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A photo album with high-quality photographic sheets

Create a photo album online with your own pics

The modern photo album is a collection of photographs which have been developed and transferred onto the pages of a photobook. The same structure of a traditional family photo album is mantained, with the sole difference that the pictures are actually integrated in the pages. Compared to self-mount albums, in which photographs needed to be glued on or attached with adhesive corners, online generated photo albums provide a tidier appearance and are easier to manage. The proliferation of digital cameras has made it possible for any owner of a smartphone to take pictures, upload them to the Internet and share them publicly on social networks. As a result, the printed photo album has gained the consideration of a nostalgic product which protects personal memories within private spheres. During a visit of a neighbour or a relative, the photo album is shown to illustrate the experiences of a holiday trip or tell the history of the family, just like with classical coffee-table books or flush-mount albums.

The difference between a photo album and custom photo books

What really distinguishes a photo album is the fact that the photos are developed like real photographic prints. For this reason, photo albums are also named "real-photo books". As opposed to inkjet printing, photo developing can deliver pictures with a higher resolution, richer colours and greater image depth, making them look more realistic. These quality features are the result of using the so-called silver-halide technique, which reproduces the images through a chemical reaction caused by light exposure. Moreover, in personalised photo albums the pages are made of high-quality photo paper, specifically manufactured to display photographic images. As for myphotobook's albums, they are produced with Fuji Supreme paper and offer a 70-year guarantee. Thus, a personalised photo album represents the highest quality in terms of picture reproduction, whereas digitally printed photo books offer a more affordable or cheaper solution.

Personalised photo albums are unique and versatile

The fact that personalised photo albums can be designed online provides users with a unique range of possibilities and artistic resources. DIY and customisation have indeed become a worldwide trend during the last decades. The customisable features in personalised photo albums include the size, picture orientation (portrait or landscape), the type of binding (hardcover, softcover & leather) and the quality of the sheets. This allows the user to adapt the photo collection to his own personal preferences, so as to create a unique and original product. Furthermore, the album can be personalised according to the customer's budget. One of the most significant aspects of creating a custom photo album affects the coating of the pages. Depending on the type of pictures and the intended use of the album, it is possible to add a high-gloss finish or simply leave the pages matte.

The lay flat photo album

Lay flat albums are a developed form of the photo album that make a better use of the space to display photos. In lay flat photo books, the fracture between the two pages of a same spread is hidden. This doubles the display surface of the album and offers an ideal format for inserting landscape captures and pictures taken in panoramic mode.

How to create a photo album online

These easy steps describe the how a photo album is generally created:
  1. To create a photo photo album online, the first aspect one needs to consider is the picture resolution. Low resolution pictures can cause the images of a photo album to look blurry or pixelated. To avoid this, the pictures can be uploaded to an online editor, like the one from myphotobook UK and the software will automatically detect faulty images.
  2. Once the pictures are online, the orientation of the photo album - landscape or portrait - can be established to fit the angle in which the captures were taken. If necessary, the images can be cropped, edited or decorated with visual filters.
  3. Cliparts, frames and backgrounds can be added to complete the design.
  4. Finally, it is also possible to add descriptions or explanations with a text function.

Personalised photo album with thext

When adding text to a personalised photo album, it is important to select a clear font, such as Arial or Times New Roman. In titles, the size of the text shold be kept relatively big, around 28 points. For paragraphs, 14 points are an appropriate size. Before sending in an order or for anyone wanting to learn more about personalised photo album design, we recommend reading this checklist.

Ideas for creating personalised photo albums

A personalised photo album can be used for a wide range of occasions, including weddings, christenings, birthdays, Valentine's Day or Christmas. These are the three most popular types of photo albums, each of which are represented in myphotobook's editor as topic-related templates:

Wedding photo albums

Since, wedding albums are expected to display the highest photographic quality, both hardcover and softcover photo albums are the most frequent choice.

Baby photo albums

Many families and couples are cautious of posting pictures of their babies on social media. Baby photo albums are therefore a practical way of viewing and sharing the best pictures of a newborn baby with friends & relatives. Moreover, the preserve personal privacy.

Travel photo album

After an exotic trip, cameras and smartphones are usually full with stunning pictures from landscapes, monuments and city skylines. Printing these pictures as a part of a travel photo album avoids them getting lost or deleted from electronic devices.

Photo album printing formats

Regarding the printing layout of photo albums and photo books, there are three basic options: landscape, portrait and square. Landscape works better for vertical scenes with a group of people or natural scenery; in contrast, portrait and square layouts highlight smaller details, face features and intimate scenes. These three layouts can be combined in different sizes, so as to create:
  • A3 landscape photo albums
  • A4 landscape & portrait photo albums
  • A5 landscape & portrait photo albums
  • A6 landscape photo albums
  • 12x12" square photo albums
  • 8x8" square photo albums
Furthermore, these sizes can be combined with hard, soft, leather or linen cover, as well as a layflat, saddle-stitched, spiral bound and perfect bookbinding. As soon, as you have found the right format, you can upload the pictures or download myphotobook's free software and order comfortably online.