Photo Book Spiral Binding A6 landscape

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  • 12 to 100-page photobook (12-200 photos) with plenty of space for your own pics
  • Make a photo book online or download the free software!
  • Printed on 170 gsm high-quality inkjet paper
  • Transparent cover

Photo Book Spiral Binding A6 landscape

Happiness only becomes real when shared! Dedicate this A6 spiral bound photo book to your dearest people. Thanks to its inexpensive price you can make more copies and only pay the delivery for one. A traditional Christmas dinner, the usual Halloween "treat or trick" or a birthday party can be saved and shared with family & friends in a mini photobook with a spiral binding. It makes a small yet thoughtful present of a holiday photo book or family photo book. As the pages lay flat, they are easy to flip through, as you recall unique experiences and important life events, like a school graduation, a wedding proposal or the acquisition of a new house.

Main features of our personalised photo books:

  • Number of pages: 12 to 100 pages to design by yourself
  • Size: A6 landscape, 10 x 15 cm (3.94 x 5.91") approx.
  • Cover and inner pages: matte plastic cover; inner pages matte (glossy finish available for extra fee)
  • Binding: spiral wire binding
  • Paper: 170 gsm inkjet photo paper
  • Production technique: high-definition digital printing
  • How to order it: create a photobook online or download the free software!
  • Resolution requirements: 1540 x 1110 pixels (preferred), 606 x 437 pixels (minimum)
  • Print area: 15.4 x 11.1 cm (6.0 x 4.3") approx.
  • Hint: avoid placing important elements in the central area of the photobook, where the pages will be bound
Photo Book Spiral Binding A6 landscape Prices
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24 Pages £12.49
28 Pages £13.99
32 Pages £15.49
36 Pages £16.99
40 Pages £18.49
44 Pages £19.99
48 Pages £21.49
52 Pages £22.99
56 Pages £24.49
60 Pages £25.99
64 Pages £27.49
68 Pages £28.99
72 Pages £30.49
76 Pages £31.99
80 Pages £33.49
84 Pages £34.99
88 Pages £36.49
92 Pages £37.99
96 Pages £39.49
100 Pages £40.99
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Photo Book Spiral Binding A6 landscape high-gloss finishingPrices
12 Pages £9.19
16 Pages £11.09
20 Pages £12.99
24 Pages £14.89
28 Pages £16.79
32 Pages £18.69
36 Pages £20.59
40 Pages £22.49
44 Pages £24.39
48 Pages £26.29
52 Pages £28.19
56 Pages £30.09
60 Pages £31.99
64 Pages £33.89
68 Pages £35.79
72 Pages £37.69
76 Pages £39.59
80 Pages £41.49
84 Pages £43.39
88 Pages £45.29
92 Pages £47.19
96 Pages £49.09
100 Pages £50.99
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Sweden £9.95 2 Days
Switzerland £29.95 2 Days
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Small spiral bound photo books A6 landscape

A6 spiral bound photo books are an easy way of making a personalised collection of pictures which fits into any bag or pocket. A6 sized pages (4x6") assembled with a wire spiral bookbinding and covered with transparent plastic build a light and manageable booklet which you can carry with you anywhere you like. Since the cover weighs so little, it can be opened and closed in a second. In this way, happy memories will accompany you throughout the year, regardless of where you are.

A6 wire bound photo books with landscape oriented pages are best suited to depict small but meaningful details in a sort of photo story. Thanks to the small dimensions, most photos taken with a smartphone will turn out well in A6 size. A smaller size therefore leads to lower resolution requirements. Nevertheless, a minimum resolution of 606 x 437 pixels will be necessary to avoid blurry images, although the highest quality will be attained 1540 x 1110 pixel resolution.

Mini A6 photo books with a spiral binding and landscape orientation are often used to create:

  • travel photo books,
  • baby photo books,
  • personalised children's books,
  • Christmas photo books,
  • birthday photo books.

Cheap photobooks & inexpensive photo gifts

For £7.99 it is possible to make a 12-page photo book that shows last year's highlights. Good quality but cheap photo books make ideal personalised photo gifts, including back-to-school gifts, newborn baby giftsSecret Santa gifts and birthday presents. Indeed, custom printed articles let you personalise the message and transform the gift into a unique piece.

Inexpensive spiral bound photo books can also be ordered in these formats:

  • A4 portrait spiral bound photo books,
  • A5 landscape spiral bound photo books,
  • A5 portrait spiral bound photo books,
  • 20x20 square photo book with a spiral binding

Visit other sections of our website and find the best choice for your photographic project! Remember that spiral bound photo books are printed on high resolution inkjet sheets. To obtain a more polished and uniform look, you can also order the pages with an additional glossy film.

Tips & tricks to make your own photo book

Making your own photo book is an easy task that can be performed online or using myphotobook's free download software. Read the following recommendations to make the best out of your pictures and find some new ideas:

  1. compared to coloured pictures, black & white photos create an intimate atmosphere. Monochrome images are a smart way of enhancing the shapes and increasing the level of contrast.  Experiment with contrasting colours on the background until you obtain a classy appearance.
  2. try to find a common line that connects the pictures and defines the theme: is there a main character or a certain element that appears on most photographs?
  3. once you have the theme for your A6 spiral bound photo book, open the photobook wizard to find a suitable template or background; this will save you time.
  4. think of the story you would like to tell with the pictures: is the photobook meant for the whole family, for your grandparents of maybe for children?
  5. play around with a variety of picture formats (square, round, bigger or smaller) and mix them to increase the dynamism of your photobook collection.
  6. add explanations, texts, verses or lyrics to show what those images mean to you. A short introduction or an inspiring question will let the pictures talk by themselves.
  7. decorate the photobook pages with matching cliparts: frame the images, combine them with scrapbooking elements or use the spiral binding to convey the the look of a notebook. Fonts, backgrounds, text balloons and filters will cooperate in building a consistant visual appearance.

Discover a world of creative possibilities to make your own photo book and customise it to make unique and help it fulfil its purpose. Search your hard disks, e-mails, social networks and smartphone memory cards for the best snaps of the last months. Upload them to our online platform and arrange them as you like. Have a last look at your photo book with out preview function and complete your order by giving in your personal details and a payment method. If you purchase more copies of the same A6 photobook and order them all at once, you will pay the delivery fee only once. This can be very convenient to make a present for the whole family.

DIY photo book with a spiral bookbinding

A do-it-yourself photo book is more than a simple series of photographs: by selecting your own layout and design you share your personal vision of the world. DIY photo books have been made possible thanks to intuitive design tools such as myphotobook UK. Instead of going to the trouble of building the entire book, it becomes an on-demand service where the choice of different combinations is up to the customer. As a result, any kind of person - regardless of graphic design skills and knowledge of photography - has access to making a personalised picture book. If further expertise is required in specific cases, like with resolution issues, myphotobook's team remains at your complete disposal.

Moreover, the person who receives the gift will appreciate it a lot more if you have done it by yourself.  It becomes a fresh, unique and genuine present that makes a real difference.

Squeeze your creativity and find memorable moments that deserve to be saved forever: landscape pictures of a coastline, monuments, a stunning sunset, family celebrations and special occasions all find a place of their own in custom photo booklets like this A6 wire bound photobook. Order now and we will deliver it to any location within the United Kingdom in only a few days.