Photo fan booklet

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  • Composition: 21 cards printed on one side, free design
  • Dimensions: 9.0 x 7.5 x 1.0 cm
  • Material: inkjet printing paper, cellophane coating for greater protection
  • Cards assembled with a pin fastener

Photo fan booklet

Present your best snapshots over 21 cards. The single cards are compiled into a beautiful, fanning deck of cards with a binding screw. Thanks to the rounded edges, the cards fit perfectly in your hand and just cry out to be opened in a fan formation.

Main features of our personalised photo fans:

  • Composition: 21 cards printed on one side, free design
  • Material: inkjet printing paper, cellophane coating for greater protection
  • Production technique: digital printing
  • Printed area: 7.5 x 9.0 cm (2.9 x 3.5")
  • Resolution requirements: 750 x 900 pixels (preferred) 221 x 266 pixels (minimum)
  • Specifications: rounded edges to avoid creases
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Photo fan booklet
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Personalised fans decorated with photos

Personalised photo fans are an original way to make a small 21-page photobook which is easy to carry around and can be used like a toy. This personalised fan isn't really for making the air circulate on a hot summer day, but to display photos in a casual and playful way. The thick pages (49 g in all) are gathered with a pin fastener which allows them to unfold like a fan. In a way, the pages look like game cards with rounded edges. This makes it an entertaining article for babies and smaller children. It is therefore a suitable photobook format to keep in your car, in a pram or to use in nurseries.

Children's picture books that fit in your pocket

Before children can start to read, they spend some time viewing books and learning how to turn over the pages. Small as they may be, they will be already able to recognise many objects and situations and connect them with their own memories. Instead of buying an uninteresting book for babies or toddlers, you can decide to make your own collection of pictures. Use these personalised children's picture books to teach them the names of things, help them develop their speech and develop an early liking for books. Rather than text, the photographs will play a central role in these picture books with a fan-like shape. Above all, your child will appreciate the time you spend together and the experience of turning over the pages and repeating the words you say. For them, recognising an image of your family pet, your parents and cousins will seem like a game.

Ideas for children's picture books

The most interesting aspect of making your own book with pictures for your children is that you will be more than likely to know their preferences, as  for example, their favourite animals, types of food and professions. After a visit to the zoo, there will be many beautiful captions that will look good in childrens picture books. Besides, you can put them into chronological order to tell a short story. If you unfold the pages of these personalised fans, all pictures will become visible at once.

Another interesting option is to make a picture book of your newborn baby, to show the first weeks of life and share the pictures with family and friends. Use it as a decoration for your living-room table, for the baby's room or as a present for the grandparents.

Last, remember that some special childhood memories are indelible and stay forever in our minds. A set of photos of an unforgettable holiday trip with the whole family can become a present of a picture book that lasts for a lifetime.

Personalised photo gifts & children's gifts

Compared to heavier types of photo books, these personalised photo fans fit in every pocket. Even if at the beggining it takes some more time, the result is a lot nicer than a generic book that anyone can buy in a bookshop. It's a unique edition! In addition, these personalised fans aren't exclusively for children: they can be designed for a wedding, an adult's birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, first communions and graduations.

Personalised photo gifts are indeed extremely versatile. There is no specific age, gender neither a style for them: it all depends on your own creative skills and will to make a nice gift combining photos, nice memories and pieces of text. Many years later, when we happen to see them in our everyday life, they remind us of our happiest times.

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