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A colourful A5 photo calendar to accompany this year

For only £11.99 you can create a personalised A5 photo calendar that contains your own pictures. Furthermore, you will be able to configure the design and change around any elements you like, unless you specifically prefer to save time using our standard calendar templates. A5 photo calendars are a rather small and manageable format, but can be still very powerful if combined with inspiring and meaningful snapshots. Take the chance to apply your own ideas by customising up to 13 calendar sheets - twelve plus the cover sheet. Once your A5 photo calendar is designed, myphotobook will make use of its premium digital printing technology to produce the physical calendar. An aluminium spiral binding and a hanger will be also integrated in the calendar. Finally, a glossy finish can be added to the printing sheets by paying a reduced extra fee. All these ressources are available for you to make a genuine and personalised calendar with an A5 size. To create your own calendar with myphotobook, you can choose between a portrait or a landscape orientation. For bigger landscape pictures, please have a look at our panorama calendars.

An A5 photo calendar is a suitable as a...

  • personalised wedding gift,
  • birthday photo gift,
  • anniversary gift,
  • gift for a newborn child,
  • personalised christening gift.

Design your own calendar with an A5 size

Say you are considering making your own calendar, but aren't too sure of what it could look like. We then recommend you to try out these ideas:

Thrilling themes for your A5 photo calendar

  • add a set of elegant family pictures or entertaining snapshots of your pet. Each monthly sheet can be dedicated to a different family member. In this way, you will make everybody feel part of the gang!
  • birthdays and the begging of a new season are clearly breaking points during the year;
  • important life events - such as a wedding  or your child's birth - and special occasions like Christmas are always worth while mentioning (look out for the corresponding templates and cliparts provided by our online tool);
  • if you already know where you would be putting up or placing your A5 photo calendar, you can adapt the calendar theme (for example, a calendar with recipes is an exciting decoration for your a kitchen)
  • spend some time thinking about the person who receives the calendar. Is it a calendar for children or for adults? If it's an A5 photo calendar for the whole family, it's nice to involve everybody in some way;
  • finally, try to find some structure in your pictures so as to express some message. Also look for matching cliparts, backgrounds and design patterns.
As soon as you have set a basic concept, making your own calendar will only take some minutes and a pinch of creativity!

Finding a structure for your A5 photo calendar

Making a personalised calendar could be a considered an art of its own. However, deciding the central theme of the photo calendar is key to producing a successful calendar. Once you have found a line or a story for it, the ideas will follow in a natural way. It can hold pictures of your favourite animals or of plants: the most important thing is to include people, places and things that hold a special meaning for you. Your friends and relatives, favourite artists or personal achievements are always a good topic for an A5 photo calendar to put up on your wall. In case you would like to dedicate the calendar pages to special places and locations, panoramic sights of cities and historic places of interest should provide a satisfying result. Creating an A5 photo calendar can become a very fulfilling experience, especially if you consider adding some of the most significative moments and milestones in your life. Famous phrases, quotations, conundrums and even tongtwisters can also help you complete a dynamic and entertaining gift. Get started now: upload your best pictures to our online calendar maker tool, give shape to your personal message and have a stunningly beautiful A5 photo calendar delivered right at your door. Nevertheless, if your wall has some more space for it, you can also check out our A4, A3 and A2 photo calendars or make a year planner.