Photo Mug metallic

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  • Maximum capacity: 300 ml/li>
  • 5 year cup guarantee
  • Assortment: Left/ right handed
  • Available in silver and gold
  • Dishwasher-suitable, but for extended image retention we recommend hand washing

Photo Mug metallic

Golden times and silver moments for all tea and coffee lovers! Our panorama mug is now also available in a fantastic gold or silver metallic finish, lending your new mug that certain something. No matter if it's for the silver or golden wedding celebration of your parents, your uncle's long-service company anniversary or a fine Christmas present for your brother, our photo mug metallic is exactly the right gift for everyone who loves something special!

Tip: Please note that your picture for the photo mug metallic cannot be printed with such a high-density ink coating as with our white photo mugs.The silver/golden background lightly glints through your photo, this way lending your favourite picture a terrific metallic effect. Our tip: Black & white photos, photos with a sepia effect or funny sayings are particularly well suited for the photo mug metallic.

Main features of our metal photo mugs:

  • Maximum capacity: 290 ml
  • Material: high-quality ceramic with a silver/golden metallic effect
  • Panorama option: your photo (almost ) completely around the entire photo mug (available for an additional charge)
  • Production technique: dye-sublimation printing
  • Hint: 5 year mug guarantee
  • Specifications: Not suitable for dishwashing machines; handwash recommended for longer picture durability

Printing data:

Photo Mug portrait format:

  • Printed area: 7.5 x 5.8 cm (2.9 x 2.2")
  • Resolution: 886 x 685 pixels (preferred), 295 x 228 pixels (minimum)

Photo Mug landscape format:

  • Printed area: 9.8 x 7.5 cm (3.8 x 2.9")
  • Resolution: 1157 x 886 pixels (maximum), 386 x 295 pixels (minimum)
Photo Mug panorama format:
  • Print area: 20,0 x 10,0 cm
  • Resolution: 1157 x 886 pixels (preferred), 386 x 295 pixels (minimum)
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Photo Mug metallic gold
Photo Mug metallic silver
Photo Mug metallic gold panorama
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Metallic sublimation photo mugs

Gold and silver sublimation mugs have a metallic look providing a special vintage and nostalgic flair. These classy photo mugs are often designed as a tribute to someone or to recall dear memories and important life events. Solemn pictures in black & white or in sepia tones turn out especially well on these elegant sublimation mugs. In turn, the metallic coating makes the surface shinier and noble-looking. Since gold and silver are precious metals, a present of a silver or gold sublimation mug is a way of telling your loved ones how precious they are for you.

Photo mug printing for different purposes

Photo mugs can be printed both with pictures and texts, so as to create unique and personalised gifts. In most cases, gold and silver sublimation mugs are printed with portrait pictures of a person or a family pet. Since the metallic coating gives the mug a dignified appearance, any photos you print should be picked out carefully. They should preferably be balanced pictures where the person turns out well.

When presented as gifts, photo mugs have been traditionally used to encourage, congratulate, tease, surprise, or thank someone, as well as showing love and support. This general sense of recognition can be also felt in memorial mugs, created in the loving memory of a relative or friend. In contrast, when printed with images from a trip or holidays, these vintage metallic mugs are kept as nostalgic souvenirs.

Sublimation mugs with a silver or gold finish

Dye-sublimation printing is a special technique that uses heat to apply a picture onto a ceramic surface. As a matter of fact, the image is printed into the surface, to make the pigment more durable. Notheless, and although the photo mugs are dishwasher-suitable, it is generally recommended to wash them by hand.

Images that have been printed with dye-sublimation are outstandingly vivid, colourful and natural. Since the mug will be in often in contact with your mouth, food-safe inks are used to transfer the pictures.

Mug printing for stunning results

The fact that you can print texts, quotes and sayings on your mug is a powerful resource to strengthen its expressiveness. Depending on the occasion, it is possible to add phrases like the following:

  • A handful of gold is a heart of iron
  • Leave a little sparkle wherever you go
  • Heart of gold
  • Speech is silver, silence is golden
  • Stay gold

Futhermore, custom mug printing allows you to combine varied elements and choose between many different options. First of all, you can select the actual size of the photo mug, with a choice of 200 or 500 ml. Then, there are three different ways of printing and organising the images: they can be displayed as a portrait picture, a landscape oriented image or a long panoramic photo that takes up the whole surface. Most importantly, the position of the handle can be adapted for a right or left handed user. To complete a polished appearance, we are offered a choice of a matte or a glossy finish. Appart from all these options, the entire design of the mug is completely up to us: from the style, to the colour combination, the fonts, the tone (solemn or funny) and certainly the pictures.

Regarding the model of the mug, myphotobook UK offers the following selection:

  • personalised coloured mugs,
  • photo mug - standard,
  • heat changing magic mugs,
  • panoramic photo mugs,

Print your own mug

Although uploading a simple picture may be enough to print a beautiful mug, experimenting with various frames, filters, backgrounds and cliparts can clearly improve the final result.  One of the most important aspects of printing photos onto a mug is the image resolution. In these metallic sublimated mugs the resolution shouldn't be any lower than 295 x 228 pixels for portrait pictures and 386 x 295 pixels for landscape orientation. To avoid any mistakes and printing blurry photos, myphotobook's software will display a warning message if the resolution is too low. As a general recommendation, it is convenient to check the appearance of the mug in preview mode.

Mr. & Mrs mugs

These novelty mugs have come into fashion in the last years. They are really easy to make: on one you write "Mr." and on the other one "Mrs.". Of course, you can complete them with a picture of the couple.

His & hers mugs

A similar style to the Mr. & Mrs. mug. Even if in the morning end each one uses the first mug they see, it is a fun idea.

Christmas mugs

If this year you are expected to make a good bunch of Christmas gifts, using mug printing can save you the effort of searching for them. Make a dye-sublimation mug and order a good few copies of it. You will only pay the delivery for one!

Mother's & Father's Day mugs

With the elegant look of a gold or silver sublimation mug, you can show great respect for your parents and grandparents. Use it as a present for they birthdays, for Mother's Day or Father's Day.

Valentine mugs

Agreed. Valentine mugs are cheesy, but everybody loves them so bad! Find an original way of saying "I love you" with a personalised photo mug. It doesn't always need to be decorated with hearts. A simple picture of the two of you or a nice memory picture can have the same charming effect.

Get your DIY photo gifts printed online

myphotobook UK is a consolidated brand in the field of personalised photo gifts and custom printed articles. Our team of printing specialists is constantly developing new formulas to get your personal images printed on items that you use in your everyday life. All articles can be comfortably designed online from your home computer, tablet or smartphone. An alternative download version of the software is also available for free, allowing to save projects on your desktop. We also offer you to register on our website and create a personal session to keep your projects. If you wish to be updated about myphotobook's latest offers, do sign up for our newsletter!