Photo Book Softcover A5 landscape

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  • 24 to 200-page photobook (24-800 photos) with plenty of space for your own pics
  • Make a photo book online or download the free software!
  • Printed on 170 gsm high-quality inkjet paper
  • Flexible softcover binding

Photo Book Softcover A5 landscape

Appreciate the beauty in simple details and immortalise them in this softcover A5 photobook. Your pet's cutest pose, a picture with your closest work colleagues or your brand new car build a refreshing and colourful collection. Sort them out in a matching order and let the landscape pages tell us the story. A5 is a light and practical book size that can be ordered at an economical price. Design a birthday photo book, a best friend photo book or Christmas photo book. Our design software offers never ending combinations with backgrounds, shapes and decorative cliparts. A collection of custom templates for different occasions saves you time and effort!

Main features of our personalised photo books:

  • Number of pages: 24 to 200 pages to design by yourself
  • Size: A5 landscape, 19 x 14.5 cm (5.7 x 7.4") approx.
  • Cover and inner pages: cover available with high-gloss or matte finish; inner pages matte (glossy finish available for extra fee)
  • Binding: adhesive bookbinding; the book spine and both sides of the cover can be personalised
  • Paper: 170 gsm inkjet photo paper
  • Production technique: high-definition digital printing
  • How to order it: create a photobook online or download the free software!
  • Resolution requirements: 2100 x 1560 pixels (preferred), 620 x 461 pixels (minimum)
  • Print area: 21.0 x 15.6 cm (8.2 x 6.1") approx.
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156 Pages £65.49
176 Pages £72.99
200 Pages £81.99
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36 Pages £24.99
40 Pages £26.99
44 Pages £28.99
48 Pages £30.99
52 Pages £32.99
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72 Pages £42.99
76 Pages £44.99
80 Pages £46.99
84 Pages £48.99
88 Pages £50.99
92 Pages £52.99
96 Pages £54.99
100 Pages £56.99
104 Pages £58.99
108 Pages £60.99
112 Pages £62.99
116 Pages £64.99
120 Pages £66.99
124 Pages £68.99
128 Pages £70.99
132 Pages £72.99
136 Pages £74.99
140 Pages £76.99
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176 Pages £94.99
200 Pages £106.99
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Softcover photo book printing (A5 landscape)

Photo book printing inside a softcover book adds a silky feel and thus a more human character to a collection of photos. This paperback-like softcover presented in A5 size (5.83 x 8.27 inches) creates an atmosphere of warmth and cosyness, allowing to exhibit pictures of newborn babies, family pets, Christmas scenes and birthday celebrations while saving money on the printing side.

Besides, an A5 mini photo book with landscape-oriented pages naturally evolves into a photobook story. From the title on the front cover to the last picture, we recall a true life experience with every page we turn. Up to 200 pages made of inkjet printing paper can be combined in a cheap but highly professional and personalised A5 photo book.

Furthermore, an additional high-gloss finish can be ordered to highlight the picture themes and colours, but also to make the outter softcover look more elegant. A glossy film is highly recommendable to cover up the picture surface and hide any possible imperfections.

Soft cover photo book vs hard cover

The choice of a hard or a soft cover should be based on the intended use of the A5 photo book. Whilst a hardcover is more of a family photo album, which is usually kept at home, a softcover photo book is always lighter, plus the outter case is flexible and therefore bendable. This flexible book structure makes an A5 softcover photo book  very handy and easy to carry with you in your bag. Last but not least, a small softcover photo book has a more casual look, which makes it accessible and appealing for younger children.

Feel free to experiment with your own photos and different renditions of A5 landscape photo books with a soft or hard cover. Within myphotobook's photobook selection you can also find:

  • A5 landscape hardcover photo books,
  • A5 portrait hardback photo books,
  • A5 portrait softcover photo books,
  • A5 lay-flat photo album.

Design A5 softcover photo books online

Indeed, designing a photo booklet online is a very different process to the old and tedious practice of inserting each photograph into an album. With modern online printing, all pictures are already integrated in the photobook sheets. Personalised texts, quotations, cliparts, graphic filters and a variety of backgrounds leave plenty of space to develop your most imaginative ideas and artistic skills. Not only the inner pages, but also the book spine and softcover can be freely customised.

Try our online photobook maker

An online photobook maker is a design tool allowing you to upload your images to an Internet-based platform where the pictures can be edited and rearranged. A choice of different photobook templates is offered to make the design part easier. In myphotobook's editor, these templates are organised as a part of a design wizard, which can be used either online or downloaded onto a computer. These templates include themes like weddings, babies, summer, spring or Christmas. However, there is also the possibility of choosing a neutral template or even a blank photobook, where every single detail needs to be designed.

Photo book ideas in A5 landscape size

As a result, you can turn a series of photos into a creative A5 softcover photo book. Here are some inspiring ideas and original suggestions to create your next personalised gift:

  • Valentine's photo book,
  • travel photo book,
  • birthday photo book,
  • Christmas photo book
  • wedding photo book,
  • baby photo book.

Imagine your best snaps in a 6x8" photobook size... Wouldn't they look great? Or is it not exactly what you are looking for? Then consider designing an A4 landscape softcover photo book or a square 20x20 softcover photo book.

Make a memory photo book

As we age and get (supposedly) wiser, we also tend to forget. Some people are indeed like wine: they just get better as years go by. But, you can make a nostalgic memory photo book to show how you and your dearest people have changed and evolved throughout the years and different life stages."Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been", said once Mark Twain.

A memory photo book represents a tribute to the different personalities who have written a part of your life's story: those who still accompany you and the ones who are gone. Fill your memory book with pleasing images from your childhood: the neighbourhood where you were brought up, your grandparent's house or your old vacation home. Some of these place we will never get to see again. However we would like to keep them in our minds forever.

Use your personalised memory book to share these images and thoughts with friends and relatives. By choosing an A5 landscape softcover, you can turn it into a smart  thoughtful travel gift.

As a matter of fact, our memory tends to remember past times as happy times. Look back in your personal history and identify the milestones that have made a real difference.

How about the day your first child was born? Isn't that a memorable date? Benefit from the gentle texture of an A5 softcover to display these sweet memories with a suitable appearance. What's best: A5 photo books have a very affordable price. You can therefore make more copies of the same booklet and pay the delivery fee only once. myphotobook UK will deliver your personalised memory photo book right at your doorstep!