Photo Book Spiral Binding A4 portrait

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  • 12 to 100-page photobook (12-600 photos) with plenty of space for your own pics
  • Make a photo book online or download the free software!
  • Printed on 170 gsm high-quality inkjet paper
  • Transparent cover

Photo Book Spiral Binding A4 portrait

Travelling with your best friends is always a thrilling experience. You always bring your camera with you for capturing all funny and unexpected situations. After all, these photos are just priceless! Let these memorable moments last forever in an A4 portrait spiral-bound photobook. A4 is in fact an ideal format for adding your own comments of smaller and bigger adventures, as well as designing photo collages and giving wings to your creativity.

Main features of our personalised photo books:

  • Number of pages: 12 to 100 pages to design by yourself
  • Format: A4 portrait, 20 x 28 cm (7.8 x 11.0 ") approx.
  • Cover and inner pages: matte plastic cover; inner pages matte (glossy finish available for extra fee)
  • Binding: spiral wire binding
  • Paper: 170 gsm inkjet photo paper
  • Production: high-definition digital printing
  • Ordering: create a photobook online or download the free software!
  • Hint: avoid placing important elements in the central area of the photobook, where the pages will be bound
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A4 photo booklet printing done online

Printing an A4 booklet is a wise choice if a photobook is expected to be carried around and handled without excessive care. It is therefore a useful booklet format to print photos forwork and functional purposes. Because online A4 booklet printing works out so economical, it can be used to create a draft or a sample photobok before ordering a higher-quality article.

In this case, the A4-size sheets lay inside a plastic cover, which is fast to clean and doesn't get creased easily. The booklet cover is transparent, so that the first and last page of the photobook stay always visible. As a result, pictures and texts that have been placed on those pages will be displayed as the cover pictures.

Regarding the pages, special 170 gsm paper sheets for professional inkjet printing are used to produce these A4 spiral bound photo books. Before they are actually bound, the pages will be perforated, leaving enough space for them to lay flat whenever the book is open.

As a result, cheap photo booklet printing has become a popular way to create personalised gifts for Christmas, children's birthdays and family celebrations with a low budget. With myphotobook UK, you can print your own booklets and immortalise the best moments of your last holidays.

Spiral bound photobook printing & binding

The biggest advantage of a spiral bound photo book is that the book pages can be turned over with great ease. This is made possible with a double-loop wire binding, which holds the pages together in a flexible way. As opposed to hardcover and softcover photo books with perfect bindings, ring bound photo books have flat laying pages.

Some examples of spiral bound photo books are:

  • A4 personalised recipe books,
  • A4 baby memory books,
  • A4 business catalogues,
  • A4 menu printing for restaurants.

Menu printing & A4 size restaurant menu

Cheap menu printing is an important aspect to keep in mind when opening a new restaurant or gastronomic business. For example, a restaurant menu printed in the form of a 12-page spiral-bound photobook will cost only £9.99 and it will offer plenty of space for the most successful dishes, ingredients and prices to stimulate the guests' appetite. Moreover, A4 menu printing allows you to include pictures of the staff, waiters and restaurant decoration in a classy personalised photo booklet. Start now: get your selection of wines, starters and desserts printed at a highly affordable price!

A4 catalog printing online

Spiral bound photo books are also widely used to create inexpensive business catalogues and portfolios, displaying a variety of articles and services. At school and University, they make an ideal printing format for thesis dissertations and scientific texts, especially for first drafts.

Remember that in all the examples mentioned above we are talking about portrait oriented photo books in an A4 size. Nonetheless, myphotobook's online photobook shop offers you a choice of A5 landscape, A5 portrait, A6 landscape and 20x20 cm spiral bound photo books.

Personalised recipe book

A personalised recipe book needs little more than a few colourful photographs to look good - after all, it's about food! If you are particularly proud of your cooking skills or if some of your friends like to cook as a simple hobby, it's a perfect occasion to design one by yourself. Add your gourmet recipes, secret ingredients, favourite spices, recommended proportions and best hints to complete a real chef-d'oeuvre. If the booklet happens to get splashed as you cook, the practical plastic cover will be easy to clean with a wet cloth.

Baby memory books

Newborn babies are always beautiful- that's why everyone likes to take thousands of photographs of them. Collect their very best captures and put them together in a ring bound photo book: it will build a lovely baby's first year book. Baby memory books make a thoughtful gift that both friends and relatives will be happy to receive. Many years later, when your children have grown bigger, they will enjoy seeing themselves as they were babies.

How to make a booklet with a spiral binding

For anyone making a booklet for the first time or for those who aren't familiar with an online environment, a few explanations may be of great help. Our online booklet maker lets you create a photobook with a spiral binding by following these simple steps:

  • save the pictures in a computer folder. They will probably be displayed in alphabetical or chronological order. But, this doesn't mean that it needs to stay that way. Find the right order that suits your own project.
  • upload the images to the online platform. Otherwise, you can download the program to your computer.  myphotobook's design tool is compatible with mobile phones, tablets and laptops.
  • select a booklet template depending on the theme of the project. Using these automatic layouts will help you save time and include a variety of helpful design elements and shapes. In any event, you can go back and design every single page manually.
  • complete your personal artwork with different filters, cliparts and backgrounds.

Finally, view the final result on preview mode: if you are satisfied with it, you can add it to the shopping basket. The additional delivery fee and the expected delivery dates will be then displayed on your computer screen. In the next few steps, you will be requested to provide your details, an address and select a payment method. Have you still got questions? If yes, please contact myphotobook's customer hotline or write us a message on the online chat. We will be glad to help you out and answer your technical questions.

Resolution requirements for A4 booklet printing

Providing sufficient resolution is a key to avoiding blurry images and creating a top-notch A4 photo booklet. With A4 size pages, a minimum image resolution of 827 x 1087 pixels is necessary, although the best results are achieved with 2026 x 2622 pixels. With any normal smartphone it should be possible to meet these requirements, especially if the pictures have been taken with daylight.

Should any of your images have a poor quality, our photo booklet maker will display a warning message asking you to perform the necessary changes, as for example resizing the picture or uploading a different one.