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Although wall calendars are usually ordered at the beggining of the year, with a personalised wall calendar it makes no difference if it's January, March or September, since it's made by no one else but you! The big advantage is that you can decide what month of the year it will start with and adapt it to your schedule, as well as any important dates and appointments for this year. As a matter of fact, to create your personalised calendar 2021 you will need only three things: a bunch of nice photos (basically 12 - one per month plus the cover photo, so in all 13), a computer to work on and the will to turn original photo gift ideas into reality. We're all used to going into a shop or supermarket and seeing beautiful wall calendars with landscape scenery images. However, if you decide to make your own personalised wall calendar, those pictures will even have a more powerful and unique meaning.

What can a photo wall calendar be useful for?

A personalised wall calendar is ideally suited to decorate your kitchen, living-room, bathroom, dining room or any other empty space that's lacking some colour in your house. Moreover, there are many more occasions and good reasons to order a customised calendar, as for example:
  •  For your children: a photo wall calendar can be a good way to motivate them and help them find some order in their everyday life activities. A personalised wall calendar shows them how to organise their own time and supports them throughout the academic year, which in turn has a positive influence on their concentration. Thus, they will be able to focus on their exams and feel your support while preparing for them;
  • for work purposes: use your photo wall calendar to manage your time and keep track of  important deadlines and national holidays in the months ahead. By adding inspirational photos you can stimulate your imagination and reduce stress while keeping an overall view of your tasks in the following days and weeks. If you wish, you can also design a 2019 year planner;
  • to reflect your habits and highlight important times of the year for you: calendars are a real expression of culture and customs. It's no coincidence that most feast days have a religious origin. Add pictures that contain symbols or than mean something to you in your personalised wall calendar: it will help you bring positive energy into your everyday life;
  • as a tribute to your favourite star. Enjoy remembering your favourite actor's and singer's greatest hits and design original personalised celebrity calendars;
  • to entertain yourself. The moon phases, Patron Saints days, horoscope & zodiac signs or even the signs from Chinese calendar are ressourceful elements for decorating your photo wall calendar and make it more appealing.
As you can see, there is a huge amount of possibilities for you to personalise your 2021 calendar. It's now only up to you!

What types of photo wall calendar can I create with myphotobook?

Photo wall calendars are available in pretty much as many formats as the usage you want to give them. In this wide range you can find everything from small to big, XXL size, square and certainly rectangular personalised wall calendars. In all, myphotobook UK's website has 12 different formats available. Our top-selling wall calendars for 2021 so far are A4 and A3 with a portrait layout. However, panoramic wall calendars are very recommendable to boost the expression in landscape pictures. If in turn you have a big family,  instead of running out of space any time you want to note down some important date, you may want to check out our kitchen and family calendars with plenty of space for every family member. In addition, this will help you gain clarity in your mind and make a better use of your own time. All personalised wall calendars include a spiral binding made of wire and an additional piece to hang them up with. A very popular and widely spread format is the folding calendar, which displays two pages and therefore two pictures at the same time. Also the prices vary from the cheapest wall calendars to the most expensive ones depending on the paper quality. One of our five-star articles is the so-call "real-photo calendar", in which your images are printed in top photographic quality. Likewise, premium wall calendars stand out for their magnificent execution in texturised paper. Your photo wall calendar will be so attractive, you won't even have the patience to wait for the next month! Don't forget to select the feature"glossy finish" if would like to add a classy a shiny coating which leads to an increased colour brilliance.

How to order a personalised wall calendar on myphotobook

When you are finally finished doing the designing part, it is time to place the order.  Please take the time to go through it once more to make sure everything is sitting at the right place. Remember to switch to preview mode to see if you're please with the final result. You will be then asked to provide your name, a phone number and a delivery address. Regarding the payment, you have the choice of using a credit card, money transfer or PayPal. Your order will be confirmed by e-mail  and quickly dispatched, so that you can pick it up right at your doorstep.

Make your own calendar - personalised wall calendars

The process of making your own wall calendar can be completed either with our online photo calendar maker or by downloading our free software. You can spare yourself a lot of time and effort by selecting the pictures you would like to include before you actually start to make it. Next, you choose the size and layout and finally upload all the images, each of which should be assigned to a different sheet. Once the basic structure is set, it is possible to add graphic elements, such as cliparts, a matching background or a collage of the different pictures. Special dates, numbers, text and comments can be added at this point. As above mentioned, it never gets too late for personalised wall calendar: if you're a bit late for Christmas, simmply change the starting month to February.

12 months go by so fast

So what do you do with your beautiful photo wall calendar once the year is over? You can simply tear out the pictures or frame them so that they won't get lost, while you prepare the new ones for next year. To stay original, you can you can try a new format every year: landscape, portrait, panoramic, square, folding calendar or personalised desk calendar: myphotobook gives you all you need to immortalise your memories and favourite photos in personalised calendars.