Photo Book Softcover A4 portrait

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  • 24 to 200-page photobook (24-1200 photos) with plenty of space for your own pics
  • Make a photo book online or download the free software!
  • Printed on 170 gsm high-quality inkjet paper
  • Flexible softcover binding

Photo Book Softcover A4 portrait

You're hunting for a great present for your partner? But so far, nothing special is coming to mind? Then we recommend the photo book softcover A4 portrait. When you've already been thinking about which amazing experiences you've had together, and the highs and lows you've shared along the way, then you're almost finished with the perfect gift: Immortalise all of it with pictures in our photo book softcover in A4 portrait format! Not only is it fun, but it also gives you the possibility to relive your memories once again and keep them secure forever. The softcover A4 portrait is definitely a present which comes from the heart... and one that is guaranteed to be well received!

All the details for your photo book:

  • Number of pages: 24 to 200 pages, freely customisable
  • Format: A4 portrait (circa 20 x 28 cm)
  • Cover and inner pages: paperback-like softcover in your choice of glossy or matt finish; inner pages matt, with high-gloss finish available at additional charge
  • Binding: premium adhesive binding, book spine and cover, freely customisable on both sides
  • Paper: 170 g/m² photographic paper
  • Production: premium digital print technology
  • Ordering: quick and easy design with the online designer or the free myphotobook software
  • Resolution: 2728 x 3586 pixels (maximum), 1240 x 1630 pixels (minimum)
  • Print area: circa 21.0 x 27.6 cm
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152 Pages £98.99
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176 Pages £113.99
200 Pages £128.99
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44 Pages £40.29
48 Pages £43.59
52 Pages £46.89
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72 Pages £63.39
76 Pages £66.69
80 Pages £69.99
84 Pages £73.29
88 Pages £76.59
92 Pages £79.89
96 Pages £83.19
100 Pages £86.49
104 Pages £89.79
108 Pages £93.09
112 Pages £96.39
116 Pages £99.69
120 Pages £102.99
124 Pages £106.29
128 Pages £109.59
132 Pages £112.89
136 Pages £116.19
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200 Pages £168.99
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Softcover photo books in an A4 portrait format

Would you like to create personalised photo books that have a casual and cheerful style, but can also cover all kinds of topics in an entertaining and rather light-hearted way? If yes, softcover photo books are a highly versatile solution that can act as an original wedding or birthday present. This modern version of the classical photo album makes a classy acquisition for a coffee tablelibrary shelves at home or a working desk.

Regardless of the book layout and orientation you choose - landscape or portrait - personalised photo books with an A4 soft cover add a series of features to your personal collection of pictures. In the following section we offer you some good reasons to pick this handy combination of size and printing materials.

The advantages of creating A4 softcover photo books

Pick a personalised photobook with A4 dimensions and a softcover:

  • if the photobook structure needs to be as light as possible,
  • if you prefer the book cover surface to be soft and smooth: softcover photo books provide a paperback-like silky feel,
  • if it's a practical size that you're looking for, A4 (8.27 × 11.69" according to DIN A4 ISO standard) is really easy to store and to manage;
  • for saving money: as a softcover photobook is usually cheaper than a hardback one, it is possible to create more copies of the same album and offer it as a personalised gift to your dearest ones;
  • when a certain degree of flexibility is required: with a paperpack cover, the pages can be turned and layed open with a lower risk of damaging the binding.

For all the reasons mentioned above, A4 softcover photo books can serve a vast array of needs and purposes.  DIY magazines, birthday newspapers and custom wedding albums are some good examples worth while trying out.

DIY magazines & photo albums to create online

Considering how similar an A4 softcover photo album is to a normal magazine, using your own pics to create a DIY magazine can deliver surprising results. Print your own magazine or a customised tabloid and include the most hilarious headlines that you can think of. This will make a true and unique gift for him & her, for friends and relatives. DIY magazines including witty messages can cheer up a celebration, create a fun atmosphere and get the guests into a good mood.

To make a lighter version of our personalised magazines (and also cheaper) try designing a saddle-stitched photobook, which is assembled with staples, instead of using glue - as done in softcover photo books). As for other types of bindings, myphotobook's online shop also offers the choice of spiral bound and layflat photo albums.

Birthday newspapers and personalised newspaper covers

During the last decade, the practice of creating birthday newspapers and personalised newspaper covers has increasingly become the fashion in the United Kingdom and Ireland.  A further version of these personalised photo albums is the so called "day-you-were-born newspaper", which presents the news about the events that happened on the day that the person was born. Use all these inspirations to develop a beautiful and original birthday present idea: whether it is a vintage newspaper or a stunning magazine cover, in all of these cases it is up to your own creativity. Moreover, investigating and collecting interesting details about the concerned person may also help to make a unique gift. Take advantage of all the possibilities offered by myphotobook's online magazine maker!

Wedding photo albums

As there are moments during a wedding which everybody is willing to see (e.g. the ring exchange, the entry of the bride, the dance or the wedding cake) what better way to show them off than creating an easy and economical wedding photo album? To give the pictures the maximum colour brilliance, we recommend getting them printed as real photographs on high-quality photographic sheets.

An A4 travel memory book with photos

A travel memory book immortalises the best captures taken during your last holidays and transforms them into a refreshing personalised photo album. A stop at a beautiful fountain in Italy, a brilliant snap beside the famous Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Empire State Building or a panoramic view of the Great Wall of China are indeed impressive views which we all like to save and admire at some other point during our lives. Despite being the usual touristic places of interest, it is the emotion and real experience of being there that count.

Likewise, your honeymoon or a short weekend trip will often create a variety of simple yet magic moments - like a sunset or a dazzling reflection over the sea - that are ideally suited to make a personalised travel memory book.

Main features of our DIN A4 travel photo books

If you decide to create a travel photo book with our free design tool, you will benefit from the following features:

  • a generous printing space of up to 200 pages,
  • 170-gram per-square-meter sheets for the pages,
  • a glossy softcover and matte inner pages (also interchangeable),
  • the possibility to customise the book spine with text and designs,
  • a resistant photobook binding,
  • a simple and efficient design tool, which can be used online or downloaded,
  • high-quality printing technique and home delivery

In myphotobook UK, we believe that personalised photo books should be made as attractive as possible, so as to make the reader turn over the pages again and again, and continue to enjoy a highly personal gift which they just can't get tired of.

Appart from the A4 portrait size, softcover photo books are also available other formats, such as A4 landscape, A5 portrait, A5 landscape and 20x20cm (8x8") photo books.

Enjoy our photobook offers

If you love photobooks as much as we do, you will surely want to make more than one! Once you have experienced the joy in putting together some of your best pictures,  you will be soon looking forward to making the next photo collection.  To make your life easier and help you save a few pounds, we regularly post special photobook offers on our promotional newsletter. Look out for the discount vouchers, latest deals, photobook trends and tips of the season!