Photo Book Spiral Binding A5 portrait

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  • 12 to 100-page photobook (12-400 photos) with plenty of space for your own pics
  • Make a photo book online or download the free software!
  • Printed on 170 gsm high-quality inkjet paper
  • Transparent cover

Photo Book Spiral Binding A5 portrait

Have your best pictures always accessible in an A5 spiral bound photobook. Spiral bound photo books offer a light and manageable size in which the pages lay flat. Photos of natural landscapes, colourful dishes and inspiring locations find a place of their own in this practical photo booklet with a wire spiral binding. Design a holiday photo book, a personalised cooking book or a practical business catalogue. Moreover, the plastic cover protects the pictures from light, dust and liquids. Start our online design tool, find the right layout and add matching graphic elements for your photographic project. Plop into your bag and carry it with you whenever you like!

Main features of our personalised photo books:

  • Number of pages: 12 to 100 pages to design by yourself
  • Size: A5 portrait, 14.5 x 19 cm (5.71 x 7.48") approx.
  • Cover and inner pages: matte plastic cover; inner pages matte (glossy finish available for extra fee)
  • Binding: spiral wire binding
  • Paper: 170 gsm inkjet photo paper
  • Production technique: high-definition digital printing
  • How to order it: create a photobook online or download the free software!
  • Hint: avoid placing important elements in the central area of the photobook, where the pages will be bound
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A5 photo books with a spiral binding

A5 spiral bound photo books are a useful and handy book format to support practical tasks. Rather than being stored up on shelves, photo books with a spiral binding are ideal to work with while sitting on your desk. As opposed to classical photo albums, in spiral bound photo books the pages lay flat, which means the book stays open as you are engaging in some other activity. For example, A5 photo books with a spiral binding make smart cooking books, small portfolios, original catalogues and restaurant menus. In addition, the transparent plastic cover protects the sheets from possible stains caused by dust,  liquids or any other substances and can be cleaned very fast with a cloth.

Cheap photo books in A5 size

Moreover, A5 (6x8") makes a pocket-sized mini photo book that can be carried around to visit a friend, offer a public presentation or to sell your own products and services as a part of your own business. Portrait-oriented sheets are ideal to spot out details in pictures, but the vertical space can also be used to inclue lists and explanations right under the photos.

A further advantage of A5 photo books with a wire spiral binding is their economical price. A cheap 25-page photo book can be designed for £8.99. The final price of the photobook depends on the number of pages chosen, the type of binding and additional features - like a high-gloss finish.

As a result, A5 portrait photo books with a spiral bookbinding are often used to create:

  • personalised cooking books,
  • proof books,
  • small business portfolios,
  • personalised children's books,
  • handbooks with instructions,
  • travel photo books,
  • Christmas photo books.

Not only for your own personal use, but also as a small personalised photo gift, an A5 photobook makes a unique photo memory book.

Make a photo book with myphotobook UK

The fastest way to make a photo book online is to use a predesigned template. Each template reflects a specific theme and can be further customised to build a personalised collection of pictures. Even if you upload the images in a certain order, this order is interchangeable and also the number of pages can be increased at any stage so as to insert more pictures in a landscape layout. Cliparts, shapes, frames and backgrounds help you create a photo book that shows your own personal style.

When making an A5 wire-bound photo book, take into account that the pages will be printed as matte sheets by default. An additional glossy finish -  which can be ordered by an extra fee - makes digital printed images look more uniform and colourful. However, the highest level in terms of visual quality can be attained with Fuji photographic sheets. In this case, the photobook pages are produced as actual photographs with a typical nostalgic flair. For this, please check out our section for real-photo books.

In all, our photobook maker allows you to design a variety of spiral bound photo books in different formats that include:

  • A4 portrait spiral bound photo books,
  • A5 landscape spiral photo books,
  • A6 landscape spiral photo books,
  • 20x20 square spiral bound photo books.

Make a personalised cooking book for your family

Are you the chef of the house? Then, try out this original way of making a personalised cooking book with pictures of your family members:

  • First, ask each family member what their favourite dish is;
  • take a photograph of each family member with your smartphone or camera;
  • include only the pictures they feel comfortable with;
  • photograph every family member holding a frame in their hands;
  • keep approximately the same distance from the camera for every person;
  • select a background which suits most of the pictures and leave it the same;
  • use the empty spaces inside the frame to insert pictures of other family members;
  • remember to also include a picture of yourself!
  • plan a similar space on each page for the recipes;
  • list the ingredients, proportions, cooking time and kitchen equipment needed.

Next time someone in your family decides to cook or asks about a recipe, you will have all the details will organised in a personalised cooking book. It won't be necessary to keep the pages pushed down - like in a hardcover photo book, but instead they will lay open on your kitchen table. Even if some ingredients or liquids happen to fall on the cover, the pages will remain dry and clean.

A5 Photo memory book

A photo memory book is the kind of book that brightens up a cold and rainy Sunday while you are sitting on the couch. It allows you to relive the story of your summer holidays as many times as you like. Indeed, memories show us where we come from and who we have become. For instance, if you keep a copy of your genealogical tree, you can scan it and make it the front cover of a family photo memory book, where you keep photos of your ancestors. Since the cover in spiral bound photo book is transparent, the first page will be visible from the outside.

Besides, a light A5-sized spiral bound photo book allows you to carry the photo memory book with you, lend it to your friends & relatives or offer it as a thoughtful birthday present. Rediscover your oldest treasures, envelopes with developed photographs and search your computer folders to createtribute to your greatest life experiences and dearest people.

Stick with the new times: instead of adhering the pictures one by one and seeing them fall out after a certain time, design a modern photo memory book where the images are already integrated. What's best: a photographic project can be saved if you use the offline version or create a personal session on myphotobook's website. Our photobook editor is also accessible on smartphones, iPhones and tablets, which means you can continue the project at any stage. As soon as the order has been placed, the photobook will go into the production phase and will be delivered to you at home!