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Design a A4 photo calendar with your own style

Have you ever thought of making your own calendar, but never really had the chance? Finally, that day has come: myphotobook UK allows you now to become the designer of your own A4 photo calendar.  Thanks to our practical A4 calendar templates, your sweetest memories will be easily  transformed into a personalised photo gift online. If you are looking for an original and personalised gift, a custom calendar is also a great choice. Each monthly sheet will depict a unique moment or a different aspect of your life.  myphotobook UK allows you to design the calendar sheets, include your own title and even select the month you want it to start with. In this way, an A4 photo calendar can be offered as a personalised photo gift at any time of the year. What's best: our online calendar-maker tool lets you re-arrange and enhance your pictures in a few seconds. Insert an attractive theme that takes up the whole page or add a a highly dynamic photo collage that fits your taste and preferences. Your own imagination will set the rules for creating an A4 photo calendar.

DIY calendars in A4 format are the latest fashion

Make your own calendar comfortably from home and online - forget about using scissors & glue- that's complety run out of fashion. myphotobook spares you the time of actually making the physical calendar and guarantees you end up with an original and personalised gift. Not only will it be a practical calendar, but it also will look as if it had just been bought! - the perfect mix of authenticity and professional quality. Get started now: design your own A4 photo calendar online!

Create your own A4 photo calendar

Before you start to create it, you should ask yourself what kind of effect the calendar is supposed to create. In this sense, the type of paper you select will play an important role. You have a choice of:
  • personalised calendars produced with standard digital printing techniques, alternatively with a glossy finish;
  • premium photo calendars with a canvas-like look, also digitally printed;
  • genuine photo calendars printed on high-quality Fuji photographic paper (to ensure maximum image sharpness and colour brilliance)

Digitally printed A4 photo calendars

With a digitally printed wall calendar, we recommend adding a glossy finish. This will make your A4 photo calendar shine and be attractive for everyone who sees it. This would be the best choice for lower budgets.

Premium A4 personalised calendars

An A4 photo calendar turns out specially well on canvas-like premium sheets. So not only will it personalised, but it will also have a different appearance due to its canvas-like structure. Since a canvas is the sign of a highly artistic and personal piece of art, it will be even more obvious that is was designed by you!

A4 real-photo calendars with the maximum photographic quality

If you pick Fuji photographic sheets for your A4 photo calendar, this will strongly increase the colour impact, as well as image sharpness (so called "acutance"). Indeed, a genuine photographic flair is the perfect way to awake nostalgic feelings. Real-photo calendars are indeed the ideal solution for ambitious projects that bring back the magic of developed photographs.

Surprise everyone with a DIY photo calendar

Whether you insert portrait or landscape captions, myphotobook offers you the space and flexibility to implement your finest photographic ideas and projects in an A4 photo calendar. Memories from your last holidays will build an original gift for your girlfriend, your father or a shared gift for the entire family. The more calendars you create, the cheaper your complete order will be. By ordering several A4 photo calendars at the same time, shipping costs will be reduced. Hence, it is an interesting way of saving money and giving away joy to the ones you love. Efforts to improve the usabilty and efectiveness of online designing tools have led to a faster and easier process of making photo calendars. Only a few actions are required to produce a top-quality calendar:
  1. set a certain order for your pictures, as if you were to tell a story;
  2. pick your calendar layout and printing quality;
  3. decide if you want to use a pre-designed template or design everything by yourself;
  4. fill in your details and complete your order of a photo calendar.
Quick, easy and personal - this is our secret to turn a personalised gift into a joyful creative experience. For bigger calendar formats, we recommend designing A2 and A3 photo calendars.