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Square personalised calendar 2021 - Inspiring photo gift ideas

Just picture the face expressions of your family & friends when they get to see your self-made calendar - they will be absolutely blown away by it! Every year they keep getting the same kind of presents and suddenly, you happen to come up with a new and original idea. Obviously, it is not a coincidence that square photo wall calendars have become the most popular personalised photo gifts in the United Kingdom during the Christmas season. Whether you offer it as a present to your kids, your grandparents, cousins or neighbours, a personalised calendar 2021 makes a much appreciated photo gift. Furthermore, it saves your from going into fully crowded shops and queuing up at the counter. Instead you can comfortably make your own calendar from your computer or tablet and spend as much time as you like giving shape to your photo gift ideas.

2019 photo calendar square - Make this year be a great one

myphotobook UK offers you a unique oportunity to develop your ideas and own creativity. Regardless from what photographic theme you choose, a square photo calendar can be suitable if you want to achieve a tidy and compact result. Compared to other photo calendar types, square personalised calendars focus their attention on a specific point, instead of highligting the vertical or horizontal dimension. Our square calendars are available in different sizes, including:
  • 47x47 cm  (18.5 x 18.5") XL photo calendars to impress everyone
  • 40x40 (16x16") big photo calendars for plenty of space
  • 30x30 (12x12") medium size calendars for a more discrete appearance
  • 20x20 (8x18") small photo calendars

Choosing the right paper: photographic or digital printing paper

Different customers have certainly different needs. Depending on the desired results, you can pick either Fuji high-quality photographic paper or the standard digital print paper version. The first one will transform your pictures into real developed photos as a part of your personalised calendar 2021. The latter is in turn slightly cheaper and the result also less impressive, but you can get it with a high-gloss film to make it look nicer. In both cases do pay attention to the requirements regarding image resolution and size, which will be displayed by our calendar maker & online design tool. If you have any technical questions, please contact our customer service. If you realise that the format isn't what you wanted, have a look at our portrait and landscape oriented photo calendars.

How to make your own calendar

Making your own calendar is a real art of its own. For this reason, myphotobook UK tries to make the design process as easy as possible so that everyone can make its own calendar. In a nutshell, it is about organising the pictures you have and knowing more or less the desired result. As long as you understand emotions and are moved by a certain memory or situation, you don't need to be an expert to produce a customised calendar. However, if it's the first time you ever make your own photo calendar:
  1. Consider what size and format fit your needs: Will you have enough space on your wall?
  2. Decide if you want to get it printed on photographic or normal printing paper
  3. Organise your pictures to obtain some structure and find a meaning
  4. Upload your pictures online and select a design pattern and background
  5. Add frames, cliparts and other effects to embellish your personalised calendar 2021

The advantages of creating a square custom calendar by yourself

An "already-made" calendar is an article which you usually buy at the end or the beggining of the year. As soon as December and January are over, it gets a bit late to buy it. In contrast, a photo calendar can be set to start at any month of the year. From now on, if you decide to make a calendar for the new season in September, you will get the chance to include your photos from last summer holidays or of a recent life event.  In a way, it's a more democratic and dynamic product, since it gives you space and freedom to include personalised elements and add your own message. As a result, the final product stands out for its authenticity. Other advantages of making a square photo calendar are:
  • as a customised gift, it shows that you care about the person
  • it's personalised and therefore holds a special meaning
  • you can choose the format and layout you prefer
  • it can be easily created online from home
  • it can be repeated and improved
Now you have got all the details you need to create a photo calendar with a square format and place an order on We offer three different payment methods - that is PayPal, credit card and money transfer. Deliveries within England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland take an average of 4 to 5 working days. But maybe you were looking for nice formats for your personalised wall art, photo prints online or personalised photo books . In that case we warmly recommend you to continue browsing our original photo gift ideas. Or how about a personalised desk calendar?