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Create panorama calendars online

XXL-size panorama calendars are the perfect way to enhance your personal collection of pictures in a large landscape size. How about offering a special present of a self-made personalised calendar to your dearest ones or simply to yourself, as a way of remembering the greatest moments shared together? myphotobook's calendar maker simplifies the designing process for you: by selecting a design template, adding a suitable background and inserting some cliparts you will be able to produce a unique and personalised photo calendar.

What you need to know about panoramic photo calendars

In a panoramic photo calendar  you have up to twelve pages available to depict each month of the year with a different photo. There are two ways of doing it: either you use our predesign templates that save time and effort or you can use your own imagination and design it by yourself from scratch. Pictures will be printed using premium digital printing techniques and high-quality photographic paper. Optimal resolution for panoramic photo calendars is of 4051 x 2026 pixels, although smaller pictures can also provide highly satisfying results, as long as picture resolution isn't any lower than 1742 x 1240 pixels. In addition, a glossy finish can be added for a small extra-fee, which is good to protect it from external damage, liquids and dust if for example it will hanging in a kitchen of the person who receives it. Panoramic photo calendars are delivered with an aluminium binding and a practical hanger, making it easier for you to find its right place at home. Gain space for your photos, select a large panoramic personalised calendar and create it online with myphotobook. In this way, your greatest pictures will be visible on your walls all year long.

A DIY photo calendar for all purporses

A panoramic photo calendar makes a good present as the year comes to an end, but also for birthdays, Valentine's Day or as housewarming gift, since it does not necessarily need to start in January, but you can select an alternative starting month. For example, a nice idea would be to create a calendar that starts with the month when you first met your soulmate. Or maybe your are considering to start with your mother-in-law's birthday is in March? Then you can make a present of a photo calendar that shows the different stages of the year from her own perspective. On the other hand, grandparents are always happy to receive pictures from their grandchildren. You can keep them happy for the rest of the year with a collection of your children's best snaps in a panoramic photo calendar.  A panoramic calendar leaves you plenty of space to play around and design a nice collage, which at the same time displays more pictures simultaneously in your personalised calendar 2021. In contrast, you wish to buy a smaller type of calendar, have a look at our 20x20cm size personalised calendars. Last but not least, don't forget that you also deserve a present! Give yourself a present of a personalised calendar with pictures of your last summer holidays or immortalise your best moments with your pet during last year.

Stunning pictures in an XXL size panorama calendar

In this day in age, most digital cameras, smartphones and iPhones have their own panoramic function. This makes it possible to take impressive captions of landscapes, sunsets and thrilling moments with your crowd of friends, which will look simply stunning in your panoramic photo calendar. There are no limits to the amount of topics and themes that can be used in these panoramic calendars. Let myphotobook's free software help you design an XXL panorama calendar that makes the best out of your pictures. Make your own collection of unforgettable moments and transform them in an original photo calendar! If you've already used myphotobook UK before, you will surely have experienced the joy of making a photo calendar or a photo-book with your own pictures. All these personalised photo gifts have the power of making others happy and saving important moments for the rest of your life. Are you maybe lacking the space for a panoramic calendar? Then we recommend to check other exciting formats for desk calendars, smaller wall calendar or even our year planners.