Photo clock square

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  • Clock hand available in black or white
  • Thickness 5mm
  • Material: Forex or acrylic glass
  • Batteries included in order (AA)

Photo clock square

It doesn't matter if it's a special gift for the loved ones, or created to be a radiant splash of colour in your home - design your individual wall clock with elegant Forex hard-foam sheet with next to no effort, and turn your fondest moments into a true artwork. Through the light and robust Forex sheet and the high-quality clock hand included in black or white, you'll experience extended joy from the snapshots of the last garden party, the first steps of your child or the recent birthday party with friends and family. Also a great idea for children's rooms! That way, your little student can learn to tell the time in the blink of an eye!

Main features of our square personalised photo clocks:

  • Format: 26 x 26 cm (10.2 x 10.2")
  • Material: available in 5 mm thick Forex sheet or 5 mm thick acrylic glass
  • Printed area: 26.0 x 26.0 cm (10.2 x 10.2")
  • Resolution requirements: 2047 x 2047 pixels (preferred), 1024 x 1024 pixels (minimum)
  • Hint: batteries included with delivery
  • Specifications: clock hand available in black or white; square photo clock available with an impressive schist-tile finish
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A photo clock with a square shape for your wall

A photo-clock is a decorative wall clock printed with photos, often used to display the time in kitchens and bedrooms. In the shape of a square photo clock, it becomes an unusual way of turning a simple device for telling the time into an exclusive piece of wall art. Thus, a picture clock allows you to enjoy your favourite photos 24 hours a day. "Even a stopped clock is right twice a day" goes the saying. Next time your guests ask the time, you will just have to point at your funky photo clock and they will be immediately inspired by an impressive image.

Stunning photographs taken with a digital camera, as well as casual smartphone captures can be reproduced on the surface of these square photo clocks, to decorate the walls of your living-room, corridor, bathroom or office.

Photo wall clock design DIY

Although these wall clocks are square, they are also available in the form of a round photo clock. Square wall clocks are in fact more unusual in houses and providefuturistic look compared to the classical round one. Nevertheless, personalised clocks have many more design possibilites to offer. For instance, it is possible to get the hour hands in white or black, which will change the colour of clock face accordingly. To make it more visible, it is recommendable to create a contrasting effect with the background of this DIY photo clock. So if the pointer is white, you will need a dark background to enhance the hour numbers.

Depending on what is important, whether it is a purely decorative wall clock or if it needs to be more accurate, you can also design it without the clock face.
Finally, the major decision about designing wall clocks with photos is the one related to the type of printing surface. The surface of a photo clock can be made either of acrylic glass or PVC (forex). Whereas forex is a lighter material, acrylic print is the best technique for obtaining a great picture depth and maximum colour brilliance.

Make your own photo clock online

The only thing you need to make your own clock is a really good picture which you can still enjoy after having seen it a hundred times. And a computer or laptop, of course. Since the design tool is intuitive, is not necessary to be a professional photographer. Although it is also possible to add text, a photo clock usually turns out better when made just with pictures. Make the best out of myphotobook's gallery of cliparts, visual filters and frames. In fact, these personalised clocks are frameless.

A square wall clock for your kitchen or office

Wall clocks belong in every kitchen. However, a square wall clock still remains a modern kitchen accessory. But, if you add a picture of yourself cooking on the background, your kitchen wall clock becomes a real highlight. Personalised wall clocks can be matched with the colours of your kitchen, or designed as a floral or fruit wall clocks. It all depends on your own imagination. Since the clock surface can be freely customised, you can mark an important hour - for example tea time at five o' clock - and combine with  a suitable motif. As everyone in the family gets to sees them every morning, kitchen wall clocks are ideal for printing beautiful photos of your last family holiday. At the end of October and March, when the clocks change, you will take down your kitchen wall clock and, for an instant, you'll be transported back in time and will remember good times.

A square wall clock decorated with genuine pictures is also a suitable idea for an office. Complete it with the logo of the company or a photo of your staff and make everyone feel part of the team.

Funky wall clocks for children & photo clocks

Time flies! And so will your children grow up soon and become adults. But in the meantime, you can enjoy making funky wall clocks for their bedrooms. Designing a square wall clock with pictures of cartoons or their favourite animals is the best way of teaching your kids to tell the time.

Cool & unusual wall clocks as personalised photo gifts

Furthermore, personalised clocks make unusual gifts for a housewarming party. If your friends are moving into a new house, a wall clock is always appreciated. For anyone interested in more cool personalised photo gifts and housewarming gift ideas, we also recommend:

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  • personalised place mats
  • personalised plates
  • photo mugs
  • personalised chopping board
  • photo magnets
  • personalised playing cards from MyMemory
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