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Photo calendar on high-quality photographic paper

Can you still remember the older days when you used to stick  your photographs onto a self-made calendar? Although those times are over, myphotobook has developed a modern version of a personalised calendar and has given it the name of "real-photo calendar". In this photo calendar the photographic quality remains as good as always as it used to be, but the designing process has become easier and smoother since it is performed online using myphotobook's designing tool.  Thus, cutting out photos, sticking them on and correcting their position won't be necessary anymore. It's the easiest way to immortalise your favourite pics in a high-quality photo calendar. Although digital print does have several advantages, in many cases the classical look of photographs is unfortunately lost. For this reason, myphotobook decided to release the highly successful real-photo calendar.

How can you distinguish a real-photo calendar?

Judging by its format, a real-photo calendar would be a normal personalised wall calendar The main difference in a real-photo calendar is that the pictures are printed on to high-qualilty photographic sheets and are therefore developed using a standardised chemical process. Whereas in digital printing it is always possible to recognise the grid, photo developing provides a cleaner and more genuine appearance. The resolution in a real-photo calendar is also outstandingly high, enabling a level of colour brilliance and picture balance that are comparable to reality. The high-quality photographic paper we use to produce them have an integrated UV protective film with a 200-year guarantee against light damage. A real-photo calendar is therefore the best way to immortalise your greatest moments and make them last for a lifetime!

Real-photo vs standard photo calendar – which one should I choose?

This really depends on your priorities, since each photo calendar type has its advantages. As for normal and cheap photo calendars, they are a great combination of fair price and top quality sheets. Moreover, they can be produced in twelve different formats. Real-photo calendars have a slightly higher cost, but are absolutely worth their price. They make an ideal Christmas gift. Especially photography geeks will appreciate the the quality of a real-photo calendar. If you want to offer a special present for Christmas this year, our real-photo calendar 2021 will be a nice a idea. Although the term may not sound that familiar to you, you will easily recognise the exceptional quality of the photographic paper.

Your best snaps in highest print quality

The printing quality of a real-photo calendar can be already seen in normal pictures. A dramatic difference can be seen in high-resolution photos that have been taken with mirror reflex lenses. In this way, real-photo calendars become highly impressive because of their excellent colour brilliance and contrast. If you wish to create a 2021 personalised calendar with entertaining photos, do pick a standard wall calendar. However, if it's panoramic photos from the Grand Canyon that you would like to immortalise, a bigger calendar format would be more reccomendable to make the best out of your snapshots.

What type of pictures appear best on a real-photo calendar?

Personalised calendars on photographic paper work best for colourful pictures and especially for portraits. Thanks to the developing process on photographic paper your skin tone will be reproduced in a natural way. For example, wedding pictures or the greatest captions from a family photography session will turn out stunningly beautiful. A 2021 real-photo calendar will make you go back to work with a whole collection of nostalgic memories from last holidays. Only the real moroccan market, the waves from the Pacific or the Swedish woods seen live will be able to beat the quality of these pictures.

Your personalised photo calendar in a variety of formats

As you design your own real-photo calendar using your own pictures, you will be able to choose between several formats, like A4 and A3 size with portrait or landscape orientation, as well as square calendar formats including 20x20cm and 30x30cm. Say there is a bare corner in your kitchen, then a 2021 A4 real-photo calendar is a wonderful choice. If you place it as an eye-catcher at a central point of your living-room, the size will never be big enough, but make sure to have sufficient image resolution for it. If image resolution happens to be too low for the desired format, our online calendar maker will display an warning message asking you to perform some changes. Indeed, choosing a square format for a real-photo calendar works just as well for landscape and portrait photos. Regardless from the calendar format you pick, a DIY calendar printed on photographic paper cannot fail!

Make your own real-photo calendar and have it delivered at home

In other words, a real-photo calendar is just a calendar that has been printed on photographic paper. Pictures are therefore developed as real photographs. Picture quality is in fact as good as in traditionally developed photographs, but keep in mind that the quality of the original picture also plays an important. In this way, you will be able to produce a stunning high-quality photo calendar for 2021 that impresses your dear ones at Christmas. Appart from real-photo calendars, myphotobook UK offers you the chance to make your own calendar in many different formats. If instead of a big item, you would simply like to offer a small present, check out our personalised desk calendars. Simply upload twelve different pictures to our calendar maker, customise them with design elements and cliparts and place your order comfortably and online. myphotobook UK will take charge of developing the pictures in a personalised calendar and delivering them for you. Thanks to its colour warmth and impressive image contrast, you will be sure to appreciate the visual and genuine quality of real-photo calendars.