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Create a photo book with a square shape

Square photo book formats are indeed very different to all other models within the great photobook family. In a square photo book, all four sides have the same length and are equally important. In fact, it is this symmetry and closed shape that build the intimate and discrete character of square photo books. Whether you decide to create a photo book with a hardcover, softcover or leather cover, you can benefit from its overwhelming simplicity to make personal and genuine collections of your happiest memories. myphotobook's online shop allows you to design a photo book in two different square formats, including:
  •  30x30cm (12x12") photo books: in which the pictures should not exceed 13x18 cm measurements. Concerning image resolution, the limit of 3,060x 3,000 pixels should not be exceeded. Optimal resolution is 2354 x 2331 pixels and make sure to meet a minimum of 1177 x 1165 pixels;
  • 20x20cm (8x8") photo books: in this case we recommend a maximum size photo size of 20x30 cm. Maximum image resolution needs to be below 2354 x 2331 pixels, but shouldn't be any less than 1177 x 1165 pixels.

Steps for creating a square photo book online

Our photobook creator tool makes the designing process as simple as possible. To create your own photo book online:
  • First, pick the most suitable combination of size, orientation and cover for your project and get started by clicking on "Create now";
  • Then, decide if you would like to create it manually or use our pre-designed layouts with the support of the Photobook Wizard;
  • As soon as you have inserted the pictures, the Wizard will sort out the photos and let you know if they meet the basic resolution requirements;
  • Further visual elements, such as cliparts, lines, backgrounds and text help you give it a more personal and creative touch;
  • Tipp: a square photo booklet size can be perfectioned by adding some pieces of text, so as to tell a story;
  • Once you have finished designing it, add your masterpiece to the shopping basket and proceed with the payment.
As soon as the order has been registered, your square photo book will go into a production and assembling phase of up to 3 days, after which it will get sent to the provided address. A maximum of 200 pages can be added to your personal album. Depending on the number of pages, any changes in the price will be automatically displayed on your screen. The final price will include an additional delivery fee.

Square photo books: 7 design tips

Luckily, there is no more need to stick each single picture on to the album, neither do you need glue for it. In this day in age, personalised photo books are easily created and put together online. However, it may take a while to get used to the process. In this section we offer a few helpful design tips to make it simpler for you:
  1. Especially in a square photobook, avoid overloading a page with too many pictures at the same time. In any event, add no more than 4 different pictures on a single page;
  2. Photos don't always need to be stretched to their maximum size to look good. Remember that the actual square shape will already produce this "magnifying effect";
  3. Due to the discrete and elegant character of square photo books, a dark background combined with medium size photos makes a good match, as often seen in art catalogues;
  4. Try zooming into a picture section which you would like to highlight. This will increase its dynamism;
  5. Place long panoramic pictures over a whole spread: in this way you will gain about 60 cms length for your pictures!
  6. If extended over a group of pages, series of photos can easily catch and increase the reader's attention throughout the book, therby encouraging him to continue to turnthe pages;
  7. Use the provided frames from photobook creator to enhance important pictures.
Outside the United Kingdom, square photo books are also popular in countries like Japan, where a solid tradition of elegant square photo books in black and white has been mantained since the 1960's. Personalised photo books are used here for the purpose of artistic dissemination.

Personalised photo books in a variety of models

What types of square photo books can you create online?

  • 8x8" spiral-bound photo books
  • 8x8" softcover photo in different sizes
  • 8x8" hardback photo books
  • 8x8"quick print photo books (lay-flat binding, photographic paper and soft cover)
  • 12x12" hardcover photo books
  • 8x8" and 12x12" real-photobooks
The choice between a soft or a hard cover will hardly depend on the use you will give to the album. If you are expecting it to be handled by young children, a softcover may be more suitable. Since the book edges won't be hard, you will save their hands from getting hurt. On the other hand, a spiral binding is the best option to stop the pages from getting bent. And quick-print photo books simply have it all: a reduced price, premium quality printing, a soft cover and they also lay flat. As a matter of fact, digital print is the standard photo printing technique in our soft and hardcover photo books. In contrast, real-photo books are developed on Fuji photographic paper, allowing picture resolution to be lower without compromising the final result. Using Fuji's sheets for your personalised photo books adds the quality guarantee of a worlwide renowed manufacturer. Besides, thanks to their outstanding colour depth and brilliance, these high-quality photobooks make an ideal photo gift idea for special occasions, such as weddings, a child's birth or a christening. By adding a glossy finish, your photos will look simply dazzling. In any event, if you happen to realise that other formats could suit better your collection of photographs, check out our landscape and portrait-oriented photo books. myphotobook UK allows you to create your own personalised calendars, custom wall art and print photos online to produce original photo gift ideas that create an impression! We are constantly on the hunt for new creative ideas and  printing techniques to offer the very best.