Photo cushion standard

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  • Vegan filling Washable Both front and back side design can be customised
  • Washable
  • Cover: 100% cotton fabric
  • Öko-tex certified, class 1 (non toxic and skin friendly,infant standard)

Photo cushion standard

For cuddly hours with your beloved, or simply to fall asleep with the nicest moments of your last holiday: the cushion with your personal photo!

Main features of our standard photo cushions:

  • Size: 44 x 44 cm (17.3 x 17.3")
  • Picture size: 24 x 18.5 cm (9.4 x 7.2") to 24 x 24 cm (7.2 x 7.2")
  • Material: 100% cotton fabric (cover), 100% polyester filling
  • Production technique: sublimation printing
  • Printed area: 18.5 x 24.0 cm (7.2 x 9.4")
  • Resolution requirements: 1457 x 1890 pixels (preferred), 728 x 945 pixels (minimum)
  • Hint: washable at 30°C, Oeko-Tex® standard certified (non toxic and skin friendly)
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Photo cushion standard
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Switzerland £29.99 2 Days
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Photo cushions turn your sofa into a cheerful space

Photo cushions are custom printed cushions with space on the cover to display personal photos, shapes or phrases. These personalised elements and pictures can be comfortably added and edited online with a cushion maker tool. By printing a photo onto a cushion, you can liven up the atmosphere in your living-room and impress relatives, neighbours and guests. Use your personalised photo cushions to decorate a sofa and give it a refreshing personal note, to turn a hard dining chair cuddlier, or as an accessory for garden chairs, car seats or armchairs.

If you have recently moved into a new appartment and are looking for highly artistic ideas, picture cushions are a useful resource. After a long day of work, your self-designed photo cushion will be waiting for you on the couch with beautiful images, a pleasant memory or a comforting phrase. Lay down, stretch out your legs, grab your cushion and relax. As the old saying goes: "Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age".

Double-sided photo cushions with a 18x18" size

The standard size photo cushion in the UK is 18x18", suitable for many different occasions. If you are into yoga, consider making a personalised photo cushion with a mantra on each side of the cover and use it for meditating. Since both sides of the cushion are customisable, you can match them with the colours and other decorations in your house. These chameleonic photo cushions are produced with dye-sublimation printing technique, which creates long-lasting and intense colours. Add thrilling snapshots of your pet, captions from last holidays, family scenes or make an original photo collage cushion combining several images that build a certain shape. Should the cushion turn out to be too beautiful to leave on the sofa, you can always put up on a shelf to exhibit it and feel proud of yourself.

Personalised cushion covers with photos & phrases

To produce this printed cushion cover, skin-friendly material is used. The fabric is free from chemicals and is Oeko-tex standard certified, which means it shouldn't affect people with asthma or allergies under normal circumstances. When it comes to washing them, the maximum temperature allowed is 30°C.

Futhermore, the cushion covers can be personalised with witty and inspirational phrases. Here are some interesting examples:

  • Hug Me!
  • Home, sweet home
  • She Who Must Be Obeyed
  • Dream big, little one
  • Save water, drink champagne
  • Dog fur is just a part of the decor in my house
  • All guests must be approved by the cat
  • Let's cuddle

Next time you are literally glued to your seat watching the climax scene of a terrific moviehold onto your photo cushion and feel comforted by these phrases.

Design your own cushion

When you start to design your own cushion, take into account that the maximum printing size allowed is 24 x 24 cm (aprox. 10vxv10"). If a picture takes up the whole cover surface, make sure it has enough resolution. You can check this very easily in myphotobook's online cushion maker. Around the printed photo, there will be a square empty area that works like a white frame. Complete the design with a combination of cliparts, backgrounds, graphic shapes and visual filters. Remember that, apart from using the design tool on a computer, it is also accessible on smartphones and tablets.

Garden & dining chair photo cushions

There are many different ways of designing a photo cushion: a bright natural landscape can be a good photo to create contrast when leaned against a dark coloured sofa. For a garden chairyellow sunflowers or any picture of flowers from your own garden will be a good choice. In your dining-room, you can add some picture cushions with your own and your partner's initials. This will provide your dining chairs with a cosy and a romantic touch.

Children's cushions

Help your kids feel comfortable while they are doing their homework, reading a book, having a rest after a sport match or simply taking a nap. Support them in their everyday activities with motivating phrases and stimulating images printed on personalised children's cushions. Nice family pictures, their favourite movie stars, animals and cartoons are good themes to print on a cushion.

Buy cushions online

If you are satisfied with the design, you can complete the order online with your details, a delivery address and the payment method. At this point, you may consider buying several copies of the same cushion. Besides, you will pay the delivery fee for only one photo cushion and save money. The standard model is in fact the cheapest cushion of the online store, but you can also buy cushions online with different shapes and fillings, such as :

  • personalised cushions for cuddling (with a soft stuffing)
  • sofa photo cushion (with a firm polypropylene filling)
  • cherry stone pillow for children (which can be heated up in the microwave).

In case you need a more detailed explanation of the different types of personalised cushions, don't hesitate to contact our team of specialists. You will find the number of the customer hotline at the top-right corner of the page. Otherwise, write us an e-mail or use the instant chat.

Personalised photo gifts & housewarming gift ideas

Prepare a lovely surprise for someone special and print a photo on a cushion keeping your own personal style. Try it at the next housewarming party you are invited to and impress everyone. In fact, you can design a cushion for practically any kind of event and make a:

  • personalised wedding cushion,
  • best friend photo cushion,
  • anniversary photo cushion,
  • christening photo cushion,
  • photo cushions for Father's and Mother's Day.
  • personalised new home cushions.
  • personalised baby cushions,
  • Christmas photo cushions,
  • personalised name cushions,
  • personalised couple cushions,
  • personalised family cushions.

The versatile nature of personalised photo gifts makes them suitable for many different occasions: from a birthday party, to an office reception at work. Compared to a generic gift, in a personalised gift everything is unique: from the colours, to the pictures and phrases, every single element is hand-picked by the author. Personal preferences, a favourite picture or shared memories become a part of the gift and influence its design.