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2019 year planner to prepare for the best

In a year like 2019 there will be so many things to plan: birthdays, Easter holidays or Christmas family celebrations, not to mention other special occasions and events, such as a graduation, moving into a new apartment or your new baby's birth. Luckily, making a 2019 year planner with your own pictures helps you keep track of all these important dates as you create a warm and personal atmosphere at home. Pictures from unforgettable past moments combined in a 2021 year planner bring back these memories and accompany you as you prepare for new and exciting experiences. Have you already stopped to think of all the weddings, christenings and birthday parties you have been invited to this year? Since the way you plan your own time is indeed something very personal, a yearly planner lets you organise your time and thoughts in the best possible way. As a reflection of  the way you understand time, these yearly planners are customisable, which means you have absolute freedom to create one for the remaining months of 2021, add some from next year or simply design a whole 2021 year planner.

Your wall planner as a personalised calendar 2021

A yearly wall planner is in fact much more than a simple list of dates and feast days, but actually an everyday experience that you share with your family or flatmates. Whilst bare walls may often look impersonal, a 2021 wall planner is about the best way to create conversation at practically any time of the day. Many people enjoy finding out the Patron Saint of the day, others like to check the upcoming national holidays and feast days and older family members may like to remember someone who they always miss. Use your own photos - which carry a special meaning for you - to design a personalised photo calendar that commemorates important dates and life events. Wall planners designed with your own photos fit a great variety of needs and occasions. For instance, a 2019 wall planner is a perfect way to make everyone feel part of the group. Thinking first of who you want to make a 2021 yearly planner will help you decide non the size and format you need to pick:

A year planner for 2021 in the form of a family calendar

Your kids will love to look at it while they have breakfast in the morning. And what's even more important: a family size planner for 2021 offers enough space for everyone inside the family. This means that every family member will get its own row to fill in with appointments and personal notes. Not only is it a good solution to remind your children of their school activities and subjects, but it also gives you an overview of the events that will be happening at the same time in the family.  Moreover, a personalised wall planner 2021 prepares the countdown to your next holidays, raising the spirits of the whole family throughout the year. Indeed, the holidays which you will have planned many months in advance will serve as a motivation in your weekly routine. Likewise, designing a personalised year planner 2021 can be a great help for your grandparents, as a way of of reminding them the dates when they need to visit the doctor or if they have some important operation planned within the next months.

A yearly wall planner makes a personalised gift for the whole family

The fact that you can adapt it to so many different needs and occasions turns a personalised wall planner into a highly versatile gift.  Personalised photo gifts show that you understand what is important for the person and they are much more likely to be used than a usual standard gift.

Design a photo kitchen calendar

Who's next to do the cleaning? -  a question that comes up very frequently when you share a flat. As everyone is so busy during the week, you rarely have the time to communicate about important topics. However, by putting up a personalised yearly wall planner, you will avoid many misunderstandings, as well as decorating your kitchen in an attractive way.  In addition, our big kitchen calendars are water splash-proof, so that you can place them anywhere you like without fearing they could get wet. As a matter of fact, myphotobook UK offers many different versions and formats for a personalised wall calendar that can be on our online shop.

Year planner 2021 - Make your own calendar

How often have you scheduled two different appointments or meetings for the same date and then had to cancel one of them at the last minute? For sure, if you decide to make your own calendar, you will first need some planning and certainly time to gather all important events throughout the year. However, once it is made, your year planner 2021 will save you loads of time and avoid any unpleasant situations with your workmates and business partners. Alternatively, you can use a 2019 year planner as a business calendar or team calendar, to coordinate the tasks of your colleagues at work. Should you be lacking the space to put up a wall planner in your office, consider making instead a personalised desk calendar.

The process of making your own calendar

Once you decide to make a wall planner for 2021, your biggest efforts will be guided towards organising your pictures and providing sufficient image resolution. In this sense, our online calendar maker displays a pop-up message whenever picture resolution needs to be corrected. myphotobook UK tries to make the designing process as easy as possible and therefore offers three different ways of using our software: online (on our website), offline (downloading our free calendar maker) or by using our calendar maker wizard. In this way, you will find the format that best suits your photo wall planner among a variety of nostalgia calendars, folding calendars and kitchen calendars. Please bear in mind that most of the year planners available on our online shop are in A2 and A3 size.  myphotobook UK will then take charge of delivering your planner at your doorstep!