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Photo calendar 2019 - Make your own personalised calendar online

Because a photo calendar is always full of memories, if you decide to make your own calendar it will indeed be a special experience, as you travel back in time and remember many nice things you probably had already forgotten about. A personalised calendar keeps up the mood every day of the year and accompanies you from one month into the next one. However, once you start to make your own, the first thing you need to ask yourself is what format you want the photo calendar to have. As soon as you have collected your favourite pictures and photographs and saved them in a personal folder, you can start benefitting from myphotobook's vast selection of different layouts and formats to design your own calendar online or offline.

Personalised calendar: 3 good reasons to make your own family calendar

  1. Since a personalised photo calendar is made with your own pictures, it will be connected to special situations and feelings, keeping you open for new experiences while reminding you of things you feel good or proud about (as for example, your children's achievements at school);
  2. Personalised calendars are really useful. Far from being a mere display of dates, they offer extra space to include your appointments and notes. In this sense, the type of photo calendar does also play a role. For instance, a year planner is ideal to add your personal notes. If in turn, you only want to see nice pictures, it’s more recommendable to pick a personalised calendar in which the month block takes up a secondary space, as in panorama calendars or real-photo calendars printed on photographic paper;
  3. Just to be fancy. It will certainly make a difference at home and will gain many compliments. If anyone asks where you got that pretty photo calendar, you can also say “ I made it myself online with myphotobook UK!"

make your own calendar

Photo calendar 2019

Photo calendar 2019 & more personalised calendar offers

Thanks to myphotobook’s photo calendar offers, practical desktop calendars and personalised calendars printed on Fuji photographic paper, your favourite pictures of holidays and celebrations with family & friends will be with you all year long. Creating them is very simple: choose your layout, upload pictures and make your own calendar online.

An overview of our most popular photo calendars

  • Personalised wall calendar: classical and neat
  • Personalised desk calendar: handy and chameleonic
  • Personalised calendars on Fuji photographic paper: stunningly beautiful
  • Year planners: practical and smart
  • Yearly calendar: get space for your ideas

The best selling photo calendars at myphotobook UK are  A3 and A4 personalised calendars. If you’re considering what type of photo calendar to create for your office, a 2019 planner with your own pictures will satisfy your needs for the whole year. As a result, your photo calendar will be printed out in the form of a poster, thereby allowing you to easily check your appointments and upcoming holiday. Whilst a desk calendar offers great company and shows affection, real-photo calendars outstand for their colour brilliance in professionally developed photos on Fuji photographic paper.

Upload your photos: What pictures should I choose for my personalised calendar?

You can choose pictures from your last travel holiday, portraits or family snapshots. As a matter of fact, you can pick almost any kind of photos to create a personalised calendar. But still, there are a few things to keep in mind when designing a photo calendar:

  •  Big calendar formats such as A3 or A2 require high resolution pictures, which means you should pay attention to the size in which your snapshots were taken. Indeed, low-pixel images when placed too big on a personalised calendar, are highly likely to look blurry. Fortunately, our online calendar maker software will inform you if your images aren’t big enough.
  • In case you want to make a smaller photo calendar or one that holds several pictures at the side, do make sure that the design is displayed clearly. In this way, your personalised calendar won’t lose its classy appearance.

personalised calendar 2019

Personalised calendar 2019 - Create now online with myphotobook UK

Create your own calendar  - Check photo calendar offers

There are two ways to create a personalised calendar 2019: you can either design it online or simply download myphotobook UK software.

Using our Online Designer

Custom calendar online creation. As easy as it gets: You will only l need 12 good pictures plus one cover photo. Once you have uploaded them to our online designer you can sort them out and add a personalised text or a nice background. myphotobook UK takes charge of the printing and delivery, making sure your 2019 custom calendar arrives nice and safely in a few days. Our online editor will make it very easy for you to make your own calendar. It's basically a software tool that you can use in your normal browser without having to download nor install any additional tools.  You can choose from a variety of colours that can be assigned to each season to quickly design a customised kitchen calendar with plenty of space for all family members. Design and decorate it as you like, by adding embellishmets to some sheets. A professional result can be attained by using special 3D embellishments.

Download our Photo Calendar software: A creative solution

Downloading myphotobook software is absolutely free. It’s quite a helpful tool for people who like to get inspired and be creative while making their personalised calendar 2019. Our photo calendar software offers a great selection of backgrounds and cliparts for any special occasion, as well as practical layout patterns and many other formatting possibilities to design your photo calendar.

Regardless of the system you pick - online designer or photo software - you'll be able to create a special and unique personalised  calendar with highest quality. myphotobook UK is just the right choice for your calendar projects.

How to make your own calendar

Giving shape to your photo calendar - myphotobook UK helps!

Set your imagination free! Enjoy a world of creative possibilities to make your own calendar online. Minimalists tend to select one photo per page. In this case, your biggest efforts will be guided towards selecting 12 to 13 images, although running through last year’s pictures can also be great fun. In contrast, other types of photo calendars such as personalised vintage calendars and planners don’t need anymore than one photo. Next, decorate your  personalised calendar 2019  by adding texts, design effects, backgrounds or clip arts. Of course, it’s also possible to make a calendar with several different pictures on one side. Both the online designer and the software tool of myphotobook offer a variety of layouts and ideas to design your own personalised calendar 2019. As soon as you’ve reached the result you were expecting for your photo calendar, you can complete the process by clicking “order”.

 The ultimate guide to create your own calendar

To avoid downloading and installing the software, you have the option of making your own calendar online with myphotobook UK editor. As soon as you click on it, the editor will open up in your browser. We recommend you to use Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Your personalised photo calendar - Step by step

Once you’ve reached our page you will need select a suitable calendar for your pictures. You can find up to 31 different calendar types on myphotobook UK, including wall calendars, kitchen calendars, desktop and panorama calendars for special types of photos.

  • Click on the button “CREATE NOW” if you already know your format;
  • The online editor will open up automatically;
  • myphotobook UK will give you a choice of 5 different calendar patterns. Otherwise you can choose “standard”, to continue making your own calendar;
  • In the next step you have to the possibility to pick your layout;
  • Click on “Photos” in order to upload the images you would like to include in your custom calendar;
  • Add as much an text and cliparts as you like to customise your personal calendar;
  • Now that all your pictures have been uploaded to your personal calendar and you’ve chosen a format for your calendar sheets, go through each individual sheet to make sure everything is right. If you’ve achieved what you wanted, continue to complete your order;
  • Press “Add to shopping basket”;
  • Pay attention if you notice that the resolution in some your pictures is too low: a message will then pop up on your screen. You will need to replace your low quality images with others that have a higher resolution. Make sure not to ignore this message to avoid blurry photos once they get developed and printed;
  • If your photos are of the right quality, simply click to continue and you will follow into the next step. Your images will be then uploaded to myphotobook UK’s server. Click once more to continue the process;
  • Once your images have been uploaded, you will get the chance to save your photographic project, which you will be able to use and edit over again in the future;
  • Finally you will land in the shopping basket. Check the calendar you’re ordering once more before moving on to the payment process;
  • Follow the next steps to ensure that your order has been correctly placed;
  • After a few minutes you will receive a message to confirm your order at your email address.

All the way from your camera to a personalised calendar 2019

A personalised calendar of your own photos and designs is always something special. As you can see, it couldn’t be easier to make your own photo calendar online. As soon as you’re finished creating your personalised calendar 2019 and placing the order, it’s on our roof: your DIY calendar goes now into the production phase. myphotobook UK holds great expertise in photo calendar printing, therefore producing photo calendars through premium photo calendar digital processing. Indeed, we use state-of-the-art technology for professionally developed and printed real-photo calendars on Fuji Supreme photographic paper, as we also do with our standard photo printing online.

Personalised calendars and photo gifts for Christmas  & the New Year

It’s never too late to make a photo calendar

One of the main advantages of myphotobook personalised calendars is the fact that you can choose at what month you want it to start. Say for example, you want it to run from March 2019 until March 2019 (this function will be available from mid-2019). Nonetheless, if your photo calendar is meant to impress everyone below the Christmas tree you will want to start making it soon. Please bear in mind our ordering deadlines. It won’t take that much time if you’ve previously selected the images. You can make sure it will arrive in time for Christmas by planning your simply order with some time. Needless to say we also offer express shipping for last minute orders.

Design more photo gift ideas with your own photos

Yet, customised calendars are only a part of our broad selection! If you haven’t had enough of it and would like to discover further photo gift ideas, apart from designing your own photo calendar,  continue visiting our online shop. Discover original personalised wall art ideas with myphotobook UK. Or maybe you just have so many nice pictures that you could even create your own beautiful photo books!

Personalised wall calendar for the New Year

As the year comes to an end, calendar sales increase dramatically. Just have a look at your nearest shopping center and you'll see the enormous amount of yearly calendars that are being exposed for sale. Did you find a design you really liked? If not, here is your solution:

Compose a personalised wall calendar with text and pictures

Tip: Pick a smart design and photos you really like or buy them for very little money on one of the many image databases in Internet.  Take a picture you like especially and create a personalised wall calendar to put it up on your living room or simply offer it as a present to a person you care about.

Special formats: square personalised wall calendars

You certainly know Instagram or the old polaroids, which hold a square format. But we offer many other modern and trendy square calendas to produce your own customised wall calendar online. In the following section alk about two other important aspects you should bear in mind:

Picture quality and resolution

To keep up an excellent quality of our customised articles and also have our customers satisfied we always recommend checking picture resolution in accordance with the size.  Our goal is to save you from looking at a personalised wall calendar with blurry photos for a whole year. For this reason our software editor displays an orange triangle whenever it detects insufficient picture resolution. Should this happen, make sure to upload a different photo that fits your desired size, so as to guarantee maximum printing quality.

Different paper types for a photo calendar on myphotobook UK

Learn the difference between a standard photo calendar and a professionally developed one:

Standard photo calendar

To produce a normal photo calendar we use 250gr/m² printing paper, which works particularly well for maximum colour brilliance.  When creating your photo calendar you'll get the chance to add a glossy coat, which gives a classy look and also protects your photos from liquids.

Real-photo calendars

For a real-photo calendar we take Fuji-Supreme photograpic paper. Pictures aren't be printed as usually, but are actually developed and printed onto photographic paper, as in a photo print. The name of this technique is silver halide printing. You will see and feel the difference in these nitid and brilliant colour photos. Dive into your fondest memories and even get to touch them! Therefore, it's the quality of photographic paper that distinguishes real-photo calendars from the rest.

Design any of both calendar types to fit your needs and choose from a variety of layouts, backgrounds and achieve a unique result combining them with some cliparts.

Personalised calendar formats

All calendar types can be ordered in the following formats:

  • portrait photo calendars
  • landscape photo calendars
  • square photo calendars

Why you should make a photo calendar for 2019

There are moments, experiences and situations in life worth while saving. Difficult times are in turn much too easy to remember. Positive experiences disappear from our memories, since we experience them with great intensity. To immortalise these precious memories, start now designing your personalised calendar. We hope you have a great time producing them online with myphotobook UK.

Gift ideas for the whole family

Are you that kind of person who likes to make his wife or husband happy? A happy husband will do his best for his wife's well-being and vice versa. You probably know already exactly what the other person likes. Create a personalised calendar with your favourite designs. Should you be lacking the pictures you need to create it, you can always get some nice ones at websites like Fotolia or Shutterstock. He or she will be surely impressed!