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Photo books with landscape orientation and a thrilling story

Thanks to their horizontal orientation, landscape photo books are the most practical choice to depict privileged views and landscapes. Just as you could do with a pair of binoculars or as in a bird's eye view, landscape photo books capture the "big picture", creating an overview of the different elements that build a scene. Moreover, landscape photography books broaden our field of view, making it possible to reach larger areas and include a higher number of elements. Due to the preponderance of the horizontal axe, personalised photo books with landscape orientation also tend to create a feeling of peace and balance which you can benefit from to design a stunning photo album.

Original ideas to make a landscape photobook

Adding pieces of text in your personalised photo books

A good way to record important details or pieces of information is to add text or descriptions, either beside the pictures or below them. A few words can be enough to reflect the meaning of that unique experience. Funny coincidences, interesting facts, the dates when the photos were taken, new discoveries and things you didn't know before are some good examples which will continue to add value to your personal collection of landscape photos. Indeed, by including the dates, your personalised photo books with text will be automatically transformed into real travel diaryies containing the many phases of a trip or excursion. Another nice idea to create an original landscape photo book is to show how you built your own house and the stages  it went through before it was finished and you moved into it. In order to make the best out of your personal story, myphotobook UK offers a great variety of fonts that can be adapted to each theme. For example, gothic fonts will give a more noble and aristocratic flair, whereas print fonts look more neutral and objective. Also the selected colours provide the text with a different character: reddish tones will attract attention, whilst blue and green look soothing and peaceful. Additional  shapes, backgrounds and designs offered by our photobook software will help you create a valuable story and save it for posterity.

Using a pre-designed layout

Since each one has been designed for a specific purpose (birthdays, Christmas, weddings, babies, etc.), pre-designed patterns are also a great help when creating a photo book. Not only do they save you from making a good few decisions, but they also are a way of making the designing process shorter. However, we all want our personalised photo books to look different and original. For this to happen, a myriad of visual elements, including lines, shapes, cliparts and backgrounds support your through the creative process. Of course, you can make a landscape photo book manually and design every bit of it by yourself! Select the best pictures for your landscape photo book, upload them to myphotobook UK and give wings to your creativity!

Create a photo book and experiment with different sizes

Landscape photo books are available in the following sizes:

  • A3 (XL size) 16.7 x 11.5 inches
  • A4 (L size) 8.2 x 10.8 inches
  • A5 (S size) 7.4 x 5.7 inches
  • A6 (XS size) 5.9 x 3.9 inches

Tipp: Smaller landscape photo books, such as A5 or A6 work best when placing one picture for each page. In contrast, A4 and A3 leave plenty of space to combine several pictures on the same sheet. Find a right combination of size, orientation, binding and cover that highlight the beauty of your photos!

Landscape photo books are ideal travel photo books

If we stop to think about it, we spend most of our days looking at the same objects and streets and meeting the same people every day. And then, for only a very short period we manage to get out for a holiday or some special occasion and see dozens of unusual places, fascinating landscapes and new faces, which we unfortunately tend to forget during the rest of the year. The beautiful lights and shades during a long walk along the seaside, a panoramic sight from the top of a hill or the marvels of nature that accompanied you in that original excursion deserve to be kept in a very special place. Besides, our memory isn't really that accurate and tends to decline with age. And what place could be better to save those memories than your own personalised photo books with landscape orientation?

Lay flat photo books

The special thing about lay flat photo books, which is why they are so popular, is that they allow you to display one picture on a double-page surface without any breaks. Since the binding is hidden, the pages "lay flat".  Use a lay flat binding to gain space and produce astonishing travel photo books with a landscape layout. Whether as a gift for a special personal or simply as a nice-to-have on your coffee-table, they make a personal and always versatile personalised gift.

High quality albums

myphotobook UK's latest hit is the "real-photo book". This modern version of a classical photo album is performed on high-quality photographic paper.  All pictures are thus developed and printed onto a Fuji Album Paper sheet. Unlike traditional family albums, with real-photo books you won't have to bother about the pictures falling out of the album and sticking them on again.  Another thrilling combination can be found in quick-print photo books, which include a softcover, premium quality printing on photographic sheets, a lay-flat binding and a reduced price.  Would you like to be informed about our latestphotobook deals and other cheapest photo books ? Then subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page!

Photo gift ideas for the whole family

If you are looking for a greater variety of ideas for people who travel, check out our specialised section for photo gift ideas, where you can find photo travel mugs, notebooks, drink bottles, canvas bags, lunchboxes, wallets and even personalised car sunblinds. Join a big community that shares a passion for customised and self-designed articles for everyday life. Use your imagination and turn your own ideas into a personalised gift that immortalises eternal moments with myphotobook.