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Softcover Photo Book Maker: create a photobook online!

From the moment you pick up a softcover photo book and hold it in your hands, you can feel all the emotion it contains. As a collection of the moments you like to recall and share with others, it creates a unique experience of warmth and intimacy. In this way, myphotobook UK combines the kindness of a softcover, flexibility regarding sizes and formats, as well as interesting photobook offers. Find the format that fits your needs among our soft cover in A5 portrait or landscape, A4 portrait & landscape and 20x20 square photobook. Upload your own captions of unforgettable moments, stunning panoramic images or some of the most important days in life: your first child's birth, your wedding or graduation. Our photo book maker will help you find the exact format to beautify your fondest memories. As a result, you will create a personalised photo gift or a nice object to decorate your own house. Making a big effort to stick your pictures with glue  is over nowadays: just add the pictures from your computer to our photo book maker and create a photobook online!

What's a softcover photobook?

Just as in paperpack books, in a soft cover photobook both the cover and binding are made of thick paper. This makes them especially flexible and provides a nice and soft texture. Softcover photo books originated in the 18th-19th century, as a low-cost but classy version of a normal book and as leaflets. A good example of a softcover book would be the classical pocket book, which is cheaper  a lighter than a hardcover book. It therefore can very easily transported and is suitable for people who like to travel.

Personalised Photo Gifts: 7 good reasons to make a soft cover photobook

If you're thinking of making nice personalised photo gifts for someone special , a custom photobook is always a good choice, since:

  • It only takes a few minutes and even less clicks to create it
  • You can either create it online or download our free-download photobook maker
  • Every step is explained by myphotobook UK in an easy and understandable manner
  • We provide you with an intuitive working surface
  • Additional layout features, clip arts and backgrounds are provided, offering more creative solutions
  • If you create it online, it's possible to complete the process on any kind of electronic device, such as a tablet, and at any time
  • Once you have created it, you can order several copies of them - as many as you like - and give them as a present to people you care about.

Order your sofcover photo books online

A softcover photobook is an elegant way to keep your happiest memories and make them last for the rest of your days. Appart from the great format choice, one of the biggest advantages is clearly its inexpensive price. Enjoy their combination of high-quality photographic paper and premium digital printing in up to 200 pages. Make personalised photo books with our online design tool and produce a photo gift for birthdays, weddings, first day at school or for people who like to travel. myphotobook UK helps you immortalise these special memories making them look special.

Photobook deals UK and cheap photo books

Of course, finding your own layout and format is just as important. myphotobook UK's selection of softcover photo books includes:

  • A5 softcover photobook portrait
  • A5 softcover photobook landscape
  • 20x20 softcover photobook
  • A4 softcover photo book portrait
  • A4 softcover photo book landscape

Regarding the number of pages, our softcover photo books hold a minimum of 24 and a maximum of 200 units. Whilst the basic version presents a shiny cover and matt pages, you can just as well swap these features by paying an extra fee. So if you prefer, you can also have a matt cover and glossy pages.  A 170 g /m² surface of high-quality photographic paper and top-level digital processing ensure excellent results and intensified brilliance for your personalised photo books. Not only the cover, but also the actual binding and book spine can be customised as you like. A softcover can be found in our quick photo books, which are made with professionally developed and printed photos, instead of using digital printing. In addition, flexible covers are present in saddle-stitch and spiral bound photo books.

 A5 softcover photobook portrait, from £15.99

Tell the story of your child's first day at school, your family holiday on the beach or last birthday party out in the garden. A5 portrait size is ideal to capture powerful sequences of moments and experiences. Its dimensions (14,5 x 19 cm) will remind you of a classical pocket book that will be admired by the entire family.

A5 photobook softcover landscape, from £15.99

Smart size A5 landscape is ideal for panoramic snapshots taken during a family celebration or an excursion. Portraits of animals also turn out especially well in this format.  Thanks to its compact size and affordable price, a softcover photobook makes a smart personalised present for many different occasions. Just make sure that pictures meet the required resolution - that is a minimum of 620 x 461 pixels, ideally 2100 x 1560 pixels.

20x20 softcover photobook, from £18.99

This is a square and handy softcover photobook size that you can use to highlight important occasions full of emotions.  If you stop to admire its compact format, you will soon realise what a good personalised gift it makes. In this case the resolution shouldn't be any less than 928 x 928 pixels, if possible 2050 x 2050 pixels to guarantee stunning results,

A4 softcover photo book portrait, from £15.99

A4 portrait isn't only a classical and well known format, but also the most popular one and best selling softcover photobook. Transform it into a magazine or a journal and write an exciting illustrated  story. Imagine what your wedding photobook could look like if you turned it into a magazine. You won't need to be famous to have the tabloids tell your love story from the very beggining!

A4 photo books softcover landscape, from £18.99

This particular format is the most recommendable one if you want to present panoramic pictures in an impressive way, as it is usually done in landscape photography. Use an A4 softcover photo book to make a personalised photo album of your trips around different regions showing a variety of landscapes. Take advantage of our many design patterns  and backgrounds to produce a consistent phtobook that fits your themes. 2760 x 2100-pixel resolution is the ideal one, but exceptionally you can go down to 815 x 620 pixels. If in turn, you would like a more solid kind of binding, please have a look at our hardcover photo books!