibit retro photo prints of their staff at office entrances, since they provide a friendly and casual look. Retro photo prints are often used to make scrapbooks or to display luminous captures of holiday trips.

Silk photo prints

Silk photo prints are the best choice to avoid fingerprints, since they are printed on matte or semi-matte sheets, called "lustre" or "satin" paper. Lustre paper has a pearly appearance, as well as a refined texture and it's scratch-proof.

Poster & photo posters

Bigger prints or posters also offer a choice of digital photo printing and photo processing in a variety of sizes that range from 7.8 x 11.8" to 19.6 x 27.5". As for the position of the pictures, it is possible to select a landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) layout.

Edit & print photos online

Before printing photos online, it is worth while trying out the available functions for editing and adjusting the images,  to make the best out of them. myphotobook's free editing software allows you to adjust the contrast, sharpness and brightness of any picture. Especially with photographic prints, graphic filters can make a big difference to the final result. If you upload your pictures to myphotobook's editor, you will benefit from a huge range of filters, including:

  • black & white
  • sepia
  • brighter
  • darker
  • colourful
  • moody
  • high-contrast
  • low contrast
  • warmer
  • cooler
  • stylish pink
  • stylish green

Finally, the software allows you to add texts with a variety of fonts before you proceed to print the photos online. Texts are a useful resource for inserting funny quotes, descriptions, specific details or love messages. Therefore, printing photos online is an interesting solution to create personalised gifts for many special occasions, like weddings, christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or Father's Day.

Photography is the art of creating durable images. Thus, printing photographs and digital photo prints is one of the most effective ways to capture special moments with a camera and turn them into long lasting memories. In fact, it is possible to make them seem nicer as they were.