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A2 photo calendar for impressive pictures

Have you decided to make an A2 photo calendar? Then you need to know that it is our shop's biggest calendar format you have chosen. In this kind of photo calendar, all twelve pages have a 16.5 x 23.3" surface (42 x 59,4 cm) - that is more than enough space to display your pictures. These dimensions can be presented with a landscape or a portrait orientation. Either as a Christmas gift or as a housewarming gift, large a2 photo calendars will create an impression in the gift recipient. myphotobook UK helps you make your own calendar of the highest quality online and in only a few steps.

A2 photo calendar with portrait orientation

Have you collected enough inspiration and at least 13 pictures to make your own calendar? Then it's time to start designing and ordering it online. An a2 photo calendar with portrait orientation reserves a single page for each month of the year. The vertical axe makes it ideal for a portrait photo of the whole family. Thus, you can use a series of pictures of each family member plus a last group photo. In this way, an a2 photo calendar becomes a different and original personalised gift for Christmas or birthdays. Set your imagination free, choose your themes and create your own and unique calendar online.  Its huge and impressive printing area will automatically enhace your pictures. In order order to increase the impact of the images, your a2 photo calendar will be printed on premium sheets using digital printing techniques. Obtain the best results for your pics by providing an optimal image resolution of 4200 x 5940 pixels.

Landscape oriented A2 calendars are great for panoramic snapshots

Just as in A2 portrait-oriented calendars, myphotobook's landscape calendars are also produced with premium printing paper and assembled with a resistant aluminium spiral binding. In addition, these photo calendars are delivered with a hanger, so that they can be put up on the wall immediately. If you are about to make an A2 photo calendar we warmly recommend taking panoramic pictures from holidays, as for example a view of the sea or the silhouette of a city. How about showing a different landscape pictures according to the year season in a big A2 photo calendar? Please verify that your pictures hold an optimal resolution of 5900 x 4200 pixels to guarantee maximum image sharpness and colour brilliance.

A personalised folding calendar in A2 size

Personalised folding calendars with photos are one the traditional calendar sorts . If kept closed, their size is the equivalent of A2, whereas once they are opened it becomes a DIN A2 photo calendar. While opening it you will realise that the upper sheet contains your pictures, whilst the lower one displays the days of the month and offers enough space for plenty of notes and comments. This mix of visual beauty and a practical size make it ideal for all kinds of purposes and rooms. Doesn't a dentist appointment look less frightening when accompanied by a stunning sight in nature? Or isn't it easier to remember your mother-in-law's birthday if right beside it you see your child's best photo in a big size? And certainly, a personalised folding calendar can be used to produce calendars for your company and for any business purposes. Whether as a corporate gift, as a decorative wall calendar, this XXL photo calendar can be extremely useful to complete your office equipment. Every picture has a printing area of 23.15 x 16.5" (58,8 x 42 cm), which takes a minimum picture resolution of  4200 x 2940 pixels to avoid blurry images. Perfection your A2 photo calendar and give it a final touch with a glossy finish!

2019 year planner with an A2 size

Have you not seen a calendar for this year that actually convinces you? Then it's just the right time to start making it yourself. myphotobook UK has prepared a set of different A2 calendar templates for you to personalise with your own photos. With a year planner, for example, you can gain an overall view of the whole year with just a glance. It looks very much like a poster, except for the fact that the upper section displays your pictures and the lower one is designed for your comments. Have you collected the pictures you need? Then you are ready to go!

Make your own calendar in an A2 size

Now you are only a few clicks aways from your A2 photo calendar! It's surely going to happen online (using your usual Internet browser) or offline - that is, with the help of our free-download software on your computer desktop.  With both options you can access a variety of templates to design and personalise each calendar sheet. Since in a computer environment there are hardly any limits to your creative ideas, there's also the possibility of choosing the starting month. Due to the simplicity of myphotobook's designing tool, the distance between your own ideas and the final product depends on no one but you! Get started now: open up myphotobook's calendar maker and upload your greatest pictures. Of course, you can always consider other calendar formats other than A2. For instance, you can try out our panoramic photo calendars or a smaller calendar, such as A4 photo calendar!