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Personalised calendar 2021 with photos

A personalised calendar 2021 for a great year start

A personalised calendar consists of twelve monthly sheets printed with your own personal photos and most important dates in 2021. Custom calendar printing is in fact a practical way to decorate walls & desks, as well as planning your schedule for the entire year. Every personalised calendar 2021 is provided with a photo display area at the top and a calendar grid for the year 2021Personalising a calendar means being able to choose from different combinations of features. Therefore, in a personalised calendar it is possible to select the size, printing techniquepicture orientationpaper quality and model.

Printing a personalised calendar in different formats

Once the right place for the calendar has been found, it becomes easier to decide on a certain model for printing. Depending on the future purpose of the personalised calendar 2021, photos can be printed onto the calendar sheets in two different ways: either with standard inkjet printing or using classical photo developing technique. In the latter case, the pictures are reproduced as real photographs, featuring an increased level of colour brilliance and realism. For this reason, this model is also known as the "real-photo calendar". In contrast, digitally printed calendars are cheaper to make and offer a low-budget alternative for designing a personalised calendar.

The quality of the original source picture also plays an important role in printed calendars. If the resolution is too low for the desired calendar format, there is a greater risk that the photos will turn out blurry. To avoid this, upload the images to myphotobook's online editor and check to see if any warning messages pops up. If the quality is good enough, you can start designing one of these personalised calendar formats:

Personalised wall calendar

When decorated with impressive images and inspirational texts, a personalised wall calendar becomes an exclusive piece of wall art with a practical calendar block. Wall calendars can be printed with a portrait, landscape or square layout in a variety of sizes that range from A5 (5.8"× 8.2") to the biggest A2 calendars (16.5 x 23.4"). One of the most attractive models is the folding calendar, in which two sheets are bound with a spiral wire: one sheet displays the picture and the other is printed with the dates. At the of each month, the lower sheet is turned up, freeing up the space for the new month to appear .

The premium version of a personalised wall calendar is made with refined canvas textured paper, a high-white printing paper sheet ideal for reproducing images in great detail. This special texture is in fact used for fine-art wall prints in many galleries and museums.

Personalised desk calendar

In contrast, personalised desk calendars are usually made for an office or a working desk at home.  Whenever it is necessary to check an appointment, a bank holiday or deadlines, a stunning image reminds the person of nice and pleasant memories.  Apart from the traditional desk calendar formats, like the triangle calendar or standup calendar, the available selection also includes other unusual and funky personalised calendars, such as the postcard calendar or the cd desk calendar.

Real-photo calendar

What makes a real-photo calendar different and special is the fact that all inserted images are developed like a photographic print. Photo calendars display pictures with dazzling colours and an increased level of depth 365 days a year. Besides, photo developing adds a nostalgic vintage flair to the calendar.

Year photo planner

All the way from January to December, a year photo planner provides an overall view of the months and weeks of the year. Each slot reserves space for writing notes, comments and reminders. Hanging up a year planner in an office is in fact a great help for the staff and managers, since working shifts, holidays and birthdays can be seen by everyone. Year photo planners can be ordered in A3 and big A2 size.

Personalised photo calendar ideas

With this wide range of personalised photo calendars for 2021, it is possible to make a calendar that fits every single occasion. Powerful images displayed on a customised calendar can change the atmosphere of a room, no matter if it's a an office, a school or your own bedroom.

Personalised family calendar

From your kid's Christmas school performance to an appointment at the doctor, the year is full important events and dates that you just can't miss. Involve everyone in the house by making a personalised family calendar. It's as easy as adding one or two pictures of the family members, mark their birthdays and put it up in the living-room.

Kitchen photo calendar

In a kitchen photo calendar, the pages are specially coated to stop the steam and liquids affecting the calendar. It is easy to clean with a humid cloth and offers plenty of space for leaving notes.

Personalised corporate calendar

Corporate gifts are an effective way of making your workers feel part of the team. Search out the funniest pictures from the last summer party in the company and make a unique corporate calendar.

Make your own calendar online

12 pictures are needed to make your own calendar online: one for each month of the year. Also for the front cover you will be requested to select an additional picture. When designing a calendar online, it is important that the collection of images keeps a certain order or rythm. This can be achieved by picking a specific topic for the personalised calendar, like natural landscapes, flowers, animals, hobbies and any other elements that you can think of.

Text and quotations are also a useful resource for making your own calendar. They can be inserted to explain the meaning of a photo, as well as including the names of the people who appear or as inspirational quotes.

To decorate the images and texts of a personalised calendar, you can make use of myphotobook's extensive gallery of design resources. Contrasting backgrounds, classy frames, dynamic cliparts and trendy filters perfection the calendar and help you obtain a professional result.

Put simple, the basic steps to make your own calendar online are:

  1. uploading 12 pictures to an online calendar maker
  2. assign each picture to one calendar page
  3. build the page order around a certain topic
  4. insert texts, mark specific dates
  5. send off your personalised calendar to be printed

Remember that inside myphotobook's online calendar maker, all changes can be reviewed with a practical preview function.

Photo calendar offers

At certain times of the year, myphotobook brings out seasonal photo calendar offers and promotions, allowing you to buy a photo calendar at a reduced fee. If you wished to be informed about the latest campaigns or get a discount voucher for your next order of a personalised calendar, subscribe to myphotobook's newsletter.