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A personalised desk calendar to refresh your working desktop

Making a personalised desk calendar is probably one of the most personal and exciting ways of turning your working environment into a more human and appealing space. Since in an office most people use the same equipment (the same desks, seats, same computer model and office supplies...) the overall appearance can end up looking flat, monotonous and colourless. But, standing right beside your plants or behind the mousepad on your desktop, a personalised desk calendar will bring back sunny memories from last summer holidays, impressive photos of natural phenomenona or funny annecdotes from a nice spring family outing. Your daughter's smile or your son's face expression after getting his school marks or after winning a match will accompany your during your long working hours. Appart from adding your own personal pictures, a personalised desktop calendar offers space for inspiring phrases which work for you to keep up your spirits in everday life. Moreover, having this personalised calendar on your desk connects you with positive feelings and reminds you of the people who you care about and support you. as your children, relatives and friends. A desk calendar is in addition a great way to gain clarity about your yearly schedule and help you remember national holidays, dentist appointments or the dates when clocks need to be changed. Personalised desk calendars have also their own place at home right beside the telephone directory. Whenever you speak to your relatives on the phone, you can recall important life events and check how many details you and the other person still remember. Furthermore, it is useful to be in front of a calendar when arranging appointments, since it avoids overlapping dates. myphotobook UK has prepared a stimulating variety of desk calendar formats that can be customised by uploading your own photos and arranging them as you like. In the following section, we will tell you more about the different calendar sizes and shapes that can be created on our online boutique.

An overview of our personalised desk calendars

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Classical desk calendar

A classical desk calendar includes 12 pages for every single month of the year plus one cover photo and a triangular paper structure. It stands up by itself and doesn't need to lean against anything else. For each month a unique page with your favourite pictures will be designed. As you create it, you can decide to show the whole month or only a single week, which leaves more space free for appointments or deadlines. Classical desk calendars are available in three different sizes: 11.7 x 4.13", A5 landscape (5.8 x 8.3") and a portrait mini calendars (4.5 x 5.8").


A CD calendar is also an unusual photo gift idea. This personalised photo calendar consists of 12 pages that stand up very elegantly with the help of a transparent CD case. In turn, the CD case makes it easier to transport it and protect it from external damage. The CD case holds 12 pages - one for each month- plus the cover page. Finally, an affordable price of £8.99 turns it into a small, easy-to-make, economical photo gift idea.

Postcard calendar

A photo postcard calendar is a suitable present for practically any special occasion. As a calendar made of postcards with 7x16" dimensions, there is a different postcard for every month of the year. Once the month is over, you can tear off that page and send it away to someone as a postcard. In this way, not only will you enjoy making it, but also share it with someone else.

Triangle desk calendar

The most cheapest personalised desk calendar of our shop costs only £4.99 - that's a triangle desk calendar. Triangle desk calendars make a meaningful and much appreciated small gift and only require 3 pictures to be created. Built on the basis of an A4 paper sheet, their triangular structure displays four months on each page. To set it up, it will only be necessary to fold the page at two different points and then stick the edges together with the provided sticker. As you can see, putting together your personalised desk calendar with a triangular format couldn't be any easier! As for the price of personalised desk calendars, they can vary from from £4.99 £12.99, depending on the size and paper quality. Do check out our five-star article - the real-photo calendar, printed on Fuji high-quality photographic paper. Real-photo calendars provide the best picture quality and colour brilliance.

Make your own personalised desk calendar

Regardless of what type of personalised desk calendar you wish to make, the designing process will be very similar for all of them, as they all stand up in a sort of triangular basis. You will need exactly 13 pictures - for 12 months and a cover picture - and a few minutes to decide their order and add further visual elements you would like to add. myphotobook's online tool includes many different frames, backgrounds and cliparts to decorate and perfection your own masterpiece. Please note that if you would like to save the calendar project, it will be necessary to download the software on to you computer or create a private session on our website. To check the final result and look out for any possible mistakes, make sure to open our designing tool in preview mode. Finally, add your personal details, select a payment method and complete your order online. Next. a confirmation message will be sent to your e-mail address.

Photo calendars to be created for all purposes

Appart from personalised desktop calendars, myphotobook holds a vast catalogue of photo calendars that range from personalised wall calendars, family calendars, kitchen calendars and folding calendars, as well as year planners. Make unique and personalised calendars that surprise your dearest ones with self-made photo gifts!