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Personalised photo books in A6 size (6x4 in)

There is something charming and hypnotising about small A6 photo books: powerful life experiences are by some sort of magic transformed into a pocket-size eye-catcher which can be easily handled and carried everywhere you like. In spite of their small size (6 x 4 inches/ 15 x 10 cm), the fact that they contain personalised photos makes these A6 small photo books unusually impressive. At first glance, the tiny size of an A6 photobook makes it look as if you had just bought a small last minute gift. But once it has been opened, the meaning of the photos will be soon clear and recognised by the person, and so the bigger the surprise will be. Moreover, these small photo books can be fitted into practically any size of bag or pocket and be admired over and over during a train trip or flight, as the intended person indulges in your happy memories. Say you have been invited to a birthday celebration, wedding or housewarming party, but are quite undecided about what type of present to bring with you. The person who the gift is meant for might have already enough things at home and probably isn't keen on having more objects that take up space at home. If you ask, they will say they don't need anything except your own presence. But, you still may want to bring them at least a little something to thank them for inviting you. Indeed, it is not so easy to always find the right present for a particular occasion.  For such occasions, small photo books in A6 size are a smart way of remaining discrete while creating an impression.

A6 photo book is our smallest format!

However, this doesn't necessarily mean a lack of space, especially when creating a 6x4 lay flat photo book. A layflat binding saves the break between two pages of the same spread and therefore enables photo printing on a bigger surface. As a result, you can keep the small size of A6 mini photo books and have enough space to print your photos so that many details are still visible. Instead of lay-flat, a spiral binding can be added to stop the pages from getting stuck together. What does change with an A6 photo book is its price, especially compared to other larger formats like A3 and A4 photo books. In order to find a perfect combination of high-quality photos, a lay flat binding and a reduced price, check our quick print photo albums and price-reduced photo books.  So in all, a smaller size photobook does mean a lower price, but certainly no less printing and binding quality than in all other personalised photo books on our online shop.  Isn't it said that "good things come in small packages"?

Small photo books with text - Make a photo book online

A small photobook allows you to say with pictures what you may not be able to put into words. It is no wonder that personalised photo books are often regarded as "books where the story is told by pictures". However, myphotobook's software makes it possible for you to fill your small photo books with text and nice phrases from songs or some famous writer. This text can describe what is happening in the picture or simply send some special message to the person who reads it. The process of making a photobook has obviously changed in the last decades, as photos don't need to be stuck on one by one anymore with the help of photo corners, but manufacturing companies like myphotobook do all the work for you. Even in ancient times, small photo booklets were handmade cult objects, considered to be symbols of enduring knowledge. As much as this has changed, an A6 photo book still contains all the emotions that you remember from you childhood. Thanks to myphotobook's intuitive software, you will be able to make a photobook on your own computer, either online or offline and within only a few minutes. In our offline version you can bring your laptop anywhere you like and continue to design it at your own pace. Some additional features are also available in the offline version, which cannot be found online.

Easy photo books to create by yourself and offer as a present

To simplify the creative process and make it as easy as possible for you, myphotobook UK has prepared a set of templates that can be followed with very little effort - it is what we call "manual mode". These templates are organised by theme, like pictures of newborn babies, weddings, or birthdays.  Add cliparts, change the background or adapt the shape of the frames to convey your own style. In case you have a very clear idea of how to make your photo book, there's the possibility of designing it from scratch. In every picture and different element you add, there's a way of sending love and good wishes to the person who receives it.

Main features of an A6 photo book

  • Pages are available as digital-print sheets or high-quality photographic paper (developed)
  • A choice between a matte or glossy finish
  • Bindings can be either lay-flat or spiral bound
  • It can be designed online or by downloading our free photo maker
  • The lowest prices on our online shop

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