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High quality, professional & leather photo books - Premium personalised photo books

Professional photo books: What cover should you pick?

It is impressive to see how your pictures change and create a different impression depending on the type of cover you choose for a professional photo book. In a way, it is as if you could see them in a different light. Indeed, leather photo books have a majestic and sophisticated look about them, whilst linen photo books provide a lighter and more casual touch. Furthermore, black leather photo books look solid and authoritative, whereas light brown cover books create a warmer impression. In our experience, it really pays to take this into account when planning a personalised photo gift for someone special. Think of the person's tastes, personality, age group,  and the given occasion and you will soon find out what type of cover is ideally suited for your professional photo books. In high-quality photo books, it is mainly the binding and cover that make the difference, but also the quality of the paper and printing technique. About a dozen of operations are involved in producing a professional photo book, the most demanding of which is clearly the binding process. Regarding the type of paper, one of the easiest ways to provide a top-notch result is to use photographic paper for the pages. In this reprographic technique images are developed as fresh and real photographs and printed with maximum colour brilliance, which is the reason why we call them real-photo books.

Let us help you create your high-quality photo books

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional photo books, myphotobook UK has gained expertise in creating high-quality personalised photo books in a wide variety of sizes and formats. Our experienced team of professionals holds twelve years of experience in this field and can guide you throughout the entire designing process. We are happy to support as well as sharing our knowledge and passion for high-quality photo books with you. For this reason, don't hesitate to send all your questions, doubts and suggestions to our English customer service, which you can contact at the left-bottom corner of this page.

Premium & professional photo books for everyone

In the last decades, professional photo books made of high quality pictures have become accessible to all types of customers and budgets, partly because of the reduction in the manufacturing costs and materials - which makes them more affordable - but also because every person has now the freedom to design their own premium photo books online. In fact, personalised photo books used to be produced for a limited group of privileged customers who could afford them. Then, little by little, professional photographers and visual artists started to use high quality photo books as personal portfolios to display their works of art. Also many smaller shops and retailers use high quality photo books as catalogues to display their variety of articles and offer examples to their potential clients. In all  these cases, highly professional photo books need to meet strict quality standards and provide a real level of excellence. The idea that personalised photo books can only be designed by professional and highly-skilled photographers has therefore died out of fashion. An easy and intuitive software makes it possible for anyone to create a photo book, either online or offline, manually or with predesigned patterns and even with the help of a photobook wizard. A variety of original cliparts, backgrounds, frames and special effects build a plethora of creative possibilities.

Leather photo books - Create an impression

Appart from the classical hardback binding, premium photo books can be created with a leather or linen cover. For instance, a leather bound photo book offers the advantage of ageing nicely and being extremely versatile. Its DIN A3 and A4 executions make a nice personalised photo gift for practically any occasion (anniversaries, silver weddings, an old class reunion or Valentine's Day). Linen photo books are in turn very popular as wedding photo albums, for first communions and christenings. A4 size offers a choice between landscape and portrait layout, as opposed to A3 -which is only available with landscape orientation - and compact square photo books.

High quality pictures for your personalised photo books & albums

If you're all excited making plans for the day of your wedding, you are certainly aware of how important photographs will be. Image requirements are rarely as high as when one decides to get married. A professional photographer may be able to take wonderful pictures, but it is often the case that you have a clearer idea of how you would like to structure your own photobook. In addition, many guests will have taken pictures from different angles. So if you finally decide to combine all of them the choice will be even broader. In order to design high quality photo books of your wedding:
  • Make sure that all the guests are included in at least one snapshot;
  • if you have several pictures of the same scene or situation, pick the ones where the guests appear best;
  • look for the photos where your best friends and closest relatives are similing or have a nice face expression;
  • some photos are clasically iconic (like a kiss in front of the altar) - think of showing them in a bigger format.
It is useful to know that premium layflat photo books are one of the best and most popular choices when it comes to making a wedding photo album. Since page breaks within the same spread are avoided, there is a bigger printing surface available to display stunning and professional photos. Pieces of text, such as lyrics from songs, poems, well known phrases and citations can be also added to strengthen the final message and show complicity with the people who read it.

Premium photo books

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