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Hardcover photo book  - Save your memories for the future in personalised photo books

A hardcover photo book can help you immortalise your greatest moments and memories by transforming them into a high-quality photographic product. Regardless of what theme you pick - for example, pictures of last holidays on the beach or of your baby’s first year of life - a modern hardcover photo book is open to all the possibilities you can think of. Thanks to myphotobook UK, you will be able to create and print your own hardcover photo books online to make your golden moments last forever. In the past, if you decided to make your own photo book, it would have taken you a lot of work to keep the pictures clean and avoid the usual fingerprints caused by sticking them on with glue. Sometimes you would find out that two pages had stuck together and they could even end up getting torn. But, in this day and age the process of producing your own photobook is much simpler, since you can easily complete it online. Pictures are taken with a smartphone or a digital camera at any place and then uploaded to specialised websites, such myphotobook UK. In this way, when creating your personalised hardcover photo book, you will be able to change your selection of photos online at any stage. The most important aspect is to pick a suitable album size according to your picture’s resolution.  Finally, you can choose between a glossy or matt finish or use high-quality photographic paper (real-photo books) , which guarantees an impressive final result for your personalised photo books.

When to choose a hardcover photo book

  • Hardback photo books don't only hold a hard cover but also a robust binding. Therefore, they offer a more solid protection for your pictures than a softcover photo book or a leather bound photobook. On the other hand, they are a heavier and less flexible sort of photobook.
  • For this reason, hardcover photo books are extremely popular to create wedding photo albums, since they symbolise an important event in your life and something you would like to last in time.

Photobooks UK - Make a hardcover photo book online

Photo book creator - online or free download - Edit your personalised photo books

myphotobook UK allows to you either make a hardcover photo book online or using our free-download software. Whereas our online photo book creator is faster to use, downloading our software within a few clicks is an interesting option if for example you need to create several personalised photo books at once. Besides, our offline version offers some additional features. Feel free to add a text, quotations, poems or a passage from your favourite book. Finally, insert a frame or a clipart if you wish to highlight a certain picture and  try out our many different photobook layouts.

Professional hardcover photo book printing with myphotobook UK

Do pay attention to the way you organise your pictures: by distributing them in a symmetric way and having similar sizes and shapes on each page you will create a calm and soothing effect. On the other hand, varying the colour and the structure frequently is a good way to achieve dynamism, although it could also look untidy if your'e not careful enough. In any of these cases, it is recommendable to repeat some design elements on most pages, so as to ensure a certain rythm and consistency. Keeping in mind a few of these composition rules and techniques will make your personalised photo books much more appealing.

Choosing the right format for your hardback photobook

Because of their practical and multifunctional size, hardcover A4 photo books are generally speaking the most successful and ordered ones in our online shop.  In turn, 30x30cm and landscape A3 photo books - the latter offering a surface of more than 85cm - are ideal to present your pictures in the most impressive way. In contrast, 20x20cm and A5 size hardback photo books stand out as small and compact formats, allowing you to plop your photobook into your handbag. Regarding the number of pages, you can add up to 200 different ones to your hardcover photo book printing project.

Personalised photo gifts for him & her

Isn’t it a pity to bury your own memories in your hard disk, fearing they could get lost at some stage? They could just as well be shining up on your shelves in the form of a hard cover photo book, for everybody to see them and admire them in your living-room. A photobook is one of the most original personalised photo gift ideas for your partner or relatives at Christmas, or for another special occasion, such as a birthday. Such a unique present is always something unexpected and has a strong surprising effect. Say for example your girlfriend's favourite colour is green, or maybe there's a certain picture that reminds her of a very important moment in her life: a personalised photo gift will always convey that special meaning which a standard gift will be lacking. Use that meaningful colour at the background and highlight her nicest expression at that moment. Are you by chance that type of person that likes to travel go out into the woods and spend time discovering the marvels of nature? In that case, myphotobook UK offers you the perfect solution to make your ultimate collection with stunning colours and create personalised photo gifts. Just spot the ideal moments and capture them in a customised photo album. If it's quality that you're looking for, especially printing quality, experience the many advantages of our professional custom printing services and photo book offers. As time goes by, our memories tend to get vaguer. Then we start to think back and try to remember our old pet, our child's first steps or the last time our group of friends got together. But for sure you still have plenty of situations that can be saved in personalised photo books: your last trip with your soulmate,  Luckily, the pages of our hardback photo albums are thick and their stunning colour brilliance will resist to ageing happily ever after.