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Why are A4 photo books the most ordered personalised photo books in UK?

What is it that makes A4 photo books so popular? Some will say it is because of their practical dimensions (210 mm × 297 mm / 8.3 x 11.7 inches) that they're so easy to handle. Others in turn will argue that A4 size has traditionally been used as the standard format for correspondance all over the the world. Whatever the reason is, the truth is that A4 photo books build the best-selling category of photographic products in the United Kingdom. Out of its rectangular shape you can create personalised photo books with portrait or landscape orientation and bring back to life your happiest memories from holidays, birthday celebrations or last Christmas.  By combining your A4 photobook with a matching cover, fonts, visual effects and different kinds of bindings, you will be able to make a photobook that contains many exciting moments.

What kinds of bindings are available for A4 photo books?

Since page binding has a significant influence on the durability of a photobook, take your time to carefully pick one that fits your needs, before you order. Bindings for A4 photo books include:
  • A4 saddle-stitch bound photo books
  • A4 spiral bound photo books
  • A4 portrait sofcover photo books
  • A4 lay flat photo books with a softcover
  • A4 hardcover photo books with portrait orientation
  • A4 photo books on Kodak photographic paper
In case you need some advice: for small budgets, a spiral binding combined with a softcover is always a good choice. If you are trying to obtain a more professional appearance a hardcover can be a great help, whereas A4 layflat photo books have the advantage of a bigger printing surface with no gaps between the pages.

Should I order A4 portrait or A4 landscape?

It is important to choose the type of orientation for your A4 photobook depending on the photographs you have available. A4 portrait photo books work best when you are focusing on a certain detail or if you want to depict someone's personality (e.g. from a child, an adult or an animal). In contrast, A4 landscape photo books are ideal for group photos or to give a general overview of a place or a room. The size also makes a difference: an A4 portrait photobook turns into an A3 landscape once you open it, making up for an impressive result. Generally speaking A4 is a size that is easy to transport and allows you to bring your photobook in your case wherever you go. Make sure to add a hard cover if you're planning to move it around from house to house to show it to your friends and relatives. In this way, you will avoid it from getting bent.

Create an A4 photo album online or download our free photobook software

With only a few clicks, you will have created a master piece of art of your own. Please bear in mind that both versions of our photobook creator tool include pre-designed patterns that make the process of creating a photo album much easier. Maybe you're asking yourself what's the actual reason for having two versions of the software. Indeed, our online photobook creator is quicker, since it relies on the speed of your Internet connection. However, it won't allow you to save your projects, myphotobook's free-download software does. So in all, there are two different options that you can use for creating your A4 size photo books.

How to avoid mistakes in your A4 photo album when it's still not too late

It only takes a few minutes to organise your pictures, but it will save you many mistakes and the trouble of correcting some details. A good way to start your A4 photobook project is to create a separate folder on your desktop where you have an overall view of all photos. At this stage is where you would want to decide the order in which each images will appear. If you fear that you could run out of space, remember you can also make them smaller to fit several  of them into a page. Once you have set a structure for the images, start to imagine the colour in the background and consider adding text or some frames. A key point to making a successful A4 photo album is image resolution: insufficient picture resolution is likely to cause a poor and blurry appearance. To avoid this, follow the instructions of our photo book creator tool or open preview mode. In this way, you will get a realistic idea of what your A4 photo book looks like.  If your text happens to be too long or too big, myphotobook's software will warn you about it. At all stages you can go back and re-size your pictures, move them around or change the shape and layout.

A good personalised photo album deserves a proper cover

A descriptive image combined with meaningful title is the perfect way to start your own A4 photo album. In a way, the first picture on the cover should summarize the content of the whole album. Experiment with our original frame effects, so as to create nice colour contrasts.  Although many forget about it, the back cover is an interesting place to leave some funny and unexpected picture or message at the very end of your A4 photobook.

Let your personalised A4 photo books reflect your fondest memories

Dive into your greatest memories andn picture the people and places that are really important to you. Since our visual memory is not always that accurate, we can be often be misled by outside conditions. For this reason, A4 personalised photo books are a smart solution to make those people and places become immortal. The smile of your child with his grandparents, a panoramic view of some stunning landscape in your home town or an unforgettable trip will offer you a series of photos to create astonishing personalised photo books. If your camera includes a panoramic function, try taking whole a set of pictures while you turn and encompass the entire sourrounding area.  Once you're done, put them together in an impressive panorama image. To make it even more personal, you can describe the pictures with text or quotations. As a result, the person who reads it will understand the special meaning that the pictures have for you. We hope you really enjoy your personalised A4  photo books! Use them as original photo gift ideas or as a nice book to admire at your coffee table. If you think you need more space, do try our A3 photo books.