Photo Book Spiral Binding A5 landscape

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  • 12 to 100-page photobook (12-400 photos) with plenty of space for your own pics
  • Make a photo book online or download the free software!
  • Printed on 170 gsm high-quality inkjet paper
  • Transparent cover

Photo Book Spiral Binding A5 landscape

If you've ever been to Paris, you will probably know what a romantic city it is. The capital of love is simply hypnotising. Would you like to offer your soulmate a small souvenir of your trip to Paris? If yes, make an A5 landscape photobook with a spiral binding! Your photos of the Mona Lisa, Notre Dame and a typical French breakfast in a patisserie will look truly impressive in this photobook. The landscape oriented sheets of this photobook are suitable for selfies, which couples usually take in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Main features of our personalised photo books:

  • Number of pages: 12 to 100 pages to design by yourself
  • Format: A5 landscape, 19 x 14.5 cm (7.4 x 5.7") approx.
  • Cover and inner pages: matte plastic cover; inner pages matte (glossy finish available for extra fee)
  • Binding: spiral wire binding
  • Paper: 170 gsm inkjet photo paper
  • Production: high-definition digital printing
  • Ordering: create a photobook online or download the free software!
  • Hint: avoid placing important elements in the central area of the photobook, where the pages will be bound
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40 Pages
44 Pages
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52 Pages
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60 Pages
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A spiral bound photo book printed in A5 size

Double wire bindings - as found in spiral bound photo books - turn a personal collection of photos into a flexible yet solid booklet that serves a wide variety of purposes. In the case of A5 photo books (6x8 inches), the book body becomes even lighter, due to the relatively small dimensions, which makes them very easy to handle.

The features we just described in ring bound photo books combine best with a transparent plastic cover - and that's the way in which they are presented on myphotobook UK's online shop.

Cheap photo books with a minimum of 24 pages, a landscape layout and excellent picture quality can be produced for only £8.99. In this case, professional 170 gsm inkjet paper sheets for digital printing are used to make a photobook of up to of 100 pages.

Most importantly, A5 landscape photobook size can be easily applied to a variety of themes and special occasions that range from  Valentine's Day to Father's & Mother's Day, Christmasbirthdays and christenings.

Spiral bound photo books to be designed online

Our online selection of spiral bound photo books helps you find the exact format for a photographic project with only a few clicks. You have a choice of:

  • A6 landscape spiral bound photo books (14.8 x 10.5 cm)
  • A5 landscape spiral bound photo books (21 x 14.8 cm)
  • A4 portrait spiral bound photo books (21 x 29.7 cm)
  • 20x20 cm square spiral bound photo books.

Personalised memory book printing

A personalised memory book is a book of memories and personal life experiences that are worth saving. These memories illustrate important moments in life, such as a wedding, engagement, school graduation or the birth of a new baby.

As Bob Dylan once wrote: "Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them".
Indeed, life events may last for only a few instants, but powerful memories will last for a whole lifetime. Personalised memory books are an effective instrument against forgetfulness. You can recall significant places, memorable details, old friends and personalities that have been a true part of your life story. When produced in the form of an A5 spiral photo book, these memory books become cheaper to print. In this way, it is easier to get several copies at an affordable price.

Photography captures of the past remind us of our roots, of who we were and who we are today. The final appearance of an A5 photobook can be further personalised with texts and memory quotes, including poetry verses you learnt at school or song lyrics.

Memory book ideas for an A5 photo book

The best ideas for making a memory book turn up while browsing old family albums and files computer folders. Here are some of the most popular memory book ideas:

  • baby memory book,
  • wedding memory book,
  • pregnancy memory book,
  • baby's first year memory book,
  • travel memory book,
  • hen party memory book,
  • funeral memory book,
  • 5-year memory book,
  • school memory book,
  • photo memory book.

Nowadays, you can make the best out of your old pictures combining them with modern techniques and creative ideas. Your fondest memories will be brought back to live and made accessible for everyone as an A5 spiral bound photobook.

Personalised A5 memory books can also be ordered as A5 hardcover photo books, A5 saddle-stitch photo books and A5 softcover photo books (landscape or portrait- oriented). For higher-quality printing, have a look at A5 lay-flat photo albums.
brillante und leuchtende Farben

5 original ways to personalise A5 photo books

A5 photo books can be personalised and made more interesting by applying some visual elements and artistic resources. We suggest trying out these ones for your spiral bound photo book:

  1. adding personalised texts and memory book quotes,
  2. resizing the photos to fit several ones into the same page,
  3. changing the background style to a complete different one,
  4. mirroring the provided A5 photo book layout,
  5. inserting a colour filter to give the photobook a new atmosphere.

With a 6x8 size photo book and a pinch of imagination, even the oldest snaps will recover a  fresh note. Talking gifts, this photobook format is a popular one for depicting personal hobbies. For instance, if your best friend has taken up golf, cycling, cooking, surfing or climbing A5 with a spiral binding makes a great choice.

A personalised photo book is all about the message it contains: use the power of unforgettable past moments to create a personalised gift that you can offer to your dearest ones. The fact of including significant life events and memories will add to the present and create a personal message. Furthermore, it is a lot more original than a standard gift that could be purchased in any shop.

Create and order photo books online

Online photo book design is much simpler than sticking on the photographs one by one. With myphotobook's design wizard, you can select a template that fits the topic and an automatic layout will be applied to your project. These A5 photobook templates cover different topics such as school, babies (girl or boy), weddings, Christmas, summer and many more.

Our online photobook maker includes a huge catalog of cliparts, art fonts, geometric shapes, backgrounds and visual effects to create beautiful photo books.
When all these elements are nicely presented in an A5 landscape photobook with a spiral binding, highly artistic booklets can be generated.

Use our online photobook editor or download it for free

If you choose to download our program to your computer or to an Internet device, you will benefit from a more extensive clipart library. It will be also possible to save the photobook project on your desktop. As for the online web editor, you will need to open a personal account in order to save the images.

Both versions have been conceived in an intuitive and user-friendly way, so that every step is clearly explained. If it's the first time you use the program or for questions regarding the printing format and picture resolution, we kindly recommend you to contact myphotobook's customer service. Our English speaking team of specialists can be reached over the phone, per email or on the instant message chat.

Before you send in your order of an A5 spiral bound photobook, please check the final result in preview mode. This will show you how the changes show up in the real article and save you any inconveniences.

Once the desired result has been obtained, add the article to the shopping basket and insert the billing information. Specify the delivery address, select how you would like to pay (money transfer, PayPal or credit card) and off you go!